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“Due to the fact that our user interface based on the appearance of Metaplan – or white board use agile project teams to manage their projects, the learning curve is appropriately steep,” promises the Managing Director Martin Blaha, who is also responsible for the product management and supplements continue to: “all project members benefit from the transparent Organization and the site overall availability of our Web application. This makes very interesting us especially for distributed development teams.” Learn more about direct can not only Scrum Master, but all companies register for free and gain a first impression of the smart solution of OrganisedMinds. (Source: Technology Investor). If you have further questions are available under the OrganisedMinds team Tel. 0721-1564 6825 or e-mail available. Note: At this year’s CeBIT 2012 are the two managing directors by OrganisedMinds GmbH on Thursday the 08.03.2012, directly on-site at the fair. Those interested in the smart solution can make like an appointment by email at and receive personal details, as also a presentation of the cloud based solution OrganisedMinds business collaboration & management”.

The OrganisedMinds GmbH, based in Karlsruhe was founded Bonin organizational consultant Diarmuid Daltun, Martin Blaha and Philip in January 2011 by IT and, managers and teams to develop the organisational solution, by which they themselves always dreamed of. OrganisedMinds is a “business management collaboration” software solution for companies and teams, with their help, an organization in a very simple manner their cooperation can create and control. The control approach, with the complexity of the business and in particular day-to-day business is reduced to manageable stack, apart from competitive products clearly and creates instant for the end user Effects of recognition. Can be shown any workflow and so the induction times reduced to the minimum. In addition to the SaS solution OrganisedMinds with the managed – and on-premise solution offers two other versions of the product. Contact: OrganisedMinds GmbH Diarmuid Daltun Seboldstr 1 76227 Karlsruhe + 49 721 1564 6825

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