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Executive Education

A teacher who acquired a consolidation of intellectual skills and professional competencies, that lets you know and interpret the main characteristics of the context of their teaching work and its influence on the formation of children and adolescents. Profile analysis and Disinterestedness of comprehension and expression verbal Gusto by the tolerances to the Frustration humor Capacity of Bucharest empathetical by social No service be imperturbable to the Predisposition for teamwork skill for the oral expression of ideas and reasoning interest and ability to help and social service capacity persuasive interest in reading taste research facility to understand people capacity for analysis and synthesis creativity, initiative and dynamism capacity.

Executive reasoning ordered capacity analysis and synthesis taste for reading and interest and knowledge of the political and sociology-economic problems initiative and creativity to generate new knowledge easily to establish good interpersonal relationships. Having a broad ethical sense of their professional work, with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to identify problems and needs of their professional field and to employ approaches, instruments, methods and techniques conducive to innovate in the pedagogical field and improve educational processes. That has capacity to develop different thinking skills that allow you to understand various written materials, select information sources you need for your professional activity, as well as express their ideas with clarity and simplicity, adapting to the development and cultural characteristics of their students. Field of action psychological evaluation, educational guidance, consulting, management groups, promotion of health and psychological development, design and application of psychological intervention programmed and programmer for human resource development. Participation in projects to abate inequality and low educational quality design education of teaching environments and models learning the development of programs for teacher training the program design of teaching – learning in multimedia and virtual environments in teaching in educational institutions; in training in departments of training of any organization; in educational administration in external consulting; in educational technology in independent organizations in support of community educational processes.

Graduates of the Bachelor of pedagogy can play in the activities of the educator in their areas of professional action, to be an integral the team an institution any educational level educational or business departments: planning, evaluation, teacher training and academic training, clinics or special education, cultural centers and institutions of recreation, educational research centers, consulting firms, psycho-pedagogical centers and departments of vocational guidance and professional, among others in basic education; includes basic education, primary education and secondary education, that’s basically the ground of action, not ruling out that they could work in a high school or a high school. Conclusion different professions which relate to education, are very important and in my opinion no should be independent, in the first place because although each has fields of action perhaps different, all finally relate to human beings and are anxious to give better growth of individuals in our society in terms of the educational field is concerned, all have aspects that are very interesting, each one has a specific profile that makes the difference in its object of study and field of action, what if I think to some extent very ethical, important and that in our days is overlooked, is what every professional to perform in your area and only in your area, Because how can a psychologist bring to 100% in the area of educational psychology when you don’t have all the well built up knowledge?, finally her no other importance to none, neither nor will I find pros or cons, because all are very valuable.

Lose Pounds Fast

A large percentage of Americans are overweight or obese. Junk food is everywhere and, thanks to modern technology, people spend most of their time at home sitting in front of a TV screen or computer. If you have been struggling with their weight and would like to lose pounds fast, this is the article for you. The tips included in this article, will allow you to get into the best shape of his life. As you’re losing kilos you will feel increased confidence and self-esteem, so keep reading to learn more. Make your main drink water. The water is ideal for your body, keeps you hydrated and healthy, and does not contain absolutely no calories.

The empty calories that are in soft drinks add up over time, and the simple substitution of these unhealthy drinks by the water will help you to lose many kilos. Even fruit juices, which may appear to be good for you, contain many calories. The next time you have thirsty, drink a glass of cold water. Performs aerobic exercise at least three or four days per week. Aerobic exercise, in addition to being great for your heart and lungs, will burn many calories and will help you to achieve your goals of loss of pounds. Aerobic exercise does not have to be a torture. Just a simple walk in the night or take a stroll in cycling that will help you to get in better shape. If you want to lose pounds fast, stand and begins to move.

Get rid of snacks from food scrap and reemplazalos with something healthy. Instead of eating greasy fries, take an Apple, a PEAR or a slice of melon. Remove all snacks of junk food in your House so you can not see you tempted to let go. He lifts weights two or three days a week. Although aerobic exercise is fantastic, if you want to be in great shape all you need is to do on a regular basis strength training exercises. Join a gym and lift weights a few days a week will improve your body a lot. You cannot exceed. Lifting weights that are too heavy will only end causandote damage. Instead, choose a weight that you can handle with the perfect shape and haslo of eight to twelve repetitions. Your weight lifting sessions should be quite short in duration and should not last more than 50 minutes. You should be able to get a great workout session in just thirty minutes. Use free weights or machines, any option where you feel most comfortable. Find a friend who along with you on your journey of losing pounds fast. Exercise and diet with a friend can make the experience much more enjoyable. In addition to making the process more fun weight loss, a partner can help motivartecuando you feel depressed. Lose pounds fast and get in good shape is not easy. If it was, nobody would have overweight. While it requires a lot of hard work and discipline, you can achieve your weight loss goals and achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The advice of this article it applies to your life and begins to lose pounds quickly. Already wears the fantastic history of weight loss? If did not even you can do from here: how to lose pounds fast.

Sun Biomass

The Sun sends to our planet about 750000 trillion kWh per year, part of it is reflected by the clouds and the same land surface (land and sea), and another is absorbed by bare ground, by terrestrial and marine vegetation. Wind energy, i.e. energy transferred from the winds, is consequence of the warming of different surfaces of our planet, this heat is transferred to the air creating a pressure difference and causing displacement of air from place to another. It is estimated that nature generates wind energy on the Mainland area to a regime of 1670 billion kWh per year. The hydraulic power pack, with the resource water is part of the nature the occupying parts of the planet’s surface. The evaporation of the sea water, its fall to the surface by precipitation (rainfall) and returning to the sea through rivers or leaks, is called the water cycle. Hydraulic energy is one that possesses water due to its motion (kinetic energy) or its position relative to height (potential energy) differentials.

Currently, technology has focused on extracting the potential energy of water power. It is necessary to develop even more technology to extract energy from water currents. The energy of the biomass, in general biomass refers to all constituent substance of beings living or derived from them. In general, all matter of vegetable origin call you biomass and the energy which is obtained from them, is when she is devoured, burned or converted into fuels is known as biomass energy. So, since the microbes, bacteria, plants, trees, animals, vegetables, animal fat, manure, organic waste and even origin fuels oils fossil, they represent forms of matter obtained from biomass, which can be produced, cultivated or transformed in a number of ways to meet the needs of man. 2. Geothermal energy, comes from the extraordinary thermal activity that holds the nucleus of our planet, which reaches the surface in many parts, showing how phenomena and geological formations that allow the exhaust of a small part of the energy that comes from the center of our planet, but that is significant considering our demand for energy. Geothermal energy, is that underground (in the form of heat) energy, identified and quantified, is technically and economically exploitable to meet energy requirements corresponding to the activities carried out by man (heat and power).

An initial disadvantage is that it is not available in all places. 3. The hydrogen energy. This gas is a simple, abundant in nature and the universe, element of clean burning (not containing carbon); However, finding it is pure State is very rare, so it is necessary to remove it using various techniques to apply to water (H2O), but is also part of fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas). In the case of these latter, it is necessary to remove cleanly the hydrogen. In case of water, you get hydrogen by electrolysis, which consists of the application of electricity to the separation of the components of water, you can also get it through heat (thermolysis), fermentation and even obtain the dissociation of water through the application of light (photolysis). Today, to obtain hydrogen cleanly. The most common form of employment of the hydrogen is in so-called fuel cells, which is not another thing that convert chemical energy into electricity, currently used as a source of energy in automobiles. The largest manufacturer of batteries is the Japan. A very important detail is that it they are developing studies and experimentation to obtain electric energy from glucose and fats, especially to cheapen the technology involved.

Angel Lopez Mazcunan

Everyone is talking about the marketing affiliation. This concept has existed much more time than you think. Specifically since 1990 and is a starting point for advertising and business through e-commerce. Analyzing affiliate marketing programs, you will find that it is very pleasant because there is little risk for both parties. You will realize that you can earn a Commission through any action developed under the concept of affiliate marketing, already sea(pago por clic, pago por accion, o pago por venta) you will find that there are a lot of things that persuaded to see the positive side, however, must be taken into account that there are a lot of fraudulent people who end up taking advantage of the system. Analyze you in affiliate programs there is no start-up costs running your business on the Internet and that you started your business completely free. If you are able to place a banner in an advertisement for a product promote on your web site then may benefit from the sale Commission, when there is a sale.

It is that simple and is the beginning to easily start making money on the Internet. But remember that you always have to be trained to learn new strategies of network marketing and thus earn more money and more money. Every day come new techniques and marketing strategies so you can not train already that this will depend on your financial future in the long term. Now I don’t remember who said the famous phrase empty your pockets in your mind, that your mind would fill your pockets but also clear education of our mind and our skills is needed such as perseverance and constancy in the purpose that we want to develop in life (whichever that is). Also must immediately apply what we learn, by that is nothing learn many techniques and strategies of any type and do not apply them to achieve success.

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