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Protection Of The Car Body

Buying a new car, we are blown away from his dust, buy a special cloth and polish but it is all up to the first scratches and chips. Later we stop waving his hand to count them and paint the hood or bumper before selling. But there is way that will preserve the car as new. We offer a special film which when applied to any part of the car, protect it from chipping and scratching. The width of our film can cover any part car completely, unlike other films of lesser width. Technology of application of this film is significantly different from the others. We do not cut in front of the body (hood, bumper) film, and the plant it inside, which allows not to make scratches on the body and increases its service life, because no water gets on the edge of the film.

Specifications allow us obtyanut almost any car completely. The service life of this film is 7-8 years, it simply lifted up to 3 years of operation, followed by a hardening of the adhesive composition and dismantle its would be difficult. Guaranteed: film (during dismantling) does not remove paint unless atomobil was painted at the factory conditions! And not unimportant point – the film misses the uv wavelength, ie paint as a film and will be the same without the burn. And if you decide to withdraw it, even after a few years, your paint will remain the same throughout car.

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