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Film Critic Trailers

Already has a long tradition of making trailers for the upcoming film. As a rule, when they are already appearing on cinema screens the film is not yet ready. Technology Investors opinions are not widely known. Thus, advertising film begins well before the completion of registration the picture itself. Strange, but most viewers accept these trailers for the film and are very often deceived. After the trailer of the film are those who bear the greatest burden on the viewer's psychological and leave a lot unsaid about the upcoming picture. Special group of psychologists and sociologists are able to create the atmosphere of the trailer, which will have the greatest impact on the viewer. Do not forget that the very Industry influence on the social mass is widely popularized in the U.S. and has its origin it is from there.

Breaking the myths about the fact that the trailer is just a simple advertisement, enough to pay to view these videos critics. Film criticism like fills can put all the accents. It is impossible to adequately assess the upcoming premiere of the movie so inferior scraps, crowded emotion and energy. The best cutting patterns, film critic assesses how deceptive maneuver, which is specially created for what would apply even disastrous film as the best premiere of the year. Film critic accepts only the finished work in which we can speak about a comprehensive assessment the entire work.

You can not talk about the quality of the movie or his future to the success of only small portions, expertly folded by experienced psychologists and employees the film industry. For what used to protect themselves from the negative influence such trailers should not take them for the upcoming picture. The best way to assess the future picture is a film critic, on the basis of the forthcoming work of the labor team that takes part in the filming. So therefore possible to see previous works director, actors, script writers and crew, it allows some to rely on the possibility of future film and not go on about the impact of advertising techniques on the consciousness of the viewer.

Tibetan Buddhism

In fact it is continuously manifest internal flows (psychic) energy. At the external level, this energy manifests itself in the form of a variety of actions that are consistent or inconsistent with the requirements of society. Free expression of our underlying motives, and in particular those which are accompanied by “a struggle of motives” often lead to severe mental conflict. Such internal impulses in Buddhism are called passions or delusions, which Sutra in the usually considered as an obstacle (which is why they are trying to deny). In Tantra, on the contrary, these passions are used as fuel to move along the path that leads beyond the limits of our own internal constraints. The ratio of Tantra to the passions that are rejected at the Sutras, is expressed in tantric saying: “The more wood (the passions), the more fire (implementation).” The ideology of Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon tradition has much in common with teachings of Tantra in Indian culture.

(Teachings of Tantra in the Indian culture) Traditionally, Tantric be divided into external (lower) and internal (higher). Both of these levels of Tantra as the primary method of working with energy use visualization, but in addition to external Tantric visualization is used more and different techniques aimed at cleansing the mind and actions of the practitioner. Thus, his attempt to prepare for the attainment of wisdom. On the outer level, such training may be manifested as certain prescribed actions (eg, performing prostrations, with the reading of various mantras).

The Flame Burners

Control device of the burners – a device which senses a flame burner controlled by them, the output of which there are signals that show the presence or absence of flame. The device control burner is the general case of the flame detector (sensor torch) and a control unit flame sensor (secondary device). The flame detector converts the light emission controlled burner flame into an electrical signal, and the block control processes the signal in accordance with laid down in its logic and produces a binary signal of the presence / absence of controlled flame burner. Optional control box flame sensor can provide signal intensity of the flame in the form of 0 / 4 … 20 mA, and binary signals on the status of devices for flame detection, and binary control signals for automatic burner control / whole unit. Since control the burner flame is directly related to the safe operation of equipment, the control unit of the flame – flame sensor must accurately identify the torch of "their" burner flame, and not to react other burners radiation and structural elements of the furnace.

(GOST 21 204 -97 Gas burners, industrial. General technical requirements: 4.2.8 The unit flame control should react only to the flame burner controlled and should not react to external sources of heat and light (incandescent lining, lighting, etc.). Flame monitoring device in the DURAG flame sensors and control units fully meet the high requirements of this devices. The main advantage of flame sensors and control units DURAG is the real selectivity and reliability of control of the flare. It is provided as follows: a special semiconductor photodetector with fairly narrow range of the received radiation spectrum for each type of jet fuel burned, a built-in multi-sensor flame signal amplifier, multi-stage (up to 99 steps, depending on model) filter the signal intensity of the glow torch, allowing signals to set the date of issue of the presence and extinction of the torch, multi-stage filter in the frequency of flickering torches, allowing in principle to cut off radiation other flames, dual redundant channel receiving and processing the signal from the flame sensor and advanced self-diagnostic system and self-control. The flame detectors and control systems DURAG flame can be divided by versions of compact control system plume (all in one case) and 'separate' systems (separate flame sensor, a separate secondary unit). In terms of selectivity of flame control – on the highly selective the system (Definition of their 'flame with a 100% probability) and a system with a simplified functional.

Regulation Documents

In photography, there are several different genres and types – landscape, still life, portrait, etc. Each genre requires knowledge and application of specific techniques and methods of photography. Shooting on the documents is a form of portraiture, and executed in compliance with their requirements, techniques and methods, they are determined to facing the photographer – a picture of a person required to identification, ie, obtain an image as accurately conveys the features of a person. Achieving this goal and to obtain at the same time exciting and spectacular photography is possible only if the joint efforts Photographer and portrayed. Recently Dr. Paul Craig Roberts sought to clarify these questions. At the same time portrayed should observe the following requirements and recommendations. 1. Requirements and recommendations for clothes, do not appear in the headdress and other restrictions in dress is not, however, with photographic point of view, for spectacular photographs must comply with the following: – not recommended for women to appear in dresses with plunging neckline.

In this case, because the photographs for documents portrayed person occupies a large part photos, dress in the photo after the crop may not be viewed or even absent at all (as a result of a deep cut dresses and cropped photos) – not recommended to shoot in self-colored clothing. Effectively see the photos when the clothes are portrayed includes elements from the black – white and colored shades – not recommended for dark-skinned and heavily tanned people to act in all white. Non-compliance with this requirement leads to the fact that the picture is obtained as soon as the person portrayed, and the white clothing is usually not worked out – it is not recommended to be removed sunglasses. 2. Requirements and recommendations for posing portrayed in the photo shoot. The photographs document a person’s face should be located in the front, ie one must look directly at the camera camera head must be perfectly vertical, without slopes. Straightened his shoulders, on one level.

Facial expression portrayed to be calm and open. We do not recommend strict, and the more sullen expression face. Before shooting, and in the process of its implementation is recommended to relax, forget about all the daily cares and woes, to concentrate on a pleasant, that is sure to make a person more attractive and photogenic. Thus, joint efforts will help the photographer and portrayed a high-quality and interesting photo.

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