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Rare Web razrabtchik who met at the site of flash, remains indifferent to it. Stunning animated menus, stunning visuals, all this leaves the impression in the heart of every webmaster. Many probably rhinestones rush to learn ActionScript, but do not hurry, for all this magnificence lies some serious drawbacks. You've probably noticed that the most widely purchased in the flash banners and online players, but not in . The most serious drawback is that whether it's on the menu, flash, hat, content block or the whole site – it will never be indexed by search engines.

Search engine spiders simply ignore the contents of the tag object. Site created for flash makes sense, perhaps, in one case – flash version for the site to html, and even then, the pleasure is very questionable. Also, if you follow the news of the world of networking, you probably have repeatedly drawn attention on a very frequent reports about vulnerabilities in flash. But do not be upset. The team of foreign designers presented the world with JavScript framework jQuery. With jQuery, you can create an absolutely stunning visual effects. The advantages of jQuery is that you can create a site for interactivity, animation and effectiveness is comparable to the flash, with it being the html code spider friendly. In addition to all jQuery is easy to learn – all you need to know is the basics of JavScript and the selectors css.

But there is one "But" (as the same without him), in jQuery is not so developed a system to design graphics. I think there may be mentioned html 5. Over the html 5 working Opera, Mazilla and Apple since 2004. html 5, as stated, will contain a powerful api to work with two-dimensional graphics, built-in tools for working with audio and video and is expected to rival the Adobe Flash. At the moment, already has a version running on youtube html 5 and a social network using the Google wave also html5. All of the above is only for information sites. They did not quite appropriate, I believe, to use the flash. For a long time, there are browser-based online games, which use almost all features a flush. And navryatli html 5 will be able to immediately to give as powerful as a flash. But in any case, competition is good, come and choice. Let us return to the topic – what did I use? It all depends on the goals. If you want to create usual site with animation, which does not require complex calculations, it is jQuery. If you want to use the present complex operations with graphics, then at the moment is, of course, flash.

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