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Humidity Sensors from Honeywell

Honeywell is cemented traditionally strong position of the humidity sensor, expanded its series of hih. Now, developers are available humidity sensors in versions and with additional hydrophobic filter, as well as sensors for SMT-mounting. Used for measuring humidity sensors based on different physical principles and implementation of various technologies. We can distinguish four basic types of sensors: capacitive, resistive, based on tin oxide and aluminum oxide. Let us consider briefly the characteristics of each type. Of those presented four main types of measuring humidity in the best possible combination of parameter is the capacitance. It provides a wide measurement range, high reliability and low cost by using microelectronic technology. The latter allows the capacitance of a planar type thin-film method.

Due to this we have the miniature size of the sensitive element, the possibility of implementing on-chip application-specific integrated circuits for signal processing. Processability and high yield crystals provide a low cost of production of this type. Thus, for capacitive humidity measurement method is the best. We now consider the distinctive features of capacitive humidity sensors, offered to our attention a company Honeywell. The sensing element is a multilayer structure. On a silicon wafer deposited platinum film, which forms the first electrode of the capacitor. Insulator between the plates is a thermoset polymer, on top of which is made the second plate of the capacitor – the platinum film with perforations, allowing moisture to penetrate to the absorbent layer and change its relative dielectric constant of , and accordingly – and the capacity C of the capacitor.

Cabrio Goggles

Dog goggles protect your four-legged friend from wind, Sun and snow. Can be used as dog sunglasses, dogs Cabrio goggles or also as dog snow goggles. Goggles offer 100% protection against UV rays not only a fashionable gadget for dogs! For dogs, you get glasses in various sizes. Dog goggles protect your four-legged friend from wind, Sun and snow. Can be used as dog sunglasses, dogs Cabrio goggles or also as dog snow goggles. The dog accompanied its owner now numerous recreational activities (hiking, sailing, motorcycle and convertible rides), so that the preventive use of goggles and dogs or dog sunglasses in these cases is advisable. Also an increased risk of eye suffering as a result of UV resulting radiation avalanches – and sheep dogs.

Here, dogs – snow glasses would be advisable. Because the reflection of UV is radiation especially on water surfaces, consider snow and even pale sand (New Zealand approximately 80-90%, dry bright sandy beach just 40%). Help with your dog against the aperture the snow goggles for dogs! In addition to a prevention of damage to the eyes, wearing protective goggles for dogs also for various eye diseases is in addition to drug therapy as an important supporting measure to evaluate. The symptoms and the progression of the disease are significantly reduced in many cases. Now blind animals through a surgery for the eye specialists can recover by cataracts vision. Because these animals have no natural radiation protection of the retina through the body’s natural lens but after such surgery, is to wear goggles for dogs / dogs glasses (only a few weeks after the intervention) recommended in such patients.

Spaniel suffering from West Highland White Terrier, poodle and Cocker increasingly a dry eye because they protect your eyes by a dog goggles. Enough tears are produced, and the binder and cornea are chronically irritable. These dry eyes are particularly susceptible to bacterial infections and the emergence of Corneal ulcers. A useful measure also represents the complete closed goggles for dogs. The convertible dog glasses prevents further irritation E.g. by dust, wind, sand especially when convertible driving. Short-nosed breeds of dogs such as Pekingese, Shih Tzu, pug and others have caused a heavily protruding eyeball anatomically. In the case of a restricted or absent vision, dog glasses can offer meaningful protection against corneal injury by pushing on the walk. The function of the pupillary muscle subsides in older dogs occasionally and this age-related inability to completely close the pupil when exposed to light, can make more light onto the retina. Some of these patients seem to be blinded and were behavior. Also here a dog sunglasses can help any. Buy only a product that guarantees protection from the harmful UV rays! Take time be sure to select the correct size. Not every dog is the dog glasses tolerate from the outset without resistance. Train building with him wearing the dog goggles in small increments. Tip to customize the glasses: optimally adjust strap of the dog sunglasses and any tightening check correct position. She the anatomy of the dog skull of optimally adapted dog glasses, easily, is worn by most dogs after an acclimatization. It is advisable to put on the glasses first for a few minutes and strong sunlight the dogs, because the animals feel the absence of blinding light as pleasant and therefore have a positive association with the wearing of glasses. Also can the glasses are initially removed and habituation with the glasses are made.

Engineering Energy

Ambient Impacts Claude Coast Daniela Teixeira Philip Cesar Jane D? villa Peter Belo Horizonte Luis 2009 Claude Coast Daniela Teixeira Philip Cesar Jane D? villa Peter Luis GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Ambient Impacts Work presented to disciplines Energy Resources, of the course of Ambient Engineering, the College of Engineering and Architecture of the FUMEC. Belo Horizonte 2009 Ambient Aspect X Ambient Impact Ambient Aspect can be defined as being the emission of any substance or resultant energy of an activity, product or service of an organization, capable to interact with the environment. Significant an ambient aspect is that one that has or can have significant an ambient impact. Already the Ambient Impact is a consequence or change in the physical, chemical or biological properties provoked in the environment, affecting negative or positively ‘ ‘ sade’ ‘ of existing the animal or vegetal species in this way. In relation to the impacts generated through the use of the geothermal energy, we perceive that it is lesser in relation to the other energies. As the use of the geothermal energy it is sufficiently regional its effect are well local with ambient noise and generation of dissolved gauzes, and these gases are set free for the atmosphere, together with the water vapor.

In the majority they are sulphureous gases (H2S), with ackward, corrosive odors and with harmful properties to the health human being. (SURROUNDING BRAZIL, 2009). It has the possibility of contamination of the water in the neighborhoods of a geothermal plant, due to nature mineralized of geothermal fluids and to the requirement of fluid disposal expenses. The free discharge of the liquid residues for the surface can result in the contamination of rivers, lakes, etc. When a great amount of fluid is removed of the land, it always has the possibility to occur one I shake, and in these places it must be injected water not to occur damages for the crust terrestrial.

Middle East

Along the year will learn techniques of specific Arab dances inside what is Racks Sharki, which is what makes the dancer in a show including mergers and also different styles, since the origin of this dance comes from the Middle East and North Africa. Also looking for the style of each student. Finishing with a looseness and flexibility work. My way of working is personalized and adapted to the demands of each group. Each person is cared for, in the sense of correcting them, with the intencionque encourage and understand every movement in the own body Arab Arabic-contemporary dance contemporary choreography body expression elongation classes group individual seminars special homes institutes contents (BEGINNER level) movements, steps specifies you dance Arab technical basic dissociation, expression. trumbakke ligation of steps and movements is based on undulations, taksim, braceo, coordination Ritmologia, different group simple choreography, improvisation, displacement, dissociation twists, distribution of weight, balance, different energies, consciousness of the space qualities, levels theoretical part: history and origin of the bellidance in the world. elementary vocabulary content level PRINCIPIANTE-INTERMEDIO choreography technical trios of whole veil Racks Sharki and Racks baladi tickets general Middle East culture dance (deepening and development of the contents of the beginner level) research of self expression. CONTENTS level intermediate Chinchines(ritmos maksum, baladi, saidi, sarieh) choreography and improvisation technique luos veil open simple trumbakke Solos Taksim handling of stage 1 training for dancers cane level 1 (deepening and development of the contents of the previous levels) contents intermediate advanced level Chinchines(ritmos: fallah, ayub, masmudi, tawil) dance with Double veil 2 ritual dances percussion Solos: belly, floor, taksim, baladi dances Show Egyptian faraonicas Arabic base 15 minutes resistance, elongation. cane level 2 (deepening and development of earlier dances levels) original author and source of the article..

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