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Value Integrated

For efficient use of bar-coding technology for warehouse employees have been equipped with data terminals Motorola MC3090, was installed in the warehouse Wi Fi. At the moment, the whole process of acceptance product, its distribution and storage, as well as further shipment is completely automated and controlled from a central office. And an organized system of address storage can clearly define the position, "hung" on balances, and monitor the expiration dates of the goods. When shipping the goods once the system allows to collect multiple orders and shipments already in the area to distribute it by the parties. The system completely eliminates the influence human factors that affect the quality of collected orders – excludes peresortitsa and any errors when placing an order. In addition, the problem with the indispensability of Warehouse Supervisor – currently at the facility can operate with less qualified people.

Employee productivity, however, remains high. As a result of implementation of the system, there was a significant increase in performance warehouse by using principles of dynamic allocation. System DOMINO 8: Trading House to determine the most appropriate location for the goods, depending on several factors: storage time, his overall characteristics, the demand for goods (divide into groups A, B, C). In addition to the address storage, the company "Soft West" was tasked with equipping sales representatives 'authentic' mobile workers stations. As the customer uses these stations terminals iPad tablet from Apple. This allows sales representatives to quickly generate orders based on the central office, using the technology of remote access. Central office in DOMINO 8: Trading House has been integrated add-on module that allows you to conduct training seminars for the company. The module contains elements of the CRM-system and allows you to record a series of data on people who came to the seminar, date and time of the seminar, its subject, and as a result.

Based on these data in "authentic" is showgirl history seminars and customer relations. As a result of the control system DOMINO 8: Trade House Company "authentic" was effectively a working solution that allows you to: optimize the storage space, more accurate accounting of the goods; optimize the time of all warehouse operations, reduce storage costs of goods in stock, reduce losses associated with peresortitsey and shelf life of goods, reduce the number of errors in the performance of warehouse operations, reduce dependency and loss of "Human factor", to organize the operational work of sales representatives, to automate accounting and training seminars. Another of the important advantages of the project is its budget. Value Integrated warehouse automation to the cost of information system DOMINO 8: Trading House and the optional workshops, equipment (servers, terminals, data collection, organization Wi-Fi), works on the deployment system at the customer's warehouse, training was about 2 million rubles.

SINTEC Informatik GmbH

The SINTEC Informatik GmbH, an industry-independent software and consulting firm, is to place 4 of the largest IT service providers in Swiss francs. This is the result of the Entrepreneur magazine rankings Swiss franc MANAGER in the spring of this year. Companies were recorded in the ranking, which have their headquarters in Swiss francs and generate a large part of their sales with IT services, programming activities, IT consulting, operations and infrastructure. The close dialogue with the customer is an important success factor in SINTEC: informal come together events, close cooperation between the project team members and customers, as well as the mesh network is the ear directly at the customer and his needs. If we introduce a customer software distribution, we can develop complex databases and applications for it.

The customer must be aware of but right now. “By alone rarely someone calls and asks to Council.” says Stefan Schraml, who is responsible for the operations of the second branch opened since the beginning of the year in the same. Only When we’re on-site, we are familiar with the conditions and can advise the customer individually. Most long-standing partnerships arising from our projects. This creates just, who convinces sustainably with competence and quality.” As stable, continuously growing company with reference to the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen, the SINTEC Informatik is a term for tailored IT products and applications for over 15 years. The clients include renowned, regionally-based companies and public sector clients such as Siemens, Areva, DATEV, Leoni, North Bavarian motorway authority as well as others from industry, trade and services. As an innovative and responsible employer the SINTEC works closely with universities and contributes to the training of young specialists.


LibroVirtual. org is an initiative carried out by authors via the Internet portal of the same name, whose objective is to bring his literary works to readers free of charge, to ensure that they are known and valued as they deserve. Through this portal, readers can read direct and free books, comics and stories in their entirety, also having the possibility to acquire if want you the paper version, or download them in various eBook formats for playback in the increasingly popular portable readers. Already known of the traditional book market saturation, compounded by the current recession, prevents the majority of writers can reach to display and demonstrate their talent and publish their work. This has become necessary search and creation of new publishing channels, and Internet has become the main platform where to place these alternatives of expansion, a global showcase where do get unpublished writings to the general public. Are already more than eighty authors of several countries showing their books at Librovirtual. org, providing more than 150 works, that readers can download or read online in high quality at full screen. Along with authors you novice or less known we can also find writers honored with several prestigious awards.

And every day premiered, as a minimum, a new work of fiction, poetry or comic. Added values, are offered as a bookmark that will remind us to leave where you read on our last visit, a forum where to exchange views with other users of the portal, a library staff where have our electronic books ready for download at any time, the possibility of leaving our views on the works, a bulletin to be aware of the news, and even the possibility of making a donation to the author whose work we liked especially. Participation with own works in this initiative is, of course, completely free and open to all authors, regardless of their style, nationality or language. Antonio Arteaga, in his founding of Stratos day (www. stratos-ad. com), the largest Hispanic community developer of video games and multimedia in the world, is also the creator and coordinator of this initiative. There is a lot of talent and creativity in every imaginable segment of human activity, hoping to be able to show, and the scope of the literature is one of them.

With LibroVirtual. org will try, together, contribute our grain of sand to help the promotion and recognition of that talent, ensures. LibroVirtual. org you can visit in the address. librovirtual. org, and is also accessible via social networks like Facebook. Blogs similar space books a handful of tips for novice authors initiative Progresista-Elecciones legislative-Republic of Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking your nuts all suspended by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Portal of internet chats for uncertainty Vox Vanessa Tello posed for an Internet Portal in showbiz in Peru young people participating in the initiative builds T are expressed daily from WKR Heraldo de Aragon and the print-and-play Emcanta creates an Internet portal for freelancers of Cantabria interview Grenadian comics author Jose Antonio Pino a gift for my readers! (Thanxs Rod!) Everything there is in

Organizational Romaneasca

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