Planet Land Form

The Three Ecologias In the book ‘ ‘ The Three Ecologias’ ‘ of Guattari, it questions that the incurable degradation of the environment and illnesses parallel threaten the life in the Planet Land and to the technician-scientific development that each time more substitutes the man. Of this form, she is necessary to think in coherent way front to these changes about the Planet, to search ways so that man/nature lives in harmony and balance. In this direction, it has relation of the subjetivismo with its exterioridade, body and mind in the fight in brainstorming. For Guattari, the capitalism stimulates part of the ecological disequilibria, on account of the consumerism and the fondness more. Of this form it has used technologies for acquisition of capital without if to worry very about the ecological questions, the example of this, is the proliferation of the nuclear central offices in France, places the populations in great risk, therefore a small imperfection in these central offices poder’ ‘ to cause brusque damages to the environment and to harm the people and the animals. Beyond the permanent risks the stockage of nuclear agivas has a bigger problem, for in such a way, beyond the capitalist countries, countries that if also say socialist coexist in the appearance of social equality. therefore what it happens is the opposite, the value systems introjetaram ‘ ‘ unidimensionalizantes’ ‘ everything is controlled for the State, fashion music etc.

Makes the same ideal of status, but the hunger continues in way them ideologies. It is truthful that same in developed countries they exist a layer each bigger time of dismissed, hungry people and diligent devaluated, over all, of young populations without no perspective of future and a better life. Therefore, of a side it sees the development of the technology capable to decide the ecological disequilibria, but the social tension continues without steps to be taken capable of cures them. No matter how hard the young population to see itself left of side for Been period, it looks for to subjetivar the culture the culture rock as form to express its ideals, thoughts and claims, thus, as it was at the beginning of century XIX that in the United States the young of the Europe is if reproducing in the same way to put with other half ones to protest and to charge of the State the right to the dignity that Been must they it and that she was denied on account of the racial preconception among others. Of the point of view of the author, sciences precision always if to renew, so that it develops each time better resulted, therefore each treatment are it doctor, education would have to always have the permanent concern, to make to evolve in such a way in the practical one how much in the theory. Of this form, it would be in fact an evolution of the subjetivao processes. According to author, we need to learn to learn ‘ ‘ transversalmente’ ‘ , because the culture and the nature are together, to the measure that, we learn to think on culture and nature and to understand them, will be capable to interpret the problems and to point solutions with respect to better conditions of life of the populations.

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