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Looking for a long time. After going through the matches, toilet paper and bread, which has already touched its pernicious Advertising breath, they stopped at every familiar because of the extreme inconvenience in the use of classical tin opener Soviet times. The same one mass, with a wooden handle, which still lies on the the shelves of hardware stores. And no one, mind you, they do not advertise. Fix an annoying omission. So, as a "roll out" opener for cans? The first way – "Unicum". This product contains in its structure is something special, unique and surprising – the fruit of many years of hard cutting edge best minds in the world of science, discovery changed the world.

But nothing in the opener is not in sight, you will object. This is something just does not matter. Even the well, not. Nobody prideretsya. Suppose that in the same opener with wooden handle embodies the patented miracle formula sigma effect. Sounds? Sigma-effect is already being used in advertising washing powder? Not scary.

Change the letter of the word, let it be unique Epsilon technology. So, the key is made of tin-Epsilon's unique technology! I was always worried about the fate of alpha-carotene. And provitamin. Not "about vitamins," and "Provitamin" – one word. Anyway, these terms have anything but mean. Ceramide remember? A nanosomy? A proretinol, which is always somehow "A"? I'm not talking about soda, crumbs or trieffekte Sortie (they are now, by the way, the war – intensity of granules are struggling with turbo-crumbs), or on such masterpieces as microdermabrasion expert system.

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