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Technical Service Superior

In any sphere of the life that we watch the human being looks for to always perhaps approach. If Doctors one is looks for the best specialist to treat his ailment or the one of its dear beings; if it is the school where to educate his children it happens something similar; or for the simple breakage of the car he looks for the best mechanic, in short, he is consubstantial to the man to try of which the services that receive come from the best specialist of the branch so that the things march well and to be satisfied. After all he pays by the satisfaction of which everything is around its expectations. And we do not speak of the equipment that on a daily basis makes the existence pleasant. As much the electric home appliances, that is to say, washing machine-dryer of clothes, microwaves, equipment and systems of audio-video, systems of calculations, telephony, in aim all those that on a daily basis are indissoluble part of our existence and demand the maximum priority.

And if technical services in Mendoza one is, the excellence offers Video it Sistemas SA. This company has more than three decades, already almost 4, offering to the best service of repairs and maintenance of equipment electric home appliances and of computation of high tech. Their specialists not only have the qualification makes that them most competent but also of the equipment in their laboratories to face the challenges of the present technologies. But even more trusting of the success of our persistence we are when we rested in the repair of our equipment to the technicians of Video Sistemas SA who only use the original pieces of spare part of the respective marks that are represented by this prestigious company. Nothing escapes of the meticulous attention that offers to a company model by its professionalism and excellence. From the fast and efficient visit of beginning to seriousness and rigor whereupon it is, of being precise, the transfer from the equipment to the facilities of the company. The search and update of its systems of maintenance with preventive character guarantee the maximum efficiency to him in the suitable operation of equipment that has a highest level of complexity in their design and operation, around times that run.

The 21st century offers the opportune frame us to live in a technological society, to anybody escapes to him that we cannot be deprender of these realities and when facing them to enjoy them, we must resort to the best specialists in the branch. Not in vain Video Sistemas SA has been the chosen one to offer its technical services post-sales by the companies of more prestige in the international sand, as they are Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, among others. Rarely You will see the companies that are concurrent in the market, and therefore competition, in common agreement about. And he is that he does not admit discussion that the excellence in technical services in Mendoza gives Video it Sistemas SA. If he has found east article interesting, comprtalo in his Web. He can postear it in his blog or send it by mail.

Tarciso Landmarks

Its ability must dislocate itself in the direction to stimulate the learning and pensamento.’ ‘. Then that Lvy says the professor would according to not be substituted by the NTIC? s, would only have that to adapt itself to the news to form to exert its profession. Another frustration would be the fact of the child to enter in contact in the school only with machines that the lesser possibility does not have to demonstrate to emotions human beings, what it could cause the formation of a generation of individuals with psychological problems or difficulties of relationship what comes of meeting what says Lvy (1999, pg.162): ‘ ‘ But, we hear some times to say, some people remain hours ‘ ‘ ahead of its telas’ ‘ , isolating itself thus of the others. excesses certainly do not have to be encorajados’ ‘. Therefore one forms to diminish the frustrations with the educative use of the NTIC? s would be in not giving credibility to the mythical vision of that the computer would be gradual substituting the professors. The NTIC? s appears to take care of what Lvy says (1999, pg.169): ‘ ‘ It will not be possible proportionally to increase the number of professors to the demand of formation that is, in all the countries of the world, each bigger and more diverse time. The question of the cost of education if places, over all, in the poor countries. It will be necessary, therefore, to search to find solutions that use techniques capable to extend the pedagogical effort of the professors and them formadores.’ ‘ In such a way it is essential that the teaching community understands that the important one is the continuous recycling of its pedagogical formation and the adaptation to the new forms to teach.

Another way would be in the public politics that, exactly unsatisfactoryly, they are investing in reduction of the digital exclusion, in the access the NTIC? s, in the reduction in price of computers, softwares and digital services, in the incentive to free software and in the formation and update of professors. Bibliographical references: MORAN, Jose Manuel; MASETO, Tarciso Landmarks; BEHRENS, Appeared Marilda. New technologies and pedagogical mediation. 10 ed. Campinas, SP: Papirus, 2006.

LVY, Pierre. Cibercultura. Translation: Carlos Irineu of the Coast. So Paulo: Publishing company 34, 1999. Original heading: Cyberculture. MORAN, Jose Manuel.

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