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Wikipdia Learning

Its convergence is in disponibilizao of materials to be had access to quaquer moment, chat enters pupils together with tutor, frum of quarrel, research of opinion, glossaries, work with revision, Wiki (colaborativos documents in hipertexto), Scorm (content that can be compact in a transference archive), questionnaires, evaluation of the course (BELLONI, 1999). Another system of learning management (LMS) is the ITutor developed for the Kontis s.r.o. A platform e-learning developed especially for learning, sharing of knowledge and contribution. Thanks to its unified architecture, with a central infrastructure and database of integral security, it is a solution that allows it to all organize and to manage the learning process, including study in courses online, synchronous learning in virtual lessons and management of the traditional learning in classrooms. All these functionalities had been inserted in a unified graphical environment that allows to share the knowledge all and to include medias, management, planning and classification. The modular architecture allows the gradual integration of the functionalities (BELLONI, 1999). Figure 3 ITutor platform.

Its license must be acquired, currently, is a tool that more offers ficcionalidades since systems until support for videoconferncia. (KONTIS. Available in:. Acessado> in: 24 sets 2010). Another known independent project as the Wikiversidade, of English origin of the Wikipedia. It is a free form stops university education mediated by web, a great community of research. An exception on the Wikipdia as and kept for the world-wide community, is questionable sources (WALLES, 2006). The AdaptWeb Environment, developed for a project of research in the Institute of Computer science of the UFRGS and in the Department of Computation of the UEL, is come back toward the authorship and adaptativa presentation of you discipline in the distance integrant of courses of Education – EAD in the Web. The objective of this environment is to allow to the adequacy of tactics and forms of presentation of contents for pupils of different courses of graduation and with distinct styles of learning, making possible diverse forms of presentation of each content, adequate form to each course and to the individual preferences of the participant pupils.

Snatcher Gear

Tell you immediately, there will be a speech about Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Stay with us and you'll find other details on this game. Hideo Kojima, answering questions from journalists at E3 2010, has once again assured that he is the development of Metal Gear Solid: Rising is not engaged. Here from experts in the field like Peter Thiel for a more varied view. He is , , . Makes Metal Gear Solid: Rising younger team Kojima Productions, headed by Minesi Kimura, who participated in the creation of all games in the series of mgs, but before that he held only the position of the artist. Metal Gear Solid: Rising – his debut project. What, then, deals with Hideo Kojima? Just the other week, went on sale on the western version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, so that the Japanese are now completely free, apart from the technological demos MGS3: Snake Eater for 3DS. His break, however, will last a maximum of several months.

And then then at tgs 2010 he announced his next project. However, the Japanese decided to spend some more time for debugging and polishing the demo version of its next project, so the announcement date decided to move in September. Most likely, this is the PS3 exclusive will be a fifth of Metal Gear Solid. Why? Very symbolic! However, some believe in miracles people believe that the announcement would be associated with Zone of the Enders 3. Yes, only Kojima-san is not so long ago said that the development ZoE3 has been suspended indefinitely. In short, if this secret game is not a remake of Snatcher, then Metal Gear Solid 5 will be announced in September. Stored patience and wait.


In our century, when the computer is in each house, and the Internet became available to almost everyone acutely the question arose about the safety of your computer and personal information. Here are some tips, observing that you reduce the risk of system contamination and loss of personal data 1. Take your time to learn about securing your system. 2. Purchase and use only reliable antivirus program. Select an antivirus that has a good track record list. Checkmark, and TuV are among the most respected independent testers of antivirus software.

3. Acquire and use a strong firewall. Again, independent reviewers are your best choice for these purposes. Some operating systems come with a firewall which only filters incoming traffic. Use a firewall that can control both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. 4.

Do not open e- emails received from unknown sources. Many viruses spread via e-mail messages, so ask for confirmation from the sender if you have any doubts. 5. Do not open attachments in messages with suspicious content. If you want to open them, first save on the hard disk and scan antivirus software with updated virus database. 6. Do not respond to spam. 7. Avoid installing applications from unknown sources. Such programs are potentially dangerous and should not be installed if not absolutely necessary. 8. Update your system and applications as often as possible. Some operating systems and applications can be configured to update automatically. Make full use of it. Security update often enough may leave a threat before she even prove himself. 9. Make backup copies of important personal files (Correspondence, documents, photographs, etc.) on a regular basis. Store these copies on removable media such as CD or DVD. Source site free antivirus

New Amendment

Let us first try to understand those who benefit from these amendments, and what relation to them are the creators of the notorious intellectual property. Let's start with the creators. On an existing popular opinion, downloading from the web musical works, software and other objects of copyright free, we are doing inestimable damage purses creators of these works. But often the content producers themselves, refuse to copyright. Bright example is the well-known blogger creator of WordPress themes by Brian Gardner. His themes Revolution enjoyed wild popularity, as the Western, and at home bloggers. Themes cost is not cheap, but Gardner at one point decided to distribute threads on General Public License, that is free of charge. The musicians themselves lay out a new album in sharing services, giving everyone the opportunity to download their songs and not pay a dime for this.

Then how many claims to the final consumer product, and distributors. Musicians often receive money from the concerts, so it is advantageous to pour a new album in the network for free. With the help of the network, they create an army of fans that will go concerts. But with cd sales make labels that are and are major losses on distribution of content over a network. These and similar organizations pushing for laws in every way prevent free access to information under the guise of protecting intellectual property.

We return to the Russian reality. Why did the amendments to copyright law have caused such a storm in the Russian Internet. Based on these amendments, if illegal use of copyright or related rights of professional responsibility. If your computer has such facilities would be in excess of 50.000 rubles, you can plant for 2 years. With more torrents worse, you are still and disseminator, planted a long time. Frightened? There is something to be afraid, even though the text of the amendment and sounds pretty vague. "Allowed without consent of the author or copyright holder and without remuneration Play a citizen, if necessary, exclusively for personal purposes, lawfully disclosed work. That is, you have to prove that you were very necessary given object. Including the need to any pictures by chance saved, or just rest in your browser's cache, you have to prove in court! That's such an interesting amendment to copyright law. Do not be surprised if you stopped in the street and ask, from the phone that this tune.

Plinio Lopez, Builder Of Horizons (Part )

Linking the University Plinio Lopez Dela Guajira occurs in the second half of 1983 and is assigned to guide the chairs of Microeconomics, Money and Banking, Foundations of Economics, Economic Theory and Macroeconomics. Among his outstanding students Hijuelos remembers Valentine, Abel Royo, Eduardo Agamez, Jorge Mejia, Fidel Loaiza, Alberto Pacheco, Lourdes Arevalo and Yolfenis Square. With the teacher makes a very good friend to the point of who is elected vice president of the Association of University Teachers (ASPU) on two occasions, Representative to the Faculty Council and the Superior Council which has always defended the interests not only of their represented students but especially in cases where proposed increases, according to him, unreasonable and excessive in enrollment. The University provides a glimpse at several of whom would become the best friends of your life: Barliza Cayetano, Henitzo Martinez, Isidoro Ospino and Evelio Santiz and his wife, who offered great hospitality while in Riohacha. The University has also allowed the super-professional and intellectually.

With the institution can graduate in 1997 as a specialist in Financial Management and in 2001 as a specialist in University Teaching. Occurs precisely in 1997 another important event in his career: the rectory commissioned as Coordinator of the newly created Extension Maicao where plays a significant organizational and academic work. Having completed its cycle in the administrative fee returns to the activity that passion: teaching, classroom work and contact with their students, but does so in his hometown where he is recognized as one of his best men to the point that in the October 2003 elections was elected municipal councilor, a position in which he served without pay wages but without neglecting their academic obligations. Today is a day I can meet anyone and Pliny in the library or in a corner of the city. In your classroom or on the street filled with a shantytown wherever you say with facts that humility is his greatest virtue, that overconfidence is your greatest fault (along with his unbridled and poorly rewarded for Junior fans, editor’s note), that intolerance and irresponsibility is what most hates, that the teacher Choles Ramiro is the person he most admires, and that the constitution of the Sectional Maicao is his ultimate dream.

So Plinio Lopez, a man with wisdom of philosopher and heart of good people who believe in the miracle of life and so he devotes all his time to building up new horizons. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development.

Drilling Core

Drilling screw auger means – is a steel tube, which is wound a spiral of steel strip. In appearance resembles a corkscrew auger or drill, which is drilled in the winter ice fishermen. Between a screw connected with the thread, hexagon or dowels. Auger drilling method is the destruction of species due to the rotation of the drill. Broken ground up the screw spirals up and removed from the wells.

The rise of rock in a spiral auger becomes possible due to the fact that the auger rotates faster than the breed. The friction force is removed rocks of the borehole wall rocks more friction on the steel screw, so the breed does not rotate with the screw and slide on it. Just as the nut on the bolt twisting, moving along the axis of the bolt is removed rock is moved along the axis of the screw up. Auger drilling method is best suited for drilling shallow wells in unconsolidated and soft rocks. Auger drill hole method 30-50 m. Drilling With rotary rotary drilling rock is destroyed by a rotating auger. Rotation on the drill is transmitted from the rotor, which is located at surface, with the help of drill pipe.

The rotary method allows you to drill wells with a diameter of 76 mm to 215 mm. If you are using bits of different diameter rotary drilling method allows inside casing. In order to consolidate borehole wall and to prevent from collapse, lowered into the well casing, and further drilling is carried out smaller-diameter drill bit. Core Drilling Core drilling method method is that rotating auger in the form of a ring destroys not breed around the bottom section but only at the edges. Broken ground washed washing liquid which is injected into a column of drill pipe with a pump. Inside (Core) remains inside the tubes. Periodically core tear from the bottom and lifted to the surface. Cable-way drilling in the most simple way to technologically advanced cable-drilling is that drill bit to raise the rope over the slaughter and then released. Chisel hits the bottom of the hole and destroy the rock, which is then removed with a bailer.

Flash JQuery

Rare Web razrabtchik who met at the site of flash, remains indifferent to it. Stunning animated menus, stunning visuals, all this leaves the impression in the heart of every webmaster. Many probably rhinestones rush to learn ActionScript, but do not hurry, for all this magnificence lies some serious drawbacks. You've probably noticed that the most widely purchased in the flash banners and online players, but not in . The most serious drawback is that whether it's on the menu, flash, hat, content block or the whole site – it will never be indexed by search engines.

Search engine spiders simply ignore the contents of the tag object. Site created for flash makes sense, perhaps, in one case – flash version for the site to html, and even then, the pleasure is very questionable. Also, if you follow the news of the world of networking, you probably have repeatedly drawn attention on a very frequent reports about vulnerabilities in flash. But do not be upset. The team of foreign designers presented the world with JavScript framework jQuery. With jQuery, you can create an absolutely stunning visual effects. The advantages of jQuery is that you can create a site for interactivity, animation and effectiveness is comparable to the flash, with it being the html code spider friendly. In addition to all jQuery is easy to learn – all you need to know is the basics of JavScript and the selectors css.

But there is one "But" (as the same without him), in jQuery is not so developed a system to design graphics. I think there may be mentioned html 5. Over the html 5 working Opera, Mazilla and Apple since 2004. html 5, as stated, will contain a powerful api to work with two-dimensional graphics, built-in tools for working with audio and video and is expected to rival the Adobe Flash. At the moment, already has a version running on youtube html 5 and a social network using the Google wave also html5. All of the above is only for information sites. They did not quite appropriate, I believe, to use the flash. For a long time, there are browser-based online games, which use almost all features a flush. And navryatli html 5 will be able to immediately to give as powerful as a flash. But in any case, competition is good, come and choice. Let us return to the topic – what did I use? It all depends on the goals. If you want to create usual site with animation, which does not require complex calculations, it is jQuery. If you want to use the present complex operations with graphics, then at the moment is, of course, flash.

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