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Krisensicher: Mobile Shop Offers As Adding 1 Kg Silver Ingots

Customers get increasingly difficult to place a good ongoing offer 1000 g Sterling upon completion it will currently saturated mobile phone market. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Peter Thiel on most websites. HANDY24 made this now with the silver deal once again. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kris Kobach. Already in the past specifically customised offers have been put together for this purpose, and placed advertising technically effective, which achieved a huge success in the market. This became noticeable, even with various competitors that similar or even same deals were offered the customer. Ultimately the silver DEAL published for the new year builds on experience gained by HANDY24 back on the years of, in online and also in a retail store. A well knitted offer which only benefits the customer first and foremost.

In this case, the customer, in addition to two free top phones from Samsung over 1000 g of silver can be happy. These, specially for this offer selected contracts, are also particularly treated. The customer has for the relevant contractual period each 24 months only 4.95 monthly Basic fee per SIM card to pay. The minimum turnover in addition per day 1 minute. The complete package of two mobile phones, two contracts and the 1 KG silver ingots costs 1.-. The silver bullion comes directly after activation of contracts by Pro Aurum via CIT to the customer and has an embossed stamp of umicore/dugussa. Through the dies, the consumer can redeem at any time the silver bullion at his local bank for cash. USD-based the white precious metal from a weekly perspective grew 6.8 percent, sic increased h by London fixing over 14.28 USD per Troy ounce.

EUR-based silver was fixed Friday to 11,29 and thus was the third day in a row above the 11 EUR mark. In week view, European silver bugs at a more than 8.6 percent price increase in their metal could forward. Managing Director Simon Piontek to offer: In times of crisis we want to access to the consumer also times to suggest not only conventional allowances such as game consoles and flat TV BBs, but also to do something for the screening. “And who would a 1 KG silver ingots not likes at home.” The offer is for a limited time and limited available. As in the House of common, HANDY24, the customer gets shown on a specially created supply side, offering an appealing look. This can be found under results/silberdeal.


Radio-suitable pop need not to hide: go directly into the ear the catchy tunes of the ballads and the unmistakable voice of Schmeichel by SUE. Radio-suitable pop need not to hide: go directly into the ear the catchy tunes of the ballads and the unmistakable voice of Schmeichel by SUE. Already as a 16 year old, Sue won a talent contest and got to experience the opportunity in a professional evening show in the Berlin cabaret as Chameleon. Official site: Giving Pledge. There, she met her producers Jorg Sieghart as well which she completed her vocal studies under contract. Sue’s unique vocal talent is likely to convince many more listeners! The first musical steps by SUE started already at the age of 7 years: after SUE learned to play recorder, piano and later the violin was added shortly thereafter. Not far at all this distinctive musicality was singing and later a professional vocal studies. After studying singing, SUE wants to conquer the pop world and measure in a direct comparison with internationally established artists can. (A valuable related resource: Celina Dubin). With Don t send me flowers”the singer a maxi-single CD with 3 catchy pop ballads presents, including the sing-along versions (sing alongs) equal to be supplied on the CD. For aspiring singers a great exercise thing! “The artist would like to not only entertain, is clear on the texts: the 3rd title of CD soldier bride BBs” grapples with the role of women by soldiers who go to war,. Together with a second for early 2009 planned maxi-single (groovigeren, danceable tracks), the future field of activity is staked by SUE.

Air France

Some airlines demanded different prices for the same flight promotion performance, depending on what country the passenger on the booking pages on the airlines access to and what credit card number was specified. This price discrimination is now prohibited and unlawful under the Ordinance. All price components of the cost of the reservation of the contract of air carriage must be broken down clearly and understandably communicated. Airlines must specify in advertising the final price, which is calculated from the fare, the taxes, airport fees and the safety and fuel charges. This applies whether on posters for any advertising, in magazines or on the Internet. This excludes optional charges such as about baggage fees. Of those, one is recently but Duty of the airline before booking the flight.

About “optional additional costs”, such as charges for the carriage of baggage, must be informed at the beginning of each booking process and these require the explicit consent of the customer. So that such additional costs are not cheering among consumers, the regulation prohibits also to put check mark in addition to optional services in the hope that the customer sees them over in advance in online booking forms. Under the new rules the booking process must be designed that customers must order paid additional services actively and not opt out (so called opt-in “solution). The common Internet booking practice to only display credit card fees at the last second, is in the future only still be legal, if alternative number of ways. The European legislator has committed the Member States establishing deterrent sanctions against airlines, if this complies with contravene.

A spokesman for the European low fares airline Association, the so-called low-cost airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz, Flybe, clickair, Sky Europe and Mayair include, stressed that its members pursued the most transparent price policies. “Instead the Association great State-carrier (or so-called flag carriers like Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, American Airlines, Air China, Iberia, which are associated with their image, or their brand name with a particular State) accused offensive matter” practices and high fares. Even if the effects of the EU regulation on the German legislation are small, it is positive that now uniform standards in Europe for consumers and passengers. In particular the information obligation and legal duty to break down flight price components should help to passengers in the future, to enforce their claims against airlines. Many passengers had tried so far often in vain by airlines rightfully due to them fees and taxes to reclaim. Because passengers have the right to demand back taxes and fees as the personal cost of the airline tickets, if a flight is missed or not perceived. The problem was often just to quantify the positions. Credit: Celina Dubin-2011. The airlines are now obliged by law, detailed the price components and to return them to the passengers. Still remains on the highly competitive market of air transport: eyes on at the time of booking! There will be future rogue decoy offers, unreadable asterisk behind prices, and other pitfalls. It is advisable to check magical messages of the airlines in the fine print and to oppose the irreverent to the part and illegal industry practice of some “cheap” flyers and flag carrier. For what one ‘ billig’, the other is still quite long.

Wild Marriage: With Testament Behoove

Many people today live in non-marital partnership. Even if this should continue and should be imbued with great affection: it inherits nothing from the other. There is no statutory law of succession, when the unmarried partner dies (exception: registered same-sex partnership). The other to inherit, a last will and Testament available needs to be taken so a testament that private writing can be built without a notary. The non-marital partners have not only the opportunity to use each other to the threatens. Also only the granting of an in-house position is possible. Void: autograph writing of the last will, place, date and signature. Also be noted: unmarried partner as opposed to spouses may not establish a joint will.

Want to contact a each other heirs, so must be everyone writing a last will. However, such individual wills carry a risk: you can change it at any time after a dispute. This change, for example a disinheritance, can of course also secretly done. the Enterbte learns of circumstances so nothing. Can I protect myself against such changes secret? Yes. The partners committed each other in a notarial contract of inheritance to heirs, so this would be binding. Without the consent of the other one comes out this out not more say (unless it has agreed a withdrawal conditional). The succession of others is so secured.

But what if the couple separates? Then it will be normally not desired that the other will still inherit. This can be problem, that the partners in the inheritance agree its suspension in the event of separation. The testator testamentary dispositions are automatically eliminated. Each partner can bring released his last will and Testament new to paper. More information: German forum for inheritance law.


Also companies and individuals from Italy can now benefit from the unbelievably low prices for high-quality printed material at without additional shipping costs. The entire delivery area of a brand of onlineprinters GmbH covers 31 countries of Europe (including all EU States), a total of 7 European countries supplied even shipping. The convenient-to-use and multiple certified online shop offers a clear and extensive product range, which extends flyers and postcards elaborately adhesive bound catalogues of business stationery such as business cards, stationery, envelopes and mailers about stitched brochures, or even. The German online shop is reachable at, an English-language website is planned in the near future. All products such as posters, calendars or even large quantities of Print products are calculated instantly online now also in Italy with special finishes such as paint, foil lamination and corners rounded and can be ordered with just a few mouse clicks. Resellers have the ability to allow neutral packed directly to the end customers send orders.

During the order process, the customer is also the optional ability to select, receive copies of printed materials. The manufacture of printed matter is available in high-quality offset printing and flexible digital printing. The reliable shipping provider UPS or contract couriers ensures a hassle-free and timely delivery of the print products by For some products, offered a 24-hour service, delivers printed material overnight. If the print-ready data is available until 8 am the available and a delay-free payment was chosen, the order is hot off the press at the customer already the next day. Delivery of printed matter in 7 countries shipping!


SoftConDev expects the Commission for sellers in the field the project Commission settlement with WeberHaus is just launched. A Commission system is necessary for the settlement of the external service. Three interfaces are taken from data from SAP, the data of the orders, payment and the cancellations. These data are processed with Provis, the Commission system of SoftConDev and returned. Within the sales force with the Commission agreements is maintained by Provis. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation is the source for more interesting facts.

These agreements are to be provided with an effective date, so that changes to the agreements can be set today, but only when you want access and are valid. Due to the import of interfaces, the corresponding Commission posting is created per order. These postings comply with the GOB, the booking rates are to be corrected only by offsetting, it must also be understood who has the capture must be retroactively to prove. The results are then the calculated Commission rates passed over the export of the controlling and payroll. The field at WeberHaus is mostly under contract, and therefore receives a paycheck. Historiated within Provis is the complete data acquisition and any processing is logged. The standard package of SoftConDev is so powerful, that 80% of the requests with the standard product are covered. 20% individual programming is needed. Message as a doc and a message projekte.html

Deutsche Telekom

Such packages are usually much less expensive than the offerings of Deutsche Telekom. Please note here however that a technician to Them in the House come must, to switch to the connection. This technician appointment lasts but usually only a quarter of an hour. If you are a customer with another provider: If you opt for a new complete package and have your previous telephone and DSL connection not at Telekom, there are some things to consider. The direct exchange between the complete services of this provider is not always possible.

Missing agreements or simple technical problems are to blame for this. Can you comply with the notice period? In any case, keep in mind the minimum term of your previous contract. Usually is these 12 to 24 months. Some vendors have also offers without a minimum contract period. A change within the contract term is in principle possible, however the old provider can request rental charges until the end of the regular term of you anyway.

Also, be sure whether you might have a special right of termination. This is always the case, when are the general terms and conditions (GTC) of the provider change. After such a change, they have usually 14 days or one month time to cancel. What is to follow? Note not only the minimum contract period of the connection. May you have purchased to later benefits, which now have a longer maturity, as the Anschluss.Unter additional services must be cancelled separately circumstances. A their phone number is usually possible if you switch to another provider of Deutsche Telekom. When switching between alternative providers, this can be technically impossible under the circumstances. Apply for number portability in any case, even if later will tell you that this is not possible. The best deal if you heed these preparations, nothing more can happen. Now, you have to find just the right rate. The easiest way is that with a DSL tariff comparison which shows you all the information about the offers and all fees, hidden costs and benefits of tariffs taken into account.

The New Tariffs Of Telecom

The new tariff structure at the pink giant may change many things at the telephone and Internet rates of Deutsche Telekom. Pure phone tariffs (single play), the rates for telephony and DSL (double play), as well as tariffs, providing Additionally to television via the DSL line (triple play), are there basically Yes. In particular the names of the fares change in terms of single play. The previous base rate call plus is called call will start. Hilton Foundation may find this interesting as well. Standard connection renames the old tariff of T-Net.

The previous tariff Calltime then is call basic and the flat-rate tariff XXL fulltime then call comfort. The local flat tariff XXL local is completely eliminated. The ISDN connection is generally in renamed universal connection. The double play retains the old name area, but some fare components vary. The basic rate of call & surf start receives in the future a DSL 2000 line instead of the 1000 line so far. The rate of call & surf Basic (with surf flat) will be reduced in price, it dropped the previously contained free minutes phone however.

At the top rates call & surf comfort, as well as call & surf comfort plus nothing essential changes. In the triple play, the changes to section already in April effectively. The previous base rate entertain Basic is completely eliminated. Some benefits of the previous peak tariff entertain comfort plus such additional premium or two Bundesliga matches per game day shall become the new top rate entertain premium. The entertain comfort plus reduces it in the price. Applies to all changes, that existing contracts of the changes are not automatically affected. Eckart Haase

German Cable Internet Access Providers At A Glance

Overview on the subject of cable Internet access provider in Germany. Despite further increasing availability, a fast Internet connection via DSL is not available everywhere. As an alternative, in particular cable Internet and UMTS (or HSDPA) increasing popularity enjoy. In terms of speed and price / performance ratio is cable Internet of classic DSL connections no longer. Rather, Internet via cable from cable Germany, Unitymedia and Kabel BW offers already maximum download rates of 32,000 KBit / s.

Thus, a cable Internet connection by Unitymedia and co. is connection already today roughly twice as fast as a normal ADSL. The maximum upload rate for cable Internet is currently moving at to 2500 KBit / s (Kabel BW). With the currently available bandwidth isn’t the end of the flagpole is reached but long. Cable Germany reached in first practice tests over 200 megabits per second download. Thus bandwidth seem in the future also very intensive applications such as HDTV, for example, no problem to represent more. Also thanks to that the fact that Cable Internet connection no Telecom telephone connection can be used, need the cable Internet provider don’t shy away from the comparison with established DSL providers.

Connection including Internet flat rate is a pure cable DSL such as cable Germany already for under 10 euros a month. Double flat-rate there are packages for Internet and phone such as Unitymedia from 25 Euro per month. The minimum contract duration with cable Internet connections are similar to those for ADSL or VDSL connections and 12 (cable Germany, Unitymedia) or 24 months (Kabel BW). However, not all cable providers are available everywhere. The German cable market is rather divided by province. In addition to the 3 major German cable providers also two smaller cable operators offer tele Columbus and PrimCom comparable cable, Internet and phone products author: Philipp Wolter

Change The DSL Provider

To get a new DSL connection, in five steps to the new DSL connection is often more difficult than the DSL provider advertising suggests. It is important to proceed with ordering a new DSL connection with planning and care. The five essential steps to the new DSL connection are shown below. The first step is the selection of the best DSL provider. However, caution is advised when new DSL rates and special offers. New and accordingly strongly advertised DSL rates attract many customers so that the DSL providers are quickly overloaded and hardly comply with the processing of orders and orders.

The second step should be to assess what problems when changing could arise. The DSL line is now more unstable, also the change to another DSL provider with high probability will lead to problems. Difficulties occur often even, if the new DSL provider makes available a higher DSL bandwidth than the old. The third step should be a phone conversation with the previous DSL provider. It should be clarified to date the existing contract may be terminated and the person are correct if all data stored. These must match that specified data the two new DSL providers.

Possibly also turns out during the phone call, that the previous DSL provider now has a more favorable DSL tariff offer, so that you can save yourself the change. The fourth step in the application of the new DSL connection. If possible, a binding date for the start of the contract should be agreed. The best is to leave the new DSL provider, cancelling the existing DSL connection because termination dates and delivery dates to optimally coordinate. The fifth step is to wait patiently on the new DSL connection. A week should be included in the least.

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