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Online Advertising

Google will use all opportunities in the advertising sector. Running the option for AdSense for mobile phones, today search engine reveals a new format for online advertising. We are talking about Gagdet Ads, interactive format, which operates on the model small standard interface widgets, employees to set up some home pages. Advertisers have the opportunity to show there is more information than traditional advertising, inserting images, video or animation interact with Internet users, all without leaving the ad unit Gagdet Ad. This format is based on the technology of Ajax, and can include advertising in Flash format with images, video or sound. Financial technology may find this interesting as well. It can also show real-time information, such as the constantly changing price of the product. Advertisers do not need deep technical knowledge, anyone with a classic creation of Web-sites and the technologies of html or xml can make Gagdet Ad Specialized Reports This new advertising is included in the palette formats, advertisers have already proposed network users to Google AdWords.

At this time, Gadget Ads are only open some of them already created advertisements in the format rich media (images or videos) through Adwords. This system is tested for several months, agencies and clients in the uk and Germany. For advertisers, there are many advantages: with Ajax programming platform is open for all, easy to use and no accounts for the server or hosting of advertising. In addition, the search engine has created a means of reporting, especially for this type of advertising that advertisers were able to determine with precision, not only the number of hits Gadget Ads, but the precise interaction between Internet users with advertising. Last advantage: to preserve the philosophy of the format widget, advertisers can allow visitors to download this commercial, and show it to his personal home page iGoogle.

Embassy Of The Planet Earth

Embassy of the planet Earth was founded in autumn 2007. The aim of this project – creating a catalog Earth's inhabitants. Member of the project is open to any resident of the Earth. Registration in the directory is voluntary and free. Each project participant is assigned a unique personal 10-digit number on the planet Earth. Join the world's population is on the website of the Embassy of the planet Earth. Financial technology usually is spot on.

The catalog provides for registration as a people living on Earth and representatives of flora and fauna. The directory of people at registration requested the following information: surname, name, sex, date of birth, place of birth. No additional information for the registration of inhabitants of the earth is not required. Upon registration of flora and fauna of the requested type of animal or plant species or form, nickname or the name and the name of a host of flora and fauna. The result of registration in the catalog is awarded to the participants of the project personal unique 10-digit number on the planet Earth.

Registration in the directory is confirmed by the Certificate of inhabitants of planet Earth. Certificate issued by the Embassy of the planet Earth. Certificate inhabitant of the Earth may be issued to each participant of the project only a single copy. The certificate is made on special paper, which has several degrees of protection, stamping and hologram with a unique personal number of inhabitants of planet Earth. Certificate of manufacturing technology eliminates the possibility of fraud without using special equipment. Provides a standard, souvenir, gift and an exclusive clearance certificates. After registering in the directory inhabitants of the Earth project participants will be placed in the directory for more information about yourself. This may be a picture, biography, reference to other the project participants or their descendants, or in general any other information you want to leave people in the directory inhabitants of the earth. In addition, their participation in the directory you can "hide" from prying eyes, make the premises of their information "Closed". In addition to these basic functions, site of the Embassy of the planet Earth also offers a variety of additional services available to registered participants of the project.

Basic Principles Of Advertising Goods

There is a lot of ways to promote products and services now that at times confused. Below we have outlined a number toilless advice for advertising your company. If you want to place the ad tv clips specifically for the holiday, start advertising in advance. Do not use ever for the different types of advertising are the same set of phrases as possible, each ad is different from your other suggestions. Always hire talented designers to design leaflets, booklets, brochures and other printing. Ads must be used to read, clear and precise print, do not be overloaded with details and smaller elements illustrations. And give full and comprehensible information on basic services. For more specific information, check out

Try to include important information at the very beginning, because some do not have time to view the entire message, and this way to attract their attention. Tell people, first and foremost, on your merits, and not theoretical possibilities. Now, to the delight of consumers for all goods very many suggestions. People will be your regular customers, if given proof of what your strengths compared to your competitors. Always be open to new ideas and borrow the positive experiences of some well-known companies. Organize a budget for advertising in magazines, newspapers, on tv, in 'these in your online' and on other sites. Create posters, print flyers, postcards, brochures, flyers.

To advertise on the street is very well suited printing on plastic. List of the promoting goods and services is huge. Use different types of advertising – every one who has no internet, should have the opportunity to learn about you from the magazine. Advertise their services has been particularly active is the Internet, because here audience is quite broad. Develop a web site with convenient navigation and move to top positions in searching through Google, Yandex, etc. Law of successful advertising – to represent in detail what you're doing, why and who your target audience. By answering these questions, you do not commit mistakes in how to move your goods.

Computer Settings

Often, once installed on your computer certain applications, their Russification, updates, etc., in certain windows of these applications, as well as in the windows of the operating system incorrectly displayed fonts. As a rule, it is not affects the stability of the computer, but it creates a lot of inconvenience to users, because in the windows instead of letters displayed characters, boxes, figures and other strange characters named. Often work in a computer is simply impossible. A significant proportion of users solve the problem radically – to reinstall Windows or have a computer in the studio. Although it is often out of the situation can get much easier. Of course, the proposed method is not a panacea, but in most cases it solves the problem. For starters, make sure the correct settings locale: (items in brackets are sometimes absent) – go into Control Panel – click on "Start" – ("Settings") – "Control Panel".

There are passing in ("Date, Time, Language and Regional Options") – "Regional and Language Options", open the corresponding window (see Fig. below) – in the tab "Regional Options": under "Standards and Formats" pointing "Russian", in the section "Location" – your country – on the tab "Languages": in the section "Languages and text service," press button More Info. Open the corresponding window. Make sure that the tab "Settings" under "Installed Services" Russian language corresponds to the Russian keyboard (see Fig. At the bottom), and click "OK" – on the Advanced tab: in the "language programs for non-Unicode" put "Russian" (see fig. below). Push the button "Apply" then "OK".

If your computer has the above settings have been completed or after their implementation problems display fonts not disappeared, it is necessary to make some changes to the registry. Attention! The system registry is a very important element of the operating system. Therefore: 1. In addition to these options do they have more do not change if you are unsure about their actions! 2. Before embarking on further action be sure to back up your registry! It can be used to restore the system registry in If you have any problems after the change. To create a copy of the registry run 'Registry Editor', which in the Start menu choose the item 'Run'. In the lower left corner of the screen displays "Starting program. Enter a word in it in regedit and click ok. In Registry Editor, in the 'File' menu choose 'Export'. In the window 'Export Registry File' indicates the storage location, file name, a copy of the registry under 'Range Registry '(bottom) tick' entire roster ', click' Save 'button. To solve the problem with displaying fonts in Windows xp to change the parameters of the "1250" and "1252", which are in the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlNlsCodePage, with c_1250.nls to c_1251.nls and c_1252.nls to c_1251.nls respectively. How to do this is available here – / font.html.

Middle Ages Design

It was in those days were born and major principles of drapery fabrics, which are still used in production of modern curtains. In addition, in the homes of the ancient Greeks were extended canopies and fabric upholstery. A fabric for the interior began to be decorated with embroidered motifs, which carried not so much aesthetic as magical significance. In the Middle Ages design curtains became more complex. First, heavy curtains that protected the lock chambers from the draft, started to decorate with embroidered emblems and other heraldic items owners. Beyond that, with increased trade, in the design of curtains, a large variety of tissues, and thus the possibility of combining them. I must say that in this period, the blinds were the exclusive privilege nobles and wealthy citizens and the ruling elite. For more specific information, check out financial technology. By the seventeenth century, the curtains are one of the main decorative elements of interior design, but also, more widely available have begun to acquire canopies, fabric wall coverings, bedspreads, all kinds of furniture covers, table cloths.

And the design itself has changed the curtains. In vogue curvy fancy curtain, tassels, cords, multi-layered drapery. Next splendor of textile design is becoming more modest. First, neo-classical dictates modesty and lack of frills, focusing on the corner screaming no diversity and quirkiness of rococo, and refinement of line and beauty tissues. And for those at all appears minimalism with its denial of decorations and curtains again transformed into simple linen cloth.

The development of science and technology provided by today's designers curtains wide variety of fabrics with different decorative properties. This is an imitation of natural fabrics – linen, cotton, brocade, velvet, silk – that seemingly indistinguishable from real ones, but their shortcomings natural canvas: do not burn and do not shrink.

Rambler Avatar

Moreover, from a program aviki obtained too similar. I teach you’ll be on the basis of the usual template. If you do not have nor which version of the program, I advise you to buy it / find a friend. Yet we may find the following prog: Pineto (Paint), any Winamp (If you like listening to music while working), well, anything at hand – to eat (and even if the inspiration popret, even if the great famine to the refrigerator will go broke). 3.

What materials do avatar? Avatars are made of source. Sources, in our case, this picture, based on which will be created . Where do these sources? Nothing is easier – from what you have at your fingertips! Your (or your) pictures (they can be scanned), which desired wallpaper (no need to rip the walls, need the wallpaper that the desktop), skrinseyvy cartoons, movies or games kompovskih, has long been ready others’ avatars, which can be changed. From scanned images. Option – excellent, because the avatar is sure to be unique in all Runet. Although not very long. Indeed, to borrow your avku you forbid anyone can not.

But you can always make a new avatar. Use computer wallpapers. Wallpapers – this is the background on your desktop and in RuNet a lot of them-a lot. Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc. will give you a lot of sites with the wallpaper. But full-uniqueness is not necessary to hope, because it is the most trivial way.

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