Their share in total sales now is about 60-65%, while manufacturers differ in their assessment of the market share. According to Andrei Nazarenko, for several years, the trend of the market is to reduce the consumption of paints and solvents growth consumption of water-based paints. In the coming years this trend will continue. To date, 30% of the market is occupied by water-based paints. Ukrainian producers of paints to solvents are beginning to go to market water-based paints. Actively growing mid-price segment and demand for premium-class. Also paints on the market is actively looking to build centers of toning.

Competition in struggle for the consumer will be enhanced by placing in a single trading platform of several centers of toning from different manufacturers. Today, the greatest demand among consumers enjoy facade – More than 60% of the total paint and interior – about 40%. Gradually increase the volume of domestic production of paints (in the past year, an increase of 7.8%), is the modernization of production. Among the imported dyes can be called products of such brands: CAPAROL, DUFA (Concern Meffert), FEIDAL, PINOTEX, STO (Germany), SADOLIN (concern Akzo Nobel), OIKOS (Italy), TIKKURILA, BECKERS, VIVACOLOR (Sweden), HELIOS (Slovenia), ESKARO ( Estonia), MARSHALl (Turkey), etc. Almost all of these manufacturers have in their assortment huge palette paints for interior works, different colors, decorative effects, purpose, etc.

Usually, "our" paint is cheaper, but, in practice, to achieve the same effect paint "easier" have applied in several layers, but more expensive is applied to one or two layers. In this case, the difference in cost of materials for finishing the interior as a result almost no effect. There was a trend of increasing demand for tinted paint which can be applied to the wallpaper. Also, experts point out that almost all the foreign manufacturers are producing paint according to accepted international standards – DIN EN ISO 14001. Domestic enterprises also tend to conform to European standards and markets advanced high-quality products that can compete with imported materials.

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