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Save Your Small Contribution To Environmental Conservation

Saving is an investment in the long term, this can be done by cash acquiring different types of saving products for your home. When in your home has this type of products, you will see the savings in its services account, and the planet will thank you. These are some of the items for your home that will help you improve your savings. Water saving:-showers, there sits a small device in size and value, which allows the passage of water in less quantity and with greater force. So consumption of 10 liters per minute can be lowered to 6 litres. An approximate savings of 54% of water can be done with water for showers saver. In recent months, Peter Thiel has been very successful. Only open the shower the indispensable time, close it while you lather.

-Sanitary, health energy savers will be according to their year of manufacture. The health of more than six years are designed to download 17 and 12 litres of water, the current consumed 6 liters maximum. -Sink, these now come with saving devices water, these water savings of up to 57% can be made. Savers of the sink and dishwasher water every six months. This is located at the end of the faucet, is removed the dirt accumulated in the inner part of the saver.

-Washing machines that save water, here it can save up to 75% of water, through its system of jets built-in, which reduces the passage of large amounts of water, making optimal distribution and use of small quantities. Energy saving:-saving bulbs, the global commitment to reduce global warming obliges everyone to generate change from incandescent bulbs by savers bulbs from households. If it has not yet change, do so and contribute. -Solar energy lamps, is an excellent choice for illuminating foreign, since they are automatically stored solar energy during the day and are activated when Dim. They do not need cables or connection to electrical networks. Installed fast and easy. -Motion detectors, have sensors that activate the light when they perceive some movement near; they have a certain time to remain switched on, using energy efficiently. They are used in common areas, gardens, terraces, walkways. -Timers, control the time of your electrical appliance by optimizing the usage time. Saving gas:-gas dryers, consume less than the stove and water heater, optimize the time in drying and ironing clothes. It can save 35% on expenses with respect to conventional dryers. -Gas stoves, contribute to energy savings, accelerate the cooking of food and help the environment environment. -Gas heaters, these heaters with its technology save energy and also provide security when it comes to handling and contribute to the care of the environment. When the heater is only heat the amount of water that is used when opening the tap. More ecological:-recycling at home, this is one of the most nearby and available options that contribute to improving environmental conditions. Remember that the separation must be separately, involving all members of the family, collaborators external and domestic workers. -Ecological, from wood from reforested Woods, that keep campaigns in favour of the environment and natural resources. -Glass blocks, allow in up to 45% energy savings. Placed on its housing sites where there is this kind of natural lighting, which also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. -Ecological paints, water based paints are ideal because they do not emit gases from solvents to the environment. Light tones allow improving the place light and save energy.

Electrical Work

Do you know how the water supply, heating, electricity in your home? Always operate appliances, switches and sockets, you can take a hot bath and wash the dishes, the house light and heat. Problems can occur at the most inopportune moment. Because of faulty wiring can burst fire. And you remember that, indeed, sometimes something sparkled and popped into the outlet. If you suffer flooding, not only you but also neighbors.

It turns out, the pipes have long had to change: they are old, rusty and begin to fall apart. And really do not want to freeze in a flat in autumn or winter. Go to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for more information. How do we avoid these hassles and make the home safe with a well-functioning systems? For 9 years, ALC "Interiorstroy" offers on the Belarusian market their services. Plumbing and electrical work performed at the highest level. This installation of hot and cold water, sanitation, heating, transport and replacement pipes, replacement of metal pipes, polypropylene, installation and connection of plumbing: sinks, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, jacuzzi, Moidodyr, radiators, Towel, toilet seats, wiring batteries in cottages, cabins and apartments in, removing blockages, connection and installation of circulating pump, hot water boilers with the installation of isolation, any electrical slozhosti (strictly in accordance with GOST), detection and removal of faults in electrical networks, replacing and repairing electrical wiring, wiring, transfer and installation: switchboards, electric meters, sockets, switches, chandeliers, sconces, lamps, shtroblenie concrete and brick walls (used professional equipment 'DeWALT', 'Bosch' and 'Makita'); electrical wiring and electricity, namely the telephone, electrical, antenna, network, audio / video lines, electricity connection of home appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, electric stoves, electric fireplaces, water heaters, intercoms, video door phones, voltage regulators, conditioners, Heaters, etc., installation walk-through, changeover switches to turn lamps or lamps of different angles, audio wiring: connection, wiring, installation and configuration of home cinema, connection of power stations on liquid fuel (emergency power), TV antenna installation, elektroavtomatov, switchboards, lighting sensors, motion sensors, RCD. High quality work provided, firstly, the correct selection of personnel: all the experts behind great experience, have a group tolerance have been vetted.

Second, the large role played by the materials and technology used by the company. The company is constantly updating the equipment and implements to the Belarusian market of new technologies and materials. Quality work using modern materials ensures the smooth functioning plumbing, electrical and other systems over a long period (up to 40 years). Third, an individual approach to each client: here take into account all the demands and wishes, physical features customers. Also available 2-year warranty on all plumbing and electrical work. Turning to the ODO "Interiorstroy", you get quality and smooth operation of plumbing, heating, lighting and others, the right people, systems.

Albert Einstein

Stigmata of the past ' ' I live in a tropical country, blessed for pretty God and by its very nature, but that beauty ' ' , in this glad one and known song the image of Brazil was traced, of form to hide its truths, but it is certain that what is occult must be disclosed, what remains in the shades comes back to be visible, clamorous and terrifying to the eyes most sensible, tired eyes of the social exclusion, the misery human being perpetrated for logos contradictory, the instrumental reason capitalist generating of uncertainties and disillusions has its part in the guilt, the social reality never before was so needy. The History of the world and Brazil is explicit: ' ' civilizao' ' it was constructed by the exploration and for the exploration human being, the logic of the men did not search alternatives, the manual work reached its height with the slavery, therefore the simple physical work did not seem to the men scholars just, this would embruteceria certainly them. Endowed with knowledge technician and ways of production, was not difficult task to find workmanship hand human being, since during all the historical times always the existence of a parcel of the population was constant living in the most absolute poverty. Without options, these devoid ones of everything turn over coerced the forced work and desumano, obliged to fulfill and crooked hours of working without the lesser guarantee of some type long of it rewards, did not have guarantee you are welcome, nor of the proper life. To broaden your perception, visit hilton family. The owners of the power had little made in favor of the society, living in its small precious world had not searched to transform the country into a better place, had searched yes the maintenance of its status, the conservation of the wealth for the exploration in a true vicious circle.

Dramas of the life that had not been forgotten by the time, had arrived with force at the current time, in an expressive impetus that now rightens that more it cannot be held by the reins of the submission. The shouts of the villains afflicted if express in violence, the forgotten ones and abandoning clamam for justice, they want everything now what it was denied to them, that it was arrebatado to them and played to the soil, the situation became unsustainable. Action, something really necessary to be made or the revolt of the villains will become violent revolution, will not be pacific, will fall again on all, guilty and innocent envoltos in the chaos that could have been prevented. It does not have more time if to lose, the errors of the past need to be desfeitos and rewarded, the history of the necessary exploration to be focada rewrite now in the dignity human being, fincada in the emancipation of the hindered men of its rights primary than had never forgotten the stigma last it. ' ' The tradition is the personality of imbecis' ' Albert Einstein

Enterprising Russians

Sell a car in the country, too problematic, therefore, is one – rent it for scrap, and, and it’s not free. Enterprising Russians invited the Germans to sell cars for a third of the cost of acting on the following scheme. After receiving the money, the owner Documents handed to the buyer on the car and keys. Foreign Car quietly crossed the border, customs, acquire new owner in Moscow. And three months later “unfortunate” owner resorted to an insurance company, seized his heart and wrote a statement that he stole his favorite. Receiving compensation, and adding more money, he bought a new car. Now Russian Internet like mushrooms after a rain multiplying the announcement of the purchase of expensive prestige cars for “the German scheme. People such as Peter Thiel would likely agree.

It is true that in Moscow the reason pushing the owners to take this step – not higher taxes, but the dream of another car. The insured car is also purchased for about one-third the cost, then distilled at Caucasus, Ingushetia. Especially popular are the SUVs of any models, and Mercedes. Receiving reimbursement, “sacrifice” stealing buys another car. Lithuania is known throughout Europe by the fact that in this country is the cheapest bodywork and auto service.

Literally for pennies here in five cars could assemble one, and restore these cars, for which even the professionals in Moscow for the big money are not taken. Of course, that much is done on a roundabout technology, and collected some how the car is a real threat not only to those who need it sits. The scheme is scam. An attacker buys in Moscow crushed in the trash car (VW Passat, Audi A6, Mercedes or “BMW”), takes him to the Baltic states to “cure”. Then returns to Moscow, where fear of damage to the market price. And then “suddenly” finds himself in a serious accident and goes to the insurance company. According to traffic police officers, organization of such accidents involved more than one person, and entire professional community, which is a professional driver or even a stuntman. As a second car is either borrowed or rented cars, or truck, which after the accident from the scene disappears. Expert of the insurance company is to acknowledge the death of the insured vehicle, and the offender and his accomplices get your hands on the money, and even stay with a broken machine. Indeed, under current tax laws insurers disadvantageous to take the injured car itself: it would require to put it on balance

Recipe Traditional

Beef stew is a traditional recipe of Spanish cuisine like no other. Many times when we speak of Spanish cuisine comes to mind recipes as paella or tortilla, by his great acceptance among tourists, but recipes like beef stew have accompanied us all throughout our lives. Each have our own recipe, because it is done in different ways in each area, but all have a common denominator. I have tried to find a recipe the most traditional. The beef stew ingredients: 400 Gr. of beef vacuno.300 Gr.

patatas.5 zanahorias.2 potato hermosas.1 cebolla.1 ajo.1 pepper verde.1 tablespoon of beef choricero.4 tablespoons tomate.1 bay leaf sauce pepper.Romero.Sal.Pimienta.Aceite. for this recipe we will use a pressure cooker, we put to poach the onion and garlic, when the onion is transparent, add the green pepper cut into large chunks. While fry the pepper, season the meat, and add it to the sauce. When the meat is golden brown on all sides, we miss the Beef sausage pepper and tomato. We give a few turns and add carrots, cut in slices, along with Rosemary and bay leaf. It cover everything with water or stock of meat or cooked, cover and leave to do for half an hour.

Passed this time, salt to taste and add the chunks of potatoes already peeled and clean. We cover the pressure cooker, let you make 5 minutes more and turn off. It must have been a stew of category. You can find the recipe for beef stew, and other many recipes, in our kitchen Cookbook.

Online Business Idea

Business Model Virtual shopping center for the sale of various goods. As a general rule, shops in four different criteria: geographical, specific goods and services, specific industry, demographic characteristics. There is as two formats of business organization, the first sale of all products on your site and second-forwarding to the site of the manufacturer. With regard to the site, then in this business for him increased demands. Peter Thiel might disagree with that approach. It should have nice looking design, have a loud and catchy domain name. Is of great importance storefront shop.

Its task is to provide the range and tell the consumer characteristics of goods. All goods must be detailed, accurate description of the characteristics and quality photos. In addition to the site you want to add more interactivity, such as feature discussions of products in catalogs and search for products by keyword, and as a function of selection unique and accessories. It is also useful for the stimulation of demand to add one more very interesting service type, "Give me or want a gift, with which users can send e-shop your friends links to the products that they want a gift. Besides the basic functions necessary to add such services as automatic calculation of shipping costs, service selection and comparison of products, service formation blank invoices and receipts, which will make a purchase at your online store as convenient. The main source of income monthly or commission, which pays the firm for placing its products on the site, well as the advertising of certain commodity positions. The main initial investment costs associated with buying a computer, scanner, printer, software, servers for the online store, web development and its promotion.

Starting amount – from 5 thousand dollars. At the initial stage of the work can carry two people, one of which may have a part-time employment, engaging the support site. The main ways to promote search optimization (for a better to outsource SEO), check-in site directories (Yandex, Web katalogGoogle, Catalog @ mail, Aport), advertising in trade directories (Price, Yandex.Market, contextual advertising, participation in the ranking of sites on your subject matter (RamblersTop-100, Rating @ mail), mailing system (you can install on your site service dispatches for the dissemination of advertisements among your potential customers), participate in discussion forums, different communities, maintaining a personal blog, banner advertising, which can increase the traffic on the site. Project: business, commerce, business on the Internet

Venezuelan Human

Little participation of SMEs in development of economic treaties.Politically unfortunately there are entrepreneurs who do not risk to make investments the country because they don’t see any future prosperous in their activities because they see politics from a single focal angle. Opportunities in the economic opportunities exist for the Venezuelan companies to enter other markets through the use of economic and cultural agreements. The employer would be in ability to measure their competitive advantages before other companies with the use of administrative tools for the development of its commercial activity occupy gaps in the markets of products that have some shortages. Identifying emerging markets. Politically the Government has many opportunities to maintain dynamism in its foreign policy and thanks to this dynamism can continue to make treaties in any area. Maintain good international relations with other countries and undertakings by both the State and Venezuelan businessmen. In what education could prevent the leak of intellectual human capital toward countries more developed, there are educational treaties where professional achieve training in universities of countries associated to these treaties, it would be giving the most to the Venezuelan professional placing it then in bilateral projects for example. In the geopolitical due to the strategic location of Venezuela, will be further developed with partner companies, treated navigation and any other that is of similar area, for example in the military industry.

Economic FortalezasEn Venezuela in all its energy treaties has a great strength which are the reserves of crude oil and gas. While the vast majority of employees left PDVSA during the oil strike of 2002, there is a new human talent that makes a titanic effort on a daily basis to maintain operability productive and commercial, in order to comply with national and international commitments including maintaining the current treaties. In the political dynamic and proactive foreign trade policy makes venture to Venezuela in the interest of other countries to strengthen relations and make treaties where both benefit. Threats because economically that Venezuela has oil for revenues that sustain the economy, decrease them would be considered a threat to continue the projects involved in the treaties. Politically any violent rupture of a treaty between Governments by political or ideological differences that exist to reach. SugerenciasEl world requires more and more larger political, cultural, economic, and social relations is therefore that international treaties play a role fundamental. However, the Government could implement the following recommendations: the State should offer more informative support for the participation of SMEs in their bilateral treaties economic, technological, educational. Suggests the State make wheels for the participation of unemployed professionals in all areas and give them opportunities by identifying treated they can use in order to go to another partner country to be trained and on his return, take that human talent to locate in their governmental institutions in order to avoid the leakage of intellectual capital and improve governmental human resources. Bilateral treaty example Venezuela-Alemania in transport area. Keep the agreement with Russia and China and seek ways to add more areas of interest for development, e.g. parts for equipment of network systems, design of specialized computer programs for SMEs for example, so that there is greater technology transfer to the Venezuelan companies in the industry.


This is truthful case! But, let us leave of the idea to renew education from the technology and come back to the famous number of run away from the pertaining to school banks. In first place a more pleasant environment is necessary to become the school. Not with surrounding music, sound in the patio, until can! But a worthy classroom, in which, parents, professors and pupils if faith and courage interrelacionem with to reach the considered objectives. It is possible in full century XXI still to construct classrooms of cans? How a pupil who deferred payment precariously, if feeds badly, sleeps badly, dresses badly, has joy to study in a school of these? He is for reflecting! Taste of speaking of the professors! A great majority is not valued as it had. But if it does not want to give up the task to teach, must teach well! It cannot push with the belly this great mission! Another crucial problem in the Brazilian education is the famous relationship. While the professors if to consider superiors in relation to the pupils, will not obtain to reach its objectives. To read more click here: Brad Pitt. They know that they are superior, that they know much more of what the pupil, but, lamentably, do not have to demonstrate such difference! The psychological reasons do not have to be explanados here, therefore they would take much time! They leave the competition for it are of the classroom. He demonstrates its superiority in the society where they live, in that one entorno! He does not demonstrate its better vestments, uses a uniform to finish with the nojenta competition that of pssimo example to the young, in special! We know that he is difficult! But, of this skill we will only be able to diminish the run away numbers of that they denigrem the Brazilian education.

If the professors not to assume new position will not never arrive in pssima average 6.0! Let us want or not, only the professor and the pupil in classroom will be the responsible ones for the radical change of the Brazilian education. But the two, if interested parties, have this capacity! Independent of good didactic materials, rooms special, etc. etc. To the times, the parents until confuse, therefore the ones that live in the school, generally are responsible for the good pupils! It remains to the school to seduce reasonable and bad the parents to take conscience, thickening the row! The media comes proclaiming mazelas of same education from the technological equipment envoy to the schools. Therefore my conclusions are obvious: Computer, tablet, or the new technological generation do not advance that to appear and to be sent to the schools! If two more involved in education if not to acquire knowledge of that they are them springs masters for the intellectual growth of the people and that only exists school because exists professor and pupil, but that this really they become capable to diminish the statisticians who envergonham our Country and that the superior intellectuals, also make its part! They do not attempt against for my style! The ideas go appearing and repass I them to the paper he forgets before them! I only want to transmit a message, therefore education worried the Brazilian me it worries and me, more still lately!

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