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Chrome Cleaning

Good quality deck hardware of stainless steel or chrome is highly resistant to corrosion and the marine environment, but still needs some maintenance if you want to keep it looking good. Be sure to offer this service if you notice small patches of surface corrosion due to oxidation of the fasteners. This type of corrosion can be easily removed with a good metal polish. After you are finished, protect it with a light coat of marine wax or a light coat of moisture displacing corrosion resistant lubricant. The wax will last longer. On aluminum fittings, polish until the applied polish turns black. Sprinkle Arm & Hammer baking soda on a rag and wipe the black right or the use of mineral spirits and throws on and clean. Believe it or not, if you use a lemon peel will reduce the dirt that other cleaners miss.

If you think that is too strong use lemon oil that is used in furniture and cabin a substitute for stainless steel cleaner. Alcohol also works in stainless steel. When cleaning aluminum look for a direction of grain. If you look closely you can see it. Rub with the grain.

Real bad stains can be rubbed with the shiny side of aluminum foil. Do not polish aluminum when it is 50 or F or less out as zero. Do not use cleaners with ammonia as a window cleaner as they can cause pitting. Silver polish works fabulous on aluminum. For brass, go cheap. A spoonful of flour, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of vinegar. Apply the mixture of dust with a clean damp cloth and wipe the tarnish and shine. Wash with soap and water. If it is a difficult spot, cut a lemon in half, to reduce the powder with baking soda and rub on small sections at a time. Baking soda added to the necessary mild abrasive to scrub your brass to life. You can also use Nev-R-mate a can of presoaked wading which can be used to polish the aluminum and metal or Magic Mix Valco Products in Cincinnati, OH. "Lance Winslow" – If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; / wttbbs

Lifeguard Water Proofing

For best wood products recommended Lifeguard Water Proofing products are guaranteed for five to seven years depending on how you buy. You can buy them at Eagle Hardware in Canada, in the tanks. Other products we recommend are Behr products, which are the second best and can be found at Home stores across the country. If you go ask for a wet look to buy a product called Sikkens and this also available in Home Depot. If you do any re-staining decks, be extremely careful not to let the stain material falling into the water, because sometimes drift and adhere to the gel layer of other boats right at the water line. Although you can create a job for you, there will be some unhappy sailors will know who to go directly if you do not work with care. So just be cautious, since most of the spots are lighter than water and float until flush against something, like a boat hull. Bleaching Wood Factors and procedures for cleaning dock There are many types of stains, you can get on a pier in the marina, if you do not have a pressure washer or steam cleaner and need to clean the spots that want to know how to clean without expensive equipment.

If you have the proper equipment, but a stubborn stain, you may want to use these procedures to increase their success. Algae: Use a diluted bleach solution * (4:1). Saturate the growth of algae and let stand five to ten minutes. Scrub and rinse well. Extractive / Tannin Bleed: Use a solution of four to five percent of oxalic acid.

Allow solution to remain on the ground until the darkness disappears, then rinse thoroughly with water. Grease: Use a strong detergent in hot water and stir with a paintbrush. Automotive Degreaser has also proved effective when used as directed. Mold: Use a diluted solution of bleach * and bushes. Molino Seals: There are no solvents available to remove these seals. Sanding is the most effective. Also fade with time. Leaf spots: Use a diluted solution of bleach * and bushes. Point / Resin: Scrape excess material of wood with a putty knife or steel wool and clean the area with soap and hot water. Turpentine is effective in removing the tar, which is still cheesy. Of resin from the surrounding trees: Clean the area with a cloth dipped in turpentine. * Sometimes, when cleaning of wood with a stain, especially chlorine, natural wood color may disappear. Consult your dealer or supplier for products that can be used to ensure uniformity and restore the wood’s natural color. Wolmans, Behr, Sikkens, lifeguards and other company web sites with all this information and much more. You would be wise to understand these procedures to ensure a perfect job.

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