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Vending – a relatively new concept for modern Russia. So, what is the vending business? In the broadest sense – that the alignment machine entrepreneurs, and delivery of filler machines, and equipment repair, and providing business development services. Vending business – it’s trading business. The essence of the vending business – a small retail trade. Vending business – it is not a banal “speculative business” in which a businessman buys goods and carries resale at higher prices. Vending business involves the creation of service, convenience for customers. Selling product, the vending machine as it provides the service – fast service, an intimate purchase. We will include the concept of the vending business is only the balance of vending machines in order to construct an automaton network (vending network).

All other areas of co-vending business, and is called “collateral”. Interesting noted that overseas (particularly in the U.S.) already has a new profession of vending business locator – are entrepreneurs or companies who are professionally engaged in formulation of a network of vending machines. Let’s say you have vending machines, but no experience in installing them, or simply do not have time. You refer to “Locator” and it solves your problem (search for places to install machines, making agreements on favorable terms, placement) for a fee, that is, in fact, builds your business. Service locators are not cheap enough 50 to $ 300 for the installation of one machine. In this regard, the U.S. has a problem – the entrepreneurs are so accustomed to the services locators that do not work on the development of their business. Therefore, the general council – even if the owner of a network of vending machines uses the services of a locator, it must either himself involved in business organization, in order to acquire experience, or use the services of the locator only at the initial stage. (Source: Peter Thiel).

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