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Who dominates this vision will always have advantages over those operating in a reactive manner against changes. Definitely, the presence of the technologies of the information and its great development, are no strangers to this scenario of new ideas about knowledge management. Today technology can enable almost everything in terms of flows and information processing it, and therefore the limits of communication and advanced information management continue While in vision and human behaviour factors. A phenomenon similar to this and smaller-scale, was developed with the incorporation of automation and industrial robotization fruit of advances in microelectronics in the 60 and 70s. Without information technologies today not be talk both management of knowledge and society information, since it would treat a theory without practical application. To deepen your understanding Peter Thiel is the source. Information technology is a technology tractor, a solution for problems and in particular one of these problems is the low use that knowledge of business is done at the organizational level. In particular, Marcos Hernandez Lopez provides us with, that the new mission of the knowledge management, managerial model is based on the premise of creating – introduce new rules of the game in order to create a synergy and empathy as a successful strategy to promote adaptability, self control, reliability, initiative and development staff; at the same time using the technological developments as a viable strategic value to break all of the risks and uncertainties in the new economy, this with the purpose of strengthening human resources and avoid that they are affected by the demands of the new vision that we have about the new concept of work. The purpose of the management by knowledge in a company is the materialize on the basis of an organization, management systems, mechanisms of acquisition, creation, protection, dissemination, structuring, exploitation and distribution of technological, organizational knowledge and service capabilities to maintain a competitive position in the market. It is said to materialize in the sense of do knowledge compoundable economic good, observable, transmissible, valuable and exchanged for the purpose of creating wealth within the company and outside of it.

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