Cell Phone

"… And again interrupted by advertising your favorite TV show. But first she takes your breath away. New mobile phone. What is an original design, mobile features, the ideal camera, the purest sound and volume aside all memory … identified cases covered by the thought of a new phone, the future buyer begins to search for his impetuous "chosen one".

It takes one, two … ten outlets, but to no avail. Hanging nose, sadly as he walked toward the house, He miraculously stumbles upon a little-known "stall" cell phones, which shines in the window of one mobile phone that spun on the screen. And the price pleases – much less than expected. And now burning with joy, the owner of the newest phone bragging to friends of the acquisition. But after a couple of months, when the ownership of a "tube" for the hero has become customary, the mobile phone breaks down suddenly …. " Sound familiar? But often all that way and occurs.

Just get used to the new product, it immediately becomes useless piece of plastic. What's the matter? In 60% of all breakdowns cell phones themselves to blame their owners. Any manufacturer's always prepared "Operating Instructions" for each item. But not all forced themselves to explore this tiny book. And it was there in black letters on white pages it is written, what recommendations and precautions should observed for longer and, last but not least, the safe operation of your phone. It's no secret that the performance of their duties, the mobile unit requires an energy that it receives from battery.

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