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Planet Land Form

The Three Ecologias In the book ‘ ‘ The Three Ecologias’ ‘ of Guattari, it questions that the incurable degradation of the environment and illnesses parallel threaten the life in the Planet Land and to the technician-scientific development that each time more substitutes the man. Of this form, she is necessary to think in coherent way front to these changes about the Planet, to search ways so that man/nature lives in harmony and balance. In this direction, it has relation of the subjetivismo with its exterioridade, body and mind in the fight in brainstorming. For Guattari, the capitalism stimulates part of the ecological disequilibria, on account of the consumerism and the fondness more. Of this form it has used technologies for acquisition of capital without if to worry very about the ecological questions, the example of this, is the proliferation of the nuclear central offices in France, places the populations in great risk, therefore a small imperfection in these central offices poder’ ‘ to cause brusque damages to the environment and to harm the people and the animals. Beyond the permanent risks the stockage of nuclear agivas has a bigger problem, for in such a way, beyond the capitalist countries, countries that if also say socialist coexist in the appearance of social equality. therefore what it happens is the opposite, the value systems introjetaram ‘ ‘ unidimensionalizantes’ ‘ everything is controlled for the State, fashion music etc.

Makes the same ideal of status, but the hunger continues in way them ideologies. It is truthful that same in developed countries they exist a layer each bigger time of dismissed, hungry people and diligent devaluated, over all, of young populations without no perspective of future and a better life. Therefore, of a side it sees the development of the technology capable to decide the ecological disequilibria, but the social tension continues without steps to be taken capable of cures them. No matter how hard the young population to see itself left of side for Been period, it looks for to subjetivar the culture the culture rock as form to express its ideals, thoughts and claims, thus, as it was at the beginning of century XIX that in the United States the young of the Europe is if reproducing in the same way to put with other half ones to protest and to charge of the State the right to the dignity that Been must they it and that she was denied on account of the racial preconception among others. Of the point of view of the author, sciences precision always if to renew, so that it develops each time better resulted, therefore each treatment are it doctor, education would have to always have the permanent concern, to make to evolve in such a way in the practical one how much in the theory. Of this form, it would be in fact an evolution of the subjetivao processes. According to author, we need to learn to learn ‘ ‘ transversalmente’ ‘ , because the culture and the nature are together, to the measure that, we learn to think on culture and nature and to understand them, will be capable to interpret the problems and to point solutions with respect to better conditions of life of the populations.

Web Dating

Let’s accept the fact that find a partner through internet is something more common everyday. Find a partner by using the internet is real. Compare with the old system of meetings at dusk in the squares of the villages or dances and social events. Imagine you are at one of those meetings where there are a large number of men and women looking to her around in search of possible partners. Imagine that you’ve selected one or two people with whom you think may begin an immediate relationship.

Then now you have the possibility to invite one of these people near a balcony, where contemplate the Moon and talk for hours and hours, only talk and nothing more. You can talk about tastes and affinities, and finally when it comes time to leave, do it with a promise to find the next weekend in an equally enjoyable site. These encounters are prolonged for days and weeks until one night you decide that this is the person with whom you want to share the rest of your life. Then of course you begin to find it more often, in more open sites, you take your hand and even kiss it. You start to go out to eat and dine and share more intimate time together.

When the time is ripe and the decision is taken, comes a time where you say: Yes, I. Ohhhh! It sounds like a beautiful fairy tale right? Well, because it need not be so. It might be perfectly in your own love story, since the concept of finding a partner through internet is exactly equal to that you describe above. If you press the correct buttons everything might work this way and we have evidence that verifies it. Pay attention to data that we provide below and judge for yourself the universal phenomenon that has become finding a partner through internet. One of the best things about the couple in internet search is that it allows large levels of privacy. You can talk for hours through a chat, you can use videoconferencing, or do what you propose without awakening the attention of third parties. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. But along with this also you should add a little common sense and keep clear mind in order to achieve your goals. Another positive aspect of the couple in internet search is that you save a lot of money that you spend on each appointment, only to check whether the person you’re looking for. It is for these reasons and many other circumstances that thousands of people are every day a great convenience in personal meetings over the internet.

Natural Pigments

This group includes lead, zinc and titanium white, vermilion, chrome oxide, etc. Synthetic organic pigments are colored organic compounds that contain carbon. Usually they are insoluble or slightly soluble in water and other solvents. They different light and atomosferostoykostyu, high coloring power and are typically used for interior decorative works. Resins are adhesives, synthetic, oil, emulsion and mineral compositions. There is also a These include the type of paint coatings – farblaki.

These pigments are prepared by deposition of aniline dyes in the white (chalk, kaolin, talc, feldspar) basis. Metallic pigments (powdered) – powders made from various non-ferrous (copper, zinc, aluminum, bronze, etc.) or metal alloys. Mixed with a binder (linseed oil, varnish), they are used for coloring metal surfaces corrosion, and adhesives – for bronzing, rolling and finishing of decorative art and painting. Encouraged not only to apply the powder with binders having a neutral or low acid number. Group of additives used in paint work to add colors or any other features (temperature resistance and etc.) divided by the dyes and pigments. Dyes are organic compounds and used in the manufacture of transparent colored varnish, stains, stain and etc. The main feature of both natural and synthetic dyes is the color.

The natural dye extracts include pigments derived from the roots and bark of trees or flowers of various plants (buckwheat, turmeric, madder root, sandalwood, bark, apple, alder, and etc.) as well as of living organisms (cochineal, which is extracted from the color – carmine, the allocation of cuttlefish, mussels). Synthetic dyes extracted from coal tar, obtained in coking coal. The most famous are bright magenta-red, reddish-pink and violet-colored alizarin mordant dyes and Alcohol-. Pigments are shredded colored mineral (natural), synthetic (organic and inorganic) and metal insoluble in water, solvents and foaming agents, on the surface with zareplyaemye through binding compounds (drying oils, varnishes, resins) and forming a protective or decorative protective film.

Azure Wood

Almost all flame retardants are classified nevodostoykih materials, so to protect against leaching of impregnated wooden structures should be covered and water-resistant weatherproof paints, varnishes and tinting compositions. Preservatives – special formulations, used for the combined protection of wooden structures and materials from decay and fire. In these formulations used the combined action of antiseptics and flame retardants. The firm "Lovin 'issues of conservation "KSD-A" to protect the wood from catching fire and decay. The preparation includes a new generation of antiseptics and effective fire retardants, providing a comprehensive fire and biosecurity of all types of wood. The composition is not toxic and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It does not change the texture of wood and no stains. After treatment, the composition of the DCC-A wooden structures can be painted any paints. Among other compounds may be mentioned conservation drugs "Senezh OGNEBIO '(NGOs' Drevozaschita") and "CDS" (SPE "Rogneda"). Thus, using modern materials, can effectively protect your wooden house and separate structure from adverse environmental factors. The German company "Meffert AG Farbverke" produces a range of products for protective and decorative treatment of wood. Above all, this complex materials, proven in the Russian market, consisting of colorless antiseptic primer DUFATEX GRUND and blue toned wood DUFATEX. Primer DUFATEX GRUND has a deep penetrating power, and provides due to this effective protection of wood against mold, stain and decay.

Processing of these compositions is recommended for all new elements of wood, which will operate under the direct climatic exposure. After this treatment, you can create as opaque coatings of different colors, and glazing coatings, tinted a valuable species of wood. Impregnation has ten colors: white, pine, oak, teak, rosewood, walnut, Oregon, white, green, reddish-brown. Azure Wood also has antiseptic DUFATEX properties and can be used for both internal and external works. Forms resistant to atmospheric effects coverage.

New Splendour

Office sets up new parents to the network and thanks to many supporters drawn up new offers on seminars the Office by parents on the network e. V. in new splendour shines. With the new facilities, an extension of training and counselling services to parents on the network is connected. Already at the end of the year 2010 the Kannan GmbH provides a room the Club. Already at the turn of the year, parents on the Web could offer first counselling and small seminars conducted. This year, the Secretariat could be equipped from scratch. Due to the support of the school is”and now 6 participants workstations and 1 lecturer work space are the professional promotion plant in Saxony-Anhalt.

Currently being developed an extensive seminar program for the summer 2011. Basic training on the PC for parents or the elderly are on the agenda. Topics will be the safe use on the PC or on the Internet, user training in Office and the possibilities of Windows Live. Also for the children who are part Children’s Academy created offers. Here are above all the creative use of PC and Internet in the foreground.

Parents on the network will publish the exact schedule of the Seminar May 23, 2011. Interested parties can sign up already by E-mail at. The full seminar schedule will be sent to. Parallel to the Office more training bases in Leipzig and other cities will be built up in the next few months. Moreover, a mobile classroom should be set up. This objective should be to offer mobile high-quality projects and seminars in schools, kindergartens, clubs and initiatives. For all these projects continue to find supporters. Get a look at the Office here:… Parents at the network thanked all supporters and sponsors and wishes further good cooperation. Background parents on the network e. V. parents in the network e. V. was founded in February 2008. Aim of the Association is to empower the computer parents and To support their children’s Internet activities and/or to limit and to make them familiar with the Internet tools and services. This also includes that parents know which lurk on the kids in the Internet and how they can protect their children. And of course parents can go to itself with Internet and computer.

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