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The Chakras

The human being is a trio of: body, soul and spirit. Thus, there is a mediator, who is the soul between the body and the spirit. The soul is dressed with a wonderful suit, called Astral body, which is a double body endowed with wonderful internal senses. Just as our physical body has 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch), the Astral body also has internal senses, called chakras or magnetic centers. The great clairvoyants tell us of seven main chakras, with which you can touch and feel the great realities of the higher worlds. These farms are seated in the Dorsal spine of the human being, and yet are not visible by the human eye to be these in the Astral body, if the information is for the true clairvoyants.

In general, the chakras in the human being, due to the current state of humanity, are asleep, however they are divinales powers. The chakras revolve positively from left to right, as the hands of a watch (watching the clock from the front). Each chakra has its respective mantras, and with these mantras can awaken the hidden powers of the chakras. In addition, to vocalize these mantras continuously, vortexes, the chakras, van by turning and you create new cells and tissues to always have a new organism. Mantram for the chakras can vocalize every day 30 minutes, being of great importance not to grow weary, but if being tenacious and constant, have faith and have a deep inner devotion. A strong hug. Original author and source of the article

Select Bedding

Bedding should be chosen with great care, because in the dream of all people takes time, and therefore it must be not only sweet but enjoyable. There is now a huge choice of bedding for anyone, even the most exacting tastes. But before the deal in a variety of tissues, is to talk about size. Indeed, quite often there is the question. Usually the complete set of linen for double bed includes: two pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets. In addition, the sale is a children's sets, twin sets and even to bed with two mattresses. The size must be specified on the package if this marking is not there, you should refrain from purchase, as an indicator of poor quality. In Russia, the following dimensions of bed linen: Euro – 220 240 cm, but this standard, there are other European sizes, but they are rare; polutorospalnoe linen – 215 143 cm, double – 215 175 cm.

European manufacturers use slightly different terms. This king-size – lingerie at a very large, so-called 'three bedroom' bed; children – laundry and 125 cm length for a bed for one child and two-bed, 1,5-bed, one-bed – for two and a half and a single bed, respectively. Now, knowing the size, you can go to the choice of fabric for a cozy bed linen. In the shops of the town there is a large variety of lingerie, not only of different tissues, but also performed in a completely unique style. But if the colors and design of each absorbs the taste, the characteristics of a fabric are always lack. Calico – refers to the cotton bed linen, the main advantage of such clothes to wear. Even after years of washings, it has remained virtually unchanged.

Such clothes, even sometimes inherited, which once again proves that it is truly a great life. To the touch it is a little rough, but at bedtime it does not feel. Especially important to use them in the winter, so the fabric retains heat well. Sateen – Cotton linen with a silk shade. This is due to special technology of tissue, where silk threads are added between cotton. Satine is also called "silk cotton". Wash clothes can be a 300 times that as well as a calico is an indicator of relatively long operating period. At the touch of linen should be smooth but not slippery. Among sateen cotton underwear is the most expensive. Silk bedding – the most luxurious and accordingly very expensive. When choosing a bed linen is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, as are frequent cases of fraud. The best is Chinese silk, he made the masters of hand, and time practically does not change its appearance. This is an exclusive lingerie. And finally, lingerie for kids is a separate part of bed linen. It should be made only from natural materials, and usually differ bright pattern. The main natural shades to choose not to get caught on the cheap Chinese stuff. The same rule should guide the choice of any bedding.


Any inherent technological stages, and in particular food, the production – disinfection and cleaning. These two processes are closely related. Disinfectants used for disinfection of various surfaces and Prevention of infection by microbes food. Detergents are used to remove impurities of chemical origin. With the right as washing removes virtually 100% of dirt and bacteria. Follow disinfection bring that percentage up to 100%. Effective disinfectants must have low toxicity, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, ease of use, versatility and long-term storage of concentrates and working solutions. There are some basic rules and criteria for the selection of disinfectants: 1.

Disinfectant must be corrosive (or slightly) low toxicity. Current disinfectant must not cause corrosion of metals and other damaging materials that are part of the equipment to maintain activity in the presence of organic substances, not to toxic and allergic effects. 2. Disinfectants should be of high quality, diverse and focused. The main objective for disinfectants – creating an effective, reliable protection from infections.

3. Disinfectant should be feasible. In the current economic conditions, reductions in the costs of industrial plants, food manufacturing, meat and dairy products, beverages itp, ceases sharply the question of cost and quality of disinfectants used to clean equipment. Typically, the best solution and the solution is to use multi-purpose cleaning and disinfectants. It is therefore necessary to choose fast, reliable and effective against yeast, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Detergent properties of disinfectants are to remove liquid and solid contaminants from the surface and transfer them to the washing liquid in the form of solutions. Detergent action is manifested in the complex processes of interaction of pollution, cleaning mediums and surfaces. The main phenomena determining detergent action, are the processes of physical and chemical adsorption, wetting, emulsification, foaming and stabilization. To obtain the desired effect of disinfection must be followed carefully prepare and use of disinfectants.

Connection Equipment

According to the principle of the spark gaps are divided into unmanaged and managed. Contact information is here: Daniel E Straus. In unmanaged dischargers breakdown occurs at a certain voltage values, depending on the design of the device. In managed – in a certain range of voltages at a pulsed voltage on the gate electrode. The advantages of spark gaps: no heat, virtually instantaneous willingness to work High reliability, small size and weight, Simple design and technology production. Disadvantages spark gaps: For tripping devices to the high value of the transmitted voltage (kV), which results in damage to the equipment being protected.

The intensity of the spark occurring in the while conducting state, often causes interference and leads to a malfunction of nearby electrical equipment. Residual currents lead to disruptions in power and, therefore, unpredictable in the equipment. Parallel Connection of varistors. Varistor Eng. varistor, from vari (able) – ac and (resi) stor – resistor, a semiconductor resistor, the electrical resistance (conductivity), which does not vary linearly and equally under the influence, both positive and negative voltage. For the manufacture of varistors used powdered silicon carbide (semiconductor) and a binder (clay, water glass, paints, resins, etc.) are pressed into shape and sintered it at a temperature of about 1700 C.

Then the sample surface metallized and soldered to its findings. Low-voltage varistors are made on the operating voltage of 3 to 200 V and current of 0,1 mA to 1 A; High-on voltage to 20 kV. Advantages: Varistors have a negative temperature coefficient of resistance, able to withstand considerable electrical overload Easy and cheap, have high reliability, low inertia (limiting the operating frequency to 500 ).


The process of organizing the home photostudio. Digital Photography we all know, there are camera film – a classic technique and there are digital cameras – the future of photography. Comparing 'film photography' and 'digital photograph 'is easy to see that something, and another – photo. But if the first – a photograph on the film, the second – photography without film 'digitally'. The principal difference between digital cameras from film lies in the fact that image is stored not on the film, and in the camera memory in otsifrovonnom form.

It turns out this way: light passing through the lens of a digital camera, falls on a matrix of photosensitive elements, which submit electronic signals. The received signals are processed by a microprocessor and converted to digital form. Traditional analog picture has its supporters, its market. It is much cheaper, and hence – more available. But to date, the traditional photo printing has already exhausted its resources and, therefore, if we want to move on, that digital technology and the Internet will give us more opportunities to work with photographic image. Pros: No need to show a film, no need to print pictures, then to throw out the ones that did not work – all visible at once. Digital photography has more and stronger film. Minus: For good quality to more elements of the matrix, as well as a large memory card that directly affects the cost. Another thing, if we take with a digital camera. Along with him captured and compact mobile photo printer with a set of photo paper.

History Of The Art Of Painting

The color has fascinated culture throughout history, every age and every region has produced dyes and pigment depending on available resources. The color has been with us for more than 20,000 years. The evidence survives in cave paintings. The color was widely used by the ancient Egyptians and was considered to have magical and healing, and around this time, 1500 B.C., features painting that made while an art was established quite widely in Crete and Greece with the Egyptians who passed his skills to the Romans. Egypt: The Egyptians used a technique of Temple, bringing together the pigments with water and rubber, glue and egg and applying colors separately, without mixing them among if.

The discovery of the tomb of Thebes unveiled many of the utensils that were used in his painting: stones to blend colors, paddle with holes or containers, etc. The colors used were blue enamel, cinnabar, red, yellow Indian, ochre, Brown, green and black. His paintings were resolved on a white preparation. Greece: The Greeks continued to use the Temple. The invention of the Encaustic is attributed to Polygnotos. Pliny is the only one that has a little clear and brief mention made of the procedure. With a kind of hot punch applied the color on the wall or table. Rome: Temple and Encaustic Painting preserves the characteristics of their Greek origin.

It is not clear in that period was discovered the technique of Fresco. This had broad development in Roman civilization, as evidenced in the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii. AVERAGE age: Tempering rivals the Fresco painting of Church, mansions and bunkers. This technique and the Fresco are contained in manuscripts of the monks Heraclius and Theophilus. Christianity, through the work of the monks, away by a rigid discipline of human interests, had to find a distraction that break the monotony of their lives, with the study of Sciences and particularly, the practices of the arts. Romanesque art appears in the 11th century. The first masters of Siena (Italy), starting from the influences of Byzantine, around which revolves the Romanesque, seeking a greater fluidity in the composition of his paintings. The monk Theophilus wrote a treatise on painting, Diversarum Artium Schedule, recommending the use of oil, flaxseed and Arabia rubber, also called Glassa or fornis in the year 1200. There were painters who applying a coat of linseed oil on a picture painted tempera, colors revived, recobraban intensity and brightness of the freshly painted Temple. Some precursors painters art: Pietro Caballini 1250-1330 Italian painter. His work follows the bizantinista line that characterizes the mural painting of the 12th and 13th centuries in the West. Master Cimabue. Cimabue 1240-1303 Italian painter and architect. Represents the last phase of the Italian Romanesque painting and the transition to Gothic painting. His work is distinguished in two styles: one of Byzantine influence, with rigid figures. And other notable for the realism that printed his figures. Since the mid-13th century appears the Gothic art. The life returns to the city, handicraft and trade give rise to a new bourgeoisie. The artist belongs to a Guild. Already does not work always in interiors of churches and under the guidance of architects monks. Now takes commissions in his own workshop. He is owner of his time and material used in all subjects. Article: Jose Mendoza other details: original author and source of the article.

Fusarium Planted

Given the large areas of FG 'Adelaide' begins to plant potatoes with early-stage and ends at the optimum. The farm is used protectant "Rovral Akvaflo" to protect potatoes from: Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, superficial necrosis, dry and wet rot. As an alternative to fungicide use "Maxim". At the time of planting potatoes is possible to use drugs "Prestige," "Masterpiece," "Tyrant," have fungicidal and insecticidal action. Tubers infected with highly mutually sort, so preparations, applied to the surface of tubers, is a kind of protective shield against harmful organisms. Planting crops are potato GRIMME GL 34 T, which has standard equipment. Potato trailers, 4 rows, 75 cm row spacing, 4 support the wheel, 3-ton capacity hopper parallelogram suspension openers, tractor capacity of more than 80 liters ..

The farm potatoes are planted in wide method followed by the formation of ridges, ie, in the process of landing is not formed a high crest, and subsequently formed the crest of the correct height. Tubers are planted at a depth of 6-8 cm from the top of the ridge, followed podgrebaniem soil. It is essential that the tubers were planted at the same level doposadochnoy the soil surface. It should be also take into account the fraction of the tubers are planted in large fractions of 2-3 cm deeper than the smaller ones. When planting the tubers too deep of a new crop are located deep, which makes mechanical harvesting. Properly conducted planting of potatoes, and predicts the amount of harvest and ripening time, as well as provide a convenient and quick cleaning. As a result, we have a beautiful, uniform potatoes, without mechanical damage and disease who gladly offer to sell yourself and eat. More information on FH "Adelaide

Increase Fast Readers

Apart from being a hobby for fun, what is the idea of having a blog? The answer is to get readers. No matter if you are selling advertising, product, or only their own ideas, you should want as many readers as possible in their blogs. If this is the case, then it is important to know how to take readers to your blog. There are several ways to increase the amount of readers to your blog. Here are four tips that they will help in this, you are easy to make and definitely worth it. First and foremost, to increase readers will need to increase the number of pages that every reader see.

You don’t want that they deem it only by its last publication, but by the totality of his work. To do this, try to highlight their relevant publications within your blog. At the end of an article, highlight the publications that may be of interest to those who liked the current publication. The majority of blog platforms have plug-ins that will help you with this, but if not, then by the less then a list of links to other pages manually. Another similar idea is to highlight other relevant publications on the content of your current publication. If you’re talking about a subject that has already touched before, click a link in one of the key words, which go to the last publication having relationship. This will also help keep alive a past publication.

The second tip for increasing your blog readers is thinking about doing a series. A series is a great way of making it a reader coming back again and again. In addition, if you are retroenlazando, you can get readers looking in multiple publications, even once you are done with the series. Be careful to do a series because he will not want to frustrate readers.

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