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Data Storage Mechanism

This article should shed light on the modification to the data storage mechanism and characterization of 1C: Enterprise 8. I am convinced that it is worth an article with the fact that the technology platform has become more scalable. One of the main indicators of configurability of the program, you can highlight the availability of stable operation with an increase in the volume of data being processed, the amount of connected users, number of executable operations. As the results of tests with increasing the volume of users, the activity of input documents will remain unchanged. Conclusions can be drawn that an increase in the number of connected and working users, the speed of response of 1C: Enterprise 8 is almost not reduced, which allows you to conveniently continue to work with the program.

The technological platform of 1C: Enterprise 8, no database tables, which lead to competitive access, by users. The emergence of competitive access may appear appealing only to logically related data, while not affecting the data are not interrelated. Burst mode a new technology platform is not established at the time of launch platforms, and when the operation is requiring its activation. Upon completion of such transactions burst mode is possible off. In addition to the database storage of any information entered in the context of several measurements. To do this, add a new configuration item 'Register data. " This element is organized support periodicity that allows for scanning the information on time or position paper. Regarding the mechanisms describing the characteristics, then there have been no major changes, among which are the most important: With the introduction of a new element set 'plan of characteristics', users will be online, the ability to specify different characteristics, which, for example, will take into account the nomenclature. At this review the changes made in data storage mechanism and characterization is completed, and in the next article in this series of articles examine changes in the circuit 'Accounting'.

Explorer Windows

In this article we will talk about methods of startup programs in the operating systems Windows. The purpose of this writing, was the rapid development of all sorts of viruses and Trojans, to make you understand how to fight them and how to remove from the system. In this article, I will often mention the name of the operating system, Windows 7, but these methods can be used in startup, not only in the operating system, Windows 7, but in all editions of Microsoft. There are many ways to run malicious programs on Windows 7. And there are many ways even more nobody knows. In this article I will describe how to startup the most commonly used by hackers. 1) One old method is the simplest in nature, is to add a shortcut in the Startup folder. Find the folder you can open the Start a Programs a Startup.

This method of startup is unlikely to be used by a trojan, as it can be found by clicking the mouse just a couple of times. 2) The second method is probably the most popular programs to run under Windows 7. In the registry, there are some clues like: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun This method is used autorun trojans from the very moment of their appearance, and it remains relevant in our time. These registry keys contain a list of loaded process explorer-th logging in Windows 7. 3) Run the Trojan can also be implemented instead of the standard Explorer Windows.

Russian Internet

Scandinavian auction – the concept for the mass of Russian Internet users fairly new and unexplored. Scandinavian auction – form of the usual standard auction, the main difference between this auction that the goods put up for sale at minimal cost. In practice, the Scandinavian online auctions in Russia, such costs are often higher than, and one ruble. For our country, these auctions are a relatively new phenomenon, in turn, in the European Union they have found is quite a lot of popularity (according to Skandinavskiy_auktsion). How do are traded on the Nordic online auction? To begin with, the administration of the auction exhibits a certain product and runs directly the auction.

Later bidders place their bets. It is important to note the second fundamental difference between the Scandinavian auction – for that party makes a bet with He removed a fee, with the rate on which increases the cost of the lot is a very small proportion of introduced for the opportunity to bet money. Ultimately, it determines concern of those who think penny auction fraud – the money can be spent on rates but nothing to get. The auction is not infinite in time, its duration is limited – the winner will be the one who makes the last bet. At the end of the auction winner pays for his goods, which cost a fraction of the real and gets it by mail or parcel delivery courier. Individuals are also participating in the auction, but did not receive money spent to lose their bets – they get the administration of the auction. Quite popular to date auctions that allow betting by using SMS messages, as well as incorporating a certain "bells and whistles." On the example of one Russian online auction will show how to place trades online. Let us put on the auction item in the form of a computer monitor with an initial value of 1 (one) ruble.


Surely, you do not just thought about how deceptively time. It rushes at a gallop, it is simply intolerable costs on the spot. Remember how want to go home after a long day, and how slowly pulled minutes before its completion. A when it's long-awaited weekend, and do not have time to blink an eye – they've flown. The days are replaced by night, week after week, year after year And now, a few days ago, friends invited you to the 8 th wedding anniversary. "Oh, wow, how rushing the time! "- think you are. And then start to think It seems that, recently, went along with the wedding cortege of significant places, loudly shouting "Kiss!" Newlyweds The bride was beautiful, and your best friend – very naughty boy – led by the hand touching his princess and her eyes shone with both happiness and love. It took as much as 8-NIL years, but they have not changed! Those loving eyes, the same gentle touch.

Although, maybe that's the changed? Become more carefully to each other include, or what? Their family has matured as much as 8-NIL years. Pleasant memories – behind. And now the thought – one question: "What to give for the eighth wedding anniversary?" Browse journals you know that this wedding is called "Tin". Not exactly a magic name for such an event. But, once Tin – hence tin! According to tradition to give something of tin. But here's the mind for some reason, nothing good comes Turn imagination! It is not necessary to pay attention to what is written in the journals: if his wife had lived 8-NIL years already "pretty sipped life" became "harder to treat each other and, in general," love has become a habit.


Welding transformer welding machines are inexpensive, ordinary transformers. Welding transformers are used for manual arc welding stick electrodes coated. The benefits are to name but a low cost and simple design – this has led to widespread deployment. Sufficiently large size and alternating current transformer do not allow for a smooth seam. In addition, its operation requires certain skills. However, the welding transformer with minimal resistance in the secondary circuit may be used for spot welding (electrodes).

Welding electrodes for welding, in addition to the power supply (Transformer) using non-consumable electrode. Welding electrode provides easy ignition and sustained combustion of the arc, and uniform melting and even distribution of slag on the weld, at the end of welding – easy slag removal. Electrode prevents fusion, cracks in the weld metal and pores. Technological properties of the electrode can improve its coverage is introduced into the iron powder, which will facilitate the re- arc ignition and reduce the cooling rate of weld metal. Today, hydraulic cutting and spot welding, the most attractive to companies in their combination (electrodes).


21 Peru today 28th February of the current year, are graciosisimos. They say that Castaneda does not believe in the survey from Ipsos-support, but they also reject the Idise posed a technical tie between Castaneda and Toledo. When in reality any of you give them, you have the truth in their hands. This means of communication that is Toledista 100% is by all means influencing public opinion, to make us think that Toledo will definitely go to a second round with Keiko Fujimori. Why? Because they know that Toledo would win easily; by all the Government passed with Alberto Fujimori. And they know that in a possible second round with Castaneda, the thing already would not be so easy. sabidasos, no? The Lords Alex Kouri and Jose Barba, assured that relatives and close friends, does not support any candidate for the Presidency (and that is still to be seen).

Let me tell you gentlemen that our relatives and close friends, nor support their candidacy for Congress (and that it is safe). With the passage of time the parliamentary political class, has lost credibility. The traditional political parties, are no longer credible, to such an extent that Apra suddenly disappears from the Congress. Because of the corruption of the ancestral politicians in Congress, it seems inevitable to see a Congress of: Pepes Vasquez, Susys days, Pardo Moniques, and many characters of showbiz and sport. Poor guy our Congress. As well as the newspaper Peru 21 supports to Toledo and the daily Express supports Castaneda; last night Channel 9 in a night program specializing in film, his host Veronica interviewed Luis Castaneda. He asked me to do, suddenly and from week to week, a magazine program, becomes political? The interview was really interesting, was seen all that Castaneda did in his governmental administrative life, with different Governments, both as presidential councilmen. But we must not mix things to give to understand that channel 9 supports the candidacy of Castaneda. Little by little, the media are going deschabando in their electoral preferences.

Hewitt Associates

Let’s look at this data: technical Venezuelan oil tankers are scattered in 32 countries, primarily in the United States, Canada, Mexico, France and Brazil. To analyze the problem, academic Claudio Bifano anticipates a criterion for the rectification of these trends: the first thing that should be done is to separate political considerations of the management of science, technology and higher education.It is necessary, insists Bifano, be based primarily on competition of each person at the moment of assigning responsibilities or funds for the development of programmes and projects, because political affinities do not replace the preparation and much less talent. In sum, a matter that affects the present and will reflect badly on our future of developing nation. There is no that forget drew Bifano, recently as more than one thousand and a half of researchers, most very well trained, they were dismissed intevep and they are providing service in the best centers of research and development in Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil and France, among other countries. Of course a very interesting comment that gives us ewl Dr. Bifano is that the problem has worsened in the past five to eight years, for various reasons, including contraction suffered by the private and public business sector, with the consequent decrease of development opportunities for research, and, because you have privileged political leanings on the academic conditions of persons seeking support to State agencies to devote himself to the research or teaching degree.

In this sense, the eminent scientist considers that if the State wanted to counteract that skilled emigration, it should be to separate political considerations of the management of science, technology and higher education. Be fundamentally based on the competition of each who at the moment of assigning responsibilities or funds for the development of programmes and projects, because political affinities do not replace the preparation and much less talent. ( ultimately, very interesting opinion of Manuel Bermudez, Manager for Venezuela of Hewitt Associates, which says that companies should for example, implement strategies that avoid the brain drain, which is accentuated because of the environment of uncertainty and that is not favored by the managerial culture that wastes the skills and experiences of its workers, on a par that provided few opportunities for advancementmissing few competitive training and salary support. To deal with this problem, companies must implement measures that will attract, retain and develop high potential, who are characterized by demonstrate an excellent organizational performance and have the ability to assume new roles within the company. These employees, who are known as high potentials, are those which guarantee the growth of the organizations, due to have the vision of creating new businesses and venture to more complex and demanding markets, which have emerged due to globalization. Original author and source of the article.

Engine Control Unit

A reprogramming of your PABX, completed successfully in your automobile information allows engine must increase its performance, promotes, without ever compromising the life of it, forcing any of its components, because the increases have been tested by our engineers, for years, and have never caused any detail. The reduction is carried out also in the consumption of diesel and gasoline, logical and provable. In a car with the ECU reprogramming, the engine gets more power in each explosion. Where and how is possible to optimize the performance of the engine, through the ECU reprogramming? The optimization occurs exclusively in the ECU (Engine Control Unit or Centre), which means that motor is not modified in any way, only the information that has the (Flash EPROM) chip from your control panel, manages the injection system. Today’s cars are equipped with electronic control of the engine management systems (tables), explained briefly, replace the carburaciones with the injection or direct multiput systems, common rail (common rail) technology and electronic control of the pressure load. The heart of this system is, of course, the ECU (switchboard). This device consists of one or more microchips are responsible for the regulation of the motor. All the efforts made by the ECU (switchboard), are possible through the quantification of parameters as disparate as the revolutions of the engine of the car, the car outside temperature, volume and the thickness of the air that gets into the car admission, motor car, speed car, etc, and temperature in terms of the comparison was carried out with the values contained in the management of the injection maps, in the distribution box, ignition, load, pressure, lambda, predefined in your memory, manages to get the ideal ignition, since the best ratio of diesel oil injected / carburator, together with the correct calculation of the pressure. This information has been optimized in the process of chip tuning (the ECU reprogramming).

Internet Surveys

At times running, global crisis and unemployment, thousands of people around the world are seeking other options to bring home more money. Some are looking for another job, but this is not always possible to achieve. A simpler way to do this is to take advantage of your free time with a work of surveys by internet. It is not necessary to be an expert in anything or have no special title to begin a work of surveys over the internet. The only thing that is required is purchasing any product, watch television, or give an opinion on an ad, for example. Anyone can do it, from a housewife to an unemployed or retired. The only thing that is required is to be able to check your e-mail and connect to the internet a couple of hours per day. Even children and teens have their own paid surveys, although of course they differ from those of adults.

In your case, surveys relate to the consumption of certain sweets, to the use of certain video games, to the design of certain toys, etc. Very likely that surveys the are directed to children under 13, required the consent of the parents, which allows you to have supervision on responses from your child and what is asked in the paid surveys. If he dislikes, you can suspend the survey whenever you wish. The opinion of adolescents is highly valued by companies engaged in the design, development and marketing of video games or electronic devices, because the technology is best understood by younger and who has better reception. Answer the paid surveys can back from the secondary or the school, after homework. This way it does not interfere with your normal activities while they can earn extra money. Using their free time in a work of surveys by internet you can generate a good secondary source of income and get entertainment in the process. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Internet Teaching

Also points out that study exchanges of the reader with this type of text provides a more complete model of the reader which includes factors such as motivation, effectiveness and efficiency as well as the cognitive factors. Orihuela and Santos (2005) described his experience about the use of digital blogs (weblogs) thus: the publication online of class tasks is especially relevant in matters doomed to the study of Scripture and the design of navigation in Internet, disciplines in which it is basic to the students to develop skills associated with reading and writing through links. In another example, Garces Perez shares the experience of using a software to support the development Phonological of beginning readers. Hogue, Nellon, Patterson and Schulze, (2004) says: the technology also serves as a motivation for students as a platform, interactive and viva. In conclusion is clearly seen that educational institutions not are preparing new generations for the present and for the future or which has been flaws in the development of labour competencies. That is why we emphasize that there must be coordination between all elements of the education system and have clear purposes of the development of science and technology and apply them in search of positive results that ensure that students have a good performance in their future. As opposed to the traditionalist teaching we call to the Magisterium to assess the functionality of the practices that are maintained by tradition, to examine the correspondence between purposes and results and a determine the efficacy of forms of teaching in regard to the purposes. IMPORTANCE of programming of applications MULTIMEDIA applications multimedia has marked and be marked with the passage of time very positive change in my workplace because through them support me to improve my teaching practices, and with which took my students to enter the era of new technologies, thus leaving a background lectures.

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