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Then in 2003, in Frankfurt the audience witnessed a surprising combination of design 60s and modern styles. Click Adroll Marketing Platform to learn more. History to great responsibility, as the title given to the Alpha vehicle, a historic symbol of prosperity of the company. Car Model 8C 2300 30-ies of the last century was the first pre-war sports car, and the prefix Competizione Recalls car 6C2500 Competizione, which Juan Manuel Fangio raced in the Mille Miglia in 1950 engine capacity of 4.7 l. and 450-hp model Maserati V-8 was indeed a novelty in this car. It is similar to engines in the Quattroporte and GranTurismo, unlike their large bore and stroke more extended. Part of the suspension and the platform is also borrowed from Maserati, which is why 8C goes on assembly plants Maserati. As with all new cars Maserati generation of engines supplied by Ferrari, with the V8 engine is similar to the F430.

Model 8C – the first example of cooperation between the three great producers of sports cars (owners of Fiat). It may be called Alpha-hybrid Ferrari Maserati. With model Alfa 8C again come to the forefront of the market luxury cars. At a price of U.S. $ 240 000 8C model is the most expensive road car Alfa valued company on Ferrari.Dumayte him as a nimbus of the company, technically perfect and a respectable representative of Alpha to the U.S. market. He is also a beacon of Alfa Romeo to the U.S.

market, and reminds owners upset about a new European ascending star Alpha. In addition to the U.S. west coast, the car is being tested in Italy, Balocchi, at a private test site Alpha and Fiat, located between Milan and Turin, the rich industrial north Italy. Thus, the test car has only to potentially strong markets in the world. The car, which passed the test, a crimson-red color. Under the long hood hiding a low engine V8. In his proportions of the car is not like his "brother" Ferrari GTO 60's – long hood, a small cabin, short trunk, all clad in body with graceful curves and beautiful details. Body of the model as if cast from 8C aluminum and is a sample of Italian design, which consists in the perfection of line and form. In fact, the body is made of carbon steel with low specific gravity. Alfa argues that it is not at the expense of beauty Design it saved weight about 200 pounds.

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