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Managing Director

Special Web portal interaction between customers, factor and all documents available anytime / new release with comprehensive filter and export function who uses factoring as a financing instrument or as a factor offers white, the flood of information about every day in circulation is optimized purchasing and payment transactions. Startapp has much to offer in this field. The situation therefore that factoring industry send your information by mail or email is seriously hampered. Documents, Kaufavise and portfolios are then simply sent as attachments. When hundreds or thousands of operations daily involved in each individual employee of factoring, the effort is enormous. Missing or incorrectly stored information in turn cause irritation and increased demand at the customer. FACT.portal, a new Web portal of the factoring service provider fidis, allows an easy and quick handling of the flood of documents recently.

All documents are provided in a single platform. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Adroll. Customers can also at any time the status of the invoice processing or the payout currently see. The transparency for the factoring clients increased significantly. Decisive advantage for the factor: he must no longer send the information via email and saves time and money. Benefits, which now significantly expanded with the new release 2.1 of FACT.portal. With the new release of the factoring Portal FACT.portal all factoring relevant information about contacts, availability, payments, open and balanced items and accounts receivable with a click yet clearly represented.

Factoring workers can see comfortably all information about their operations with powerful filters and export functions and process. An electronic post box serves as an information centre for the factoring company and their customers. In this central collection point, all documents can be exchanged easily and safely. This greatly facilitates interaction. The effort, created from the factoring alone through the management of documents, is enormous,”says Otto Johannsen, Managing Director of fidis “Ltd. who manages to minimize this effort, can focus itself on the really important things achieve so much liquidity of the receivables or invest more money.” Who want to optimize factoring, but must recognize in time if an exceeding of credit limit through unpaid bills.

Service Professionalism

You need to make extra money and you have good spelling? You own good writing and style? Then, then you can take advantage of these abilities to part-time turn them into a form of income making revisions of thesis. The Demand For many university students the elaboration process of a thesis usually is a tedious, long and sometimes very estresante process. The requirements usually are very demanding and additionally to it, if their spelling and writing are not indeed " ejemplares" then more than an investigation proposal they have an enormous problem to solve: to present/display its reviewed, corrected good thesis work and written up with elegance and good style. The Opportunity Because the majority of students prefers to focus their efforts in completing their investigations and to develop the subjects, then your you can convertirte in a perfect ally offering the service to them of revision and correction of thesis that it includes: orthographic revision, improvements in the writing and improvements in the style. And of step, you use your knowledge to make money. For it, of course you need to count on the own abilities in order to guarantee a professional and complete work with the following specific services: Orthographic revision? Revision of grammar? Revision of format and writing Keys of the Success of this Service Professionalism: Essentially, so that your services well are appreciated and valued you will have comprometerte to carry out very professional works in order that they contract your services can have the total security to be dealing with a serious and responsible person. He remembers that usually the students have very strict dates of delivery that must be respected with the greater rigor. Quality: You must guarantee that your revisions are of good quality and that they contribute a significant improvement to the initial product in such a way that the university student can mainly appreciate the time that is saved contracting your services.

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