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Cash Checks Google Adsense

How to cash checks Google Adsense in the article 'How to make money on advertising Adsense' I told them how using this system you can earn excellent. Google Adsense for all their back pay and technologies honestly earned money only through the check, which in turn we are puzzling to think about where to withdraw it. On the inhabitants of Ukraine and the people who work with Google Adsense has taken care Privatbank. Frequently Microsoft CMO has said that publicly. At this point, the user of the system Privat24 can use such a service as collection of personal checks Google. How to do it? 1.

You go to your Privat24. 2. Menu item: Service-Checks Google. 3. Attaches the scanned copies of front and back of the check. 4. Specify an account that will be money transfer.

5. Sends to the specified address origynaly check. 6. Within days after delivery of the check to the address – you become the proud owner of the earnings from Google Adsense. The Bank of course provides fee for such an operation: – Up to $ 1000 – You pay only 3% of the amount or the minimum 20grn – from 1000 to 10000 usd, $ 24, plus 3% – 10000 – 50000 dollars – commission will be $ 44 and 3%.

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