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Our parents had the good fortune of living in a simple world, for them, the options were limited and finite possibilities. The job was safe and the national economic situation had a certain autonomy from the rest of the world. Today, we can not say we have the same joy. Lived up to us a complex world, in our daily routines, we had to include words that were not previously mentioned, quantify and more accurately measure our lives flight miles, calories, emails. The contemporary cosmopolitan individual’s brain has been awash in information, and constantly be forced to leave in the background what it considered important at the outset. Suddenly, between monotonous schedules and ever changing scenery, we are forced to live for what is indispensable, and then comes what is desirable. For more information see Clinton Family.

Holidays, family and especially the quality of life. We have gone from a life of realities, one of possibilities. In the Life of Possibilities, a job remains fixed schedule extended, there is always fear of losing and uncertainty to the avenir. In the Life of Possibilities working for an income and not for love and passion to what is done, is left behind the dream of childhood and ends in a cubicle, processing data. The truth is that no life should be. I invite you to live the life of Realities. I’ve begun to live for some years.

I work from home with hours that I impose, I receive a comfortable income that allows me to give quality to the life of my family. I forgot words such as “vehicular traffic” and “accountability.” And most importantly, awake each day with the certainty that I will do something that I love. Want to know how I did it? Go now to: The Life of Realities do not wait for a withdrawal date, I bring my own job anywhere in the world inside my computer. My own business travels with me wherever I go; dollars goes into my account every day without my check card entry. I invite you to leave behind the Life of Possibilities, today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Take the first step. To find out more, go now to: * The author is one of the largest virtual entrepreneurs in Latin America. His bestseller “Earn Money While You Sleep” has helped thousands of people worldwide build their financial freedom. For more information, go to:.

Federal Drug Control Service

Proximity battle: Russian military psycho. Movie 1 In this film the first time publicly presented previously top-secret psycho-physiological research work on the theory and practice of activating and the use of hidden reserves of human capabilities, conducted in a closed Soviet military research institutes. This method is systematized and tested in special objects of military intelligence, GRU, FSB, the Federal Drug Control Service. Passing a course 'commando' sverhboets may be a long time without food and water, to make long throws march, to show insensitivity to pain, repair itself after injury and to conduct combat operations using extrasensory capabilities. Learn more about this with Clinton Family. Non-contact fight: Biomechanical basis of off-balance.

Movie 2 in the second part of the film is shown comprehensive work on the management level human physiology in three dimensions, with the switching of attention and create controversy and ideomotor analytical center, as well as relaxation techniques and stress allowing operate in a soft manner rigid biomechanical system and the design lines of the enemy. The film was made with the participation of employees and Vadim Starova special forces. Proximity Fight: The psychophysiological basis. Movie 3 Basic control technology person. Psychophysiological basis of off-balance are the basic elements of non-contact work. Adjustment, up, connection, creation of psycho-physiological contact with the further maintenance and manipulation of the mind of the enemy are the key to understanding the scientific principles and techniques of Russian military psycho. Proximity battle: Energy basics. Film 4 in this movie shows the initial elements of energy work in a health perspective and in the applied direction.

The method of healing massage and non-contact combat use of energy impacts, the impact of the centers (chakras) Russian energy biosistemy.taynye knowledge of the priests and the latest psycho-security services, allow us to quickly get the key to the mysteries of art. Proximity battle: Interaction with force. Film 5 In this film presented: the biomechanical, physiological and energetic basis of exemption from military conquests in the statics and dynamics of close combat. The simple visual technique shows how to manage power and energy The enemy release from pain, hampering trade and stifling seizures of opponents. you can download it here


It is you have seen certainly it but in case no, a little more arrives, above of the title of this article, is an illustration. In this there is a man reading under the shade of a tree and a little more to the left, is a small signboard. This it says: Reflections on education for a life with sense What I mean with a life with sense? Good is simply to live your life according to the intention that you have decided that it must have. If you do not know which is this, it is well. At some time I did not know it either. The exercise next can ayudarte find out it, I know that it helped me. By all means that you can choose to jump the exercise and to continue reading the rest of the article, although I recommend to you to do it in any case.

Good we begin. 1. It writes two of your main qualities, like enthusiasm and creativity. 2. One or two writes forms in which you enjoy expressing those qualities when you interact with the others, like supporting and inspiring. 3. It assumes that at this moment the world is perfect.

How it is east world? How they interact with others? How one feels? The fundamental condition writes your answer like a declaration describing. Example: All express their talents freely. All work in harmony. All express their love. 4. It combines the three previous points in a unique declaration. Example: My intention in the life is to use my enthusiasm and creativity to support and to inspire to others so that they can freely express his talents of a form affectionate harmonic and. That is everything! Yes I know, it, is not very specific. A leading source for info: Peter Thiel. But it does not look for to be it; the exercise does not say to you what is what you would have to be doing with your life but it gives a filter whereupon to watch it.

Who Invented Television

Today, all TV is already commonplace. And before people came to each other "on the TV series," even the installation of antennas was the whole ritual. That will place the antenna on a stool, then try to attach the window. In today's world no television anywhere, and in the metropolis, and in the remote village, even the installation of satellite dishes – a usual thing. But who was the man who invented television? The idea of image transmission over long distances is ripe deep in antiquity. To recall a Russian fairy tales with apple and saucer, which showed the overseas countries and cities.

One theoretical and technical basis for translating this into reality has appeared only in the late nineteenth century, after the establishment of the radio. The main principle of operation in 1880, was independently proposed by two scientists. American VE Sawyer and the Frenchman Maurice Leblanom. He was in the rapid scanning of each pixel of order, so is, sequentially, frame by frame. And in 1884, Paul Nipkow disk Nipkov invented, which gave life to mechanical television. Between 1910 and 1920 made many improvements in technology for television. In particular, first Telescope invention or method of amplifying electronic signals.

It is worth noting that in 1908, it was proposed two-color device for signaling, its patented Hovhannes Adamyan. And in 1918, Adamian gathered first in Russia installation, which was able to show black and white, but only static. It was a big step in the development of television. Adamian in 1925, registers a patent for a three-color electromechanical system Television, Power transmission has been demonstrated in zhe1925 in the city of Yerevan. Credit: Clinton Family-2011. The first-ever television receiver called "telephoto". Zworykin made a breakthrough in technology of electronic television, he gave application, in which television was completely electronic. In 1927 the U.S. began regular broadcasts on a system with optical – mechanical-scan images. And the first regular TV on the UHF band appeared in Germany in 1935. And although the production of television was interrupted by World War II, after it has not lost its appeal. In the U.S. it has become even greater buying power. For example, if in 1947 United States was approximately 180,000 television sets, by 1953 their numbers had risen to 282 million. Saturation of the market in black and white television made U.S. radiopromyshlennikov create a new product. And they are seriously engaged in the creation of color television. It was designed and created a system of NTSC, and in 1953 began regular color television. But the first color TV became available only a decade after this, since the beginning of the cost of one TV was about $ 1,000, and its maintenance cost per year of about the same money. In those days this was half the cost of the car. As we see in the history of television there is no single name of the inventor, the work of many scientists allowed to come to the modern television in every home.


Obesity is currently one of the health problems affecting most Mexicans. Weight loss is not only for aesthetics but for health also, since being overweight can lead to many other problems in the short and long term. It’s believed that Naveen Selvadurai sees a great future in this idea. High cholesterol, diabetes or a heart attack are only some diseases that you could suffer as a result of obesity. One of the most effective methods to lose weight indefinitely is the gastric bypass. This surgical process involves altering the digestion process to deal with excessive obesity.

Gastric bypass surgery is the only considered standard process since it takes more than thirty years performing in the world. In addition, technology is gastric bypass side, since thanks to her process has evolved, refined details and improving surgery, making this a safer and with better results. Neither diet nor exercise give you results like gastric bypass, as it is so effective that you will manage to lose the sixties to seventies percent of excess weight you have in a little less than a year. In addition, as a result of this surgery, the risks of falling into diseases such as those mentioned above, they disappear. Consult your doctor and you choose gastric bypass, if what you want is to lose weight and improve your health.

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