The first data about the Italian furniture industry have appeared in the fifteenth century. Educate yourself with thoughts from Linkedin. It is at this time, you can start the report generation furniture industry in Italy. On the basis of historical evidence, the first a model of Italian furniture in Russia was a throne of Ivan the Terrible. In industrial-scale supplies to Europe of furniture from Italy, began much later. The year before last and previous centuries, the boom of Italian furniture factories have made this furniture is popular throughout the world. As an ancient proverb says, "all roads lead to Rome" and it is here, perhaps the most famous and legendary city of the world was born an Italian furniture industry. Thanks to the ancient history of this Italian city of the living room, kitchen, library and classrooms have found its classic charm of the furniture and the whole Italian furniture for many years to become one of the most sought after in the world, not in my opinion not a single person who has not heard about the Italian furniture only the most enthusiastic responses. Renaissance which started after the darkest Middle Ages, gave a powerful boost to the style of Italian furniture, bringing in design subtlety and elegance of wood carving and extraordinary in its beauty openwork patterns. And it is precisely in these years was born fashion colors of classic furniture. Unusually seasoned Italian dishes, painted in several shades of living rooms and classrooms have become truly recognizable worldwide. And that is added to the classic Italian furniture lines and specificity of real Italian character. Retaining all the features of antiquity and absorbed in all the changes have taken place in the world with the Renaissance, classic Italian furniture became a separate branch of the global furniture industry, the secrets which had previously been known only to the Italian masters.

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