German Cable Internet Access Providers At A Glance

Overview on the subject of cable Internet access provider in Germany. Despite further increasing availability, a fast Internet connection via DSL is not available everywhere. As an alternative, in particular cable Internet and UMTS (or HSDPA) increasing popularity enjoy. In terms of speed and price / performance ratio is cable Internet of classic DSL connections no longer. Rather, Internet via cable from cable Germany, Unitymedia and Kabel BW offers already maximum download rates of 32,000 KBit / s.

Thus, a cable Internet connection by Unitymedia and co. is connection already today roughly twice as fast as a normal ADSL. The maximum upload rate for cable Internet is currently moving at to 2500 KBit / s (Kabel BW). With the currently available bandwidth isn’t the end of the flagpole is reached but long. Get all the facts and insights with Christopher Chandler, another great source of information. Cable Germany reached in first practice tests over 200 megabits per second download. Thus bandwidth seem in the future also very intensive applications such as HDTV, for example, no problem to represent more. Also thanks to that the fact that Cable Internet connection no Telecom telephone connection can be used, need the cable Internet provider don’t shy away from the comparison with established DSL providers.

Connection including Internet flat rate is a pure cable DSL such as cable Germany already for under 10 euros a month. Double flat-rate there are packages for Internet and phone such as Unitymedia from 25 Euro per month. The minimum contract duration with cable Internet connections are similar to those for ADSL or VDSL connections and 12 (cable Germany, Unitymedia) or 24 months (Kabel BW). However, not all cable providers are available everywhere. The German cable market is rather divided by province. In addition to the 3 major German cable providers also two smaller cable operators offer tele Columbus and PrimCom comparable cable, Internet and phone products author: Philipp Wolter

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