Engine Control Unit

A reprogramming of your PABX, completed successfully in your automobile information allows engine must increase its performance, promotes, without ever compromising the life of it, forcing any of its components, because the increases have been tested by our engineers, for years, and have never caused any detail. The reduction is carried out also in the consumption of diesel and gasoline, logical and provable. In a car with the ECU reprogramming, the engine gets more power in each explosion. Where and how is possible to optimize the performance of the engine, through the ECU reprogramming? The optimization occurs exclusively in the ECU (Engine Control Unit or Centre), which means that motor is not modified in any way, only the information that has the (Flash EPROM) chip from your control panel, manages the injection system. Today’s cars are equipped with electronic control of the engine management systems (tables), explained briefly, replace the carburaciones with the injection or direct multiput systems, common rail (common rail) technology and electronic control of the pressure load. The heart of this system is, of course, the ECU (switchboard). This device consists of one or more microchips are responsible for the regulation of the motor. All the efforts made by the ECU (switchboard), are possible through the quantification of parameters as disparate as the revolutions of the engine of the car, the car outside temperature, volume and the thickness of the air that gets into the car admission, motor car, speed car, etc, and temperature in terms of the comparison was carried out with the values contained in the management of the injection maps, in the distribution box, ignition, load, pressure, lambda, predefined in your memory, manages to get the ideal ignition, since the best ratio of diesel oil injected / carburator, together with the correct calculation of the pressure. This information has been optimized in the process of chip tuning (the ECU reprogramming).

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