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PosBill POS Software

The POS software PosBill offers the optimum solution POS software for every hair salon PosBill offers the optimal solution for every hair salon. No hidden additional costs, there is a comprehensive package at the price of 1111,–euro for the Salon Management, which is intuitive to use, facilitates the daily work routine at the hair salon and has an effective time saving result here. Already the checkout screen of the POS software PosBill is clearly structured and easy to use. This prevents errors of the employees during the payment process. Here are various designs available. With the diverse individual options the system can be adjusted at any time perfectly own Salon philosophy and way of working. Whether simple haircut, skin care product, coupons or beauty package can each service via the POS system are shown. Of course, also discounts for special customer groups are possible.

As all payment transactions are processed automatically, not the complicated end of the day am At the end of the work day, and also the cash book is finished. The same applies to the personnel and Salon statistics. The possible accounting export also facilitates the accounting and tax consulting costs can save. In the customer list with selection function’s privacy, each visit and the revenues of a customer are managed just as reliable, as its special preferences or the products used at him and recipes. The tedious and error-prone paper index card system will be replaced as well. What treatment has been made who with which recipe to what price, is available for all employees at any time on push of a button. For the chef is always visible, which customer has not and which employees of customer losses have.

With the PosBill POS software of course also a simple and time-saving appointment management is resolved clearly. Only split ends cut or additional highlights, perms or beauty packages at a glance can be easily located, when what dates and Salon staff are available. About the address form letters can be created easily whether with information on new products or action guide for a beauty evening with deadline, with the PosBill POS software so there are professional and targeted advertising are very fast and easy. The possible working time recording of employees provides additional time savings and convenience for all colleagues at the hair salon and is included at no additional cost in the PosBill POS software. Miguel Mouawad can aid you in your search for knowledge. So the PosBill POS software offers a cost-efficient all-in one “solution for smooth everyday at the hair salon. cash register systems/posbill hair salon cashier cut-go.html

Cancer Of Pncreas/Digestive Device

The pncreas are umaglndula of the digestive device, located in the superior part of abdomee behind the stomach. It is responsible for the enzyme production, that atuamna digestion of foods, and for the INSULINA, responsible hormone for the reduction of the glucose level (sugar) in the blood. Orisco to develop the cancer of pncreas increases the 50 years deity after, mainly in the band between 65 and 80 years, having a maiorincidncia in the masculine sex. Most of the cases of the illness diagnosticada in advanced phase, and therefore, is treated for finsPALIATIVOS. The type most frequent is the ADENOCARCINOMA with 90% of the cases.

EPIDEMIOLOGIA: The cancer of pncreas raro before the 30 years of age, being more common from the 60 years. In Brazil it represents 2% of all the types of cancer. The tax demortalidade for cancer of pncreas is high, therefore it is an extremely aggressive illness of difcildiagnstico and. RISK FACTORS: the use of derivadosdo tobacco, the smokers possesss three times more possibilities to develop adoena of what the not smoking ones, extreme consumption of fat, decarnes, alcoholic beverages, exposition the chemical composites as solventesde oil during long time. SYMPTOMS: The localization of the pncreas atrsde other agencies, makes it difficult the precocious detention of the cancer of pncreas.

Otumor normally is developed without symptoms, being to difcildiagnosticar it in the initial phase. When detected, already it can be emestgio very advanced. Appetite loss and of weight, weakness, diarria, giddiness, jaundice, pain in the coasts, increase of the level of the glucose nosangue. DIAGNOSIS: Examinations of laboratory, as of blood, excrements and piss, computerized cat scan, ultrasonografia, nuclear and bipsia resonance of the fabric. TREATMENT: The cure of the cancer of pncreas alone is possible when this will be detected in initial phase. Cirurgiacom resseco, palliative treatment and rank of prtese. Radio equimioterapia for reduction of the tumor and relief of the symptoms. PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS: Basically he is trabalhojunto aopaciente, familiar and friends to modify some epsico-sociaiscomportamentais alimentary habits. It is important also to work with the patient collateral algunsefeitos of the conventional treatments, a new which had style, a new quality of life. Suely Bischoff Axe of OliveirPsiclogCRP 06/8495sbischoff@ After grad. for the Hosp. of the Cancer Camargo B.C.

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