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The Advantages Of Laminated Veneer Lumber

Glued laminated timber is considered one of the best materials for building houses. Thanks to the technological features of its production, we have at the output of a unique mother, preserving the advantages of wood such as high insulation and low thermal conductivity. At the same time and add their own individual benefits: the minimum rate of shrinkage (1%). Achieving such a measure is possible only because production of laminated veneer lumber made by gluing dried thoroughly slats. Number of lamellae in a single rod can be different: from 2 to 6. The minimum size of the cross section of the laminated board is 160 mm, the maximum is about 280 mm. This thickness of the material allows, in some cases not to use extra insulation. However, professional builders are still advised not to abandon it when building a house for a permanent year-round residence.

In this case, the recommended size of the cross section of laminated veneer lumber for these houses should be no less than 200 mm. In the case of the construction of summer homes, lateral section may not be less than 160 mm. Glued laminated timber – a material that does not require an additional trim. Beautiful polished smooth surface of the wooden beams will create a unique individual interior of your home. Log houses – one of the most advanced areas of construction in recent years. It is experiencing rapid growth and development. And, despite the high cost of material, quantity constructed from the his house is constantly increasing.

Frame And Sash

Joinery – is part of the window element, which is rigidly connected to the wall. In another way it can still be called 'a window box. " In some cases, the frame itself can hold the glass, that is, no additional elements in No window (wings, bars). In this case we speak of 'blank window', ie the window that is not open. Putting it makes sense when you're not going to use a window for ventilation. For example, if a small window out into a dull patio. Instead of glass in such a case, with a decorative purpose, you can insert stained glass.

Sash – the movable element of the window. Depending on the type of connection to the sash frame can open the doors, recline, or opened by rotating around a vertical or horizontal axis, and the window can be opened in different directions. Windows can be as solid, with two or three solid doors – in Most modern windows, and have a window and transoms. Ventilator – a small flap, connected to the frame. Designed ventilator for ventilation of rooms, especially during the cold period, when all the big open fold inappropriate. Transom – a flap that pivots the lower horizontal axis. As a rule, it is located at the top of the window. Windows with transoms are more characteristic of old structures, though if you want you complementary profiles included in each other, the partition between the doors are not needed.

These doors are called "wings of shtulpom. Shtulp – this bill profile, mounted on one of the wings to create a porch in Bivalve windows and doors. Deaf can not only be the entire window (when the windows are inserted directly into the frame), but also a separate wing. In this case, it does not open. This design is typical for two-or tricuspid windows.

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