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As a result, search engines can index all the Web pages and present in the search engine index. You should integrate a suitable navigation menu in the website. Keywords in the name of the Web page when you created a new article,. There should be the most important keyword in the page file. The HTML or PHP document should be saved for that ranking with a name. I recommend you to choose the title of the Web page as a file name. Subdirectories do not insert some websites rate worse than in the root article in a subdirectory. For this reason, all the documents in the root should be saved to directory.

For larger projects, this is not always to implement. Small portals should avoid to the directories but in principle. Optimizing the home page the home page is the first starting point for the visitors and even the search engine. The home page should be optimized for the main keywords. Common errors in the internal rankings Head graphics should not be used the header (header section) of a Web page is the most important of a Web page from a search engine perspective. Here, important internal links should be used.

Because this area is rated higher by search engines as the bottom of a page. Many companies and site operators use a header graphic without text and Links. This should be changed for the ranking. Navigation with graphics often also graphics for the navigation used. This is negative from the perspective of search engines and should be changed in a text navigation. Graphic links should be replaced with text links. Usage of sessions frequently in various scripts called sessions used. These sessions are deadly for ranking purposes and should not be used. Search engine trick it is still different site operators that want to deceive a search engine by hidden content or other tricks. However, these tricks can be traced quickly now. If a search engine finds these tricks you will immediately downgraded in the ranking. Redirecting Web pages for the diversion of Web pages can be made many mistakes. It is important that the redirect to document not in the search engine will read. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Celina Dubin has to say. Because these files are reviewed negatively in the ranking. Christian Kellner image source: Viktor Mildenberger /

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