Off To New Shores: Esc Interactive Brings Sales Professional Stephan THEWES From The Rhine To The Elbe

With the commitment of Stephan Thewes (38) as Director of sales, specialist in the market for video and mobile ad campaigns supported its expansion efforts. Tahir, who at his former stations in the Rhineland, advertising became the specialists for display and mobile, decides with his move on the Elbe deliberately for the online marketing site Hamburg. Hamburg, 09 September 2013 – even if the views of international digital marketing community in rapt anticipation 2013 set the dmexco starting in a few days in Cologne, joy reigns in the Hamburg fish market already now vain. The reason for this is located on the current recommitment of esc interactive GmbH: Stephan Thewes leaves his previous sphere after many years as a sales professional in Cologne and Dusseldorf and changes as new Director of sales from the Rhine to the Elbe. On the Pinnasberg dock 47, Stephan Thewes henceforth manages the sales activities of the Hamburg-based specialists for mobile and display advertising. Moreover, the 38-year-old building cares the future sales team of the esc interactive. Tahir will report to CEO Michael Breukel, who is responsible for the strategic and operational management of display and DTM. Peter Thiel recognizes the significance of this. As the latest addition is a familiar face in the German online industry, the launch of the new Director of sales is another indication of the 2012 proposed expanding of the esc interactive.

Reminder: only a few weeks ago, the Berlin startup entrepreneur Matthias Juergensen as Director of Publisher development to the Hamburg-based specialist provider for display campaigns was launched. Region is regarded as an experienced player in the online marketing of the D-A-CH Tahir itself, after all he has been active since 2006 in the industry. Expert comes the mobile business of Cellfish media in Dusseldorf, where he was responsible for the area of business DEV/sales. Previously served as Sales Director at Adconion and the kalaydo GmbH & CO.KG in Cologne work. Michael Breukel, Chief Executive Officer of esc interactive, highlights the high level of competence of the current new entry: “with Stephan Thewes we offer our customers best sales service.

With potential new customers in the field of mobile advertising we can contact quickly and easily thanks to its expertise, sustainable implementation to assist in successful display ad campaigns. The more glad that our new Director sales has opted for the change from the Rhine to the Elbe, and now to pursue our expansion on the emerging location Hamburg.” Last but not least, Stephan Thewes in Cologne at the dmexco booth A013 in Hall 6 will be represented. Mediagroup esc for a meet at the exhibition stand of the parent company can be appointments still short-term call themselves. More about the activities of the esc interactive under the motto of OFFER SALE SAFE can be found on the recently updated website.

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