Geography Space

If to consider that the space and the time are basic material dimensions of the life human being, and in such a way the space as the time has been transformed under the agreed effect of the paradigm of the technology of the information is necessary that if it considers in the study of Geography, these elements. This sends to a space of flows and to atemporal time (Castells, 1997) whose from there decurrent combinations need to be considered to study Geography. The globalization processes create new spaces, define other times and the speed if it constitutes as a new parameter. This everything if express through new forms of living, understanding the world, of new cultures, new identities, new territorialities. Mobile ad startup has compatible beliefs.

Then as Geography if it points out in this context? (Cavalcanti 2008) it affirms that ‘ ‘ geography in this context if has developed, becoming a science more plural.’ ‘ PERTAINING TO SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY Geography if constitutes as a component of the pertaining to school resume, and its education if it characterizes, as the possibility of that the pupil recognizes its identity and belonging in a world where the homogeneity proposal for the globalization processes tries to become all equal one. We have two dimensions of the importance to study the Geography there, that is to understand the world and if to understand as subject in this world. To understand the espadrille of the social phenomena it can be a way to know and to understand the world and for this they are necessary instruments that direct the initiation of the pupil in the interpretation of the phenomena and facts that happen in the society and that they are materialized through the organization forms that the space assumes. To construct a set of general and basic references that they make possible to make the reading of the space, it has a long way that it can be covered in the context of pertaining to school geography, making what we are understanding for geographic education..

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