Cheap Sawing Chipboard

The main problem in the manufacture of furniture, is cutting chipboard. Cutting chipboard is when leaf chipboard, cut into parts. Laminate material (chipboard), very cranky and demands the careful handling. If sawing chipboard not qualitatively, it will affect the quality of the furniture and spoils the appearance. For high-quality cut in its production, using the tools from Germany, said he Festool. Circular Saw Festool, will ideally sawing chipboard, due to its functional toppings, as well as patented technology, without cutting cleavages. More information is housed here: Naveen Selvadurai.

For example, many of those already in the business of furniture manufacturing, began to cut chipboard. The cost of the saw from 17000 rubles, relatively expensive if you compare prices with professional equipment – an aspect rigs, and the quality of the same, although the sawing chipboard – circular saw, time takes longer. If we calculate the price, the cost of the saw can be easily justify cuts 70 sheets chipboard, as prices, on average, for sawing, from 250 rubles per 1 sheet cutting. Even if the day of sawing on 3 – 4 sheets, then a month, saw himself fully justified. Produce wardrobe. For the manufacture of the cabinet – compartment, it is necessary to saw 2-3 leaves chipboard, this will be enough to collect a full case – compartment, but it still will need to purchase additional hardware and sawing mdf to exit the rear of the cabinet. The assembly is not take a long time. To assemble the cabinet – need: drill holes, handle the details and set the case – compartment on the planned location. This is an ideal business for a beginner who wants to start his own business, while not investing huge capital in the business to purchase Format raskrechnogo machine Good luck in starting a business and more sales!

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