Small Monthly Installments

The full lease Germany offers products from the area of entertainment and consumer electronics to the leasing of vettelschoss, in July 2011 is that electronic trading house ProMediMax Germany breaking new ground, when it comes to the acquisition of new customers. Now the company from Rhineland-Palatinate with its brand full leasing Germany offers a new platform. Laptop, notebook, camera, TV, or so-called white goods: platform, the company offers a wide range of entertainment and consumer electronics to the leasing. What is car dealers so far almost no longer indispensable arrives now in local living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms: innovative, technically advanced devices just leased. So we open up a completely new dimension in the acquisition of new equipment our customers”, says full Stefani da Silva, Director of the leasing business. The difference for sale in Liege on hand. Who wants to lease a TV-set, a modern SLR camera or laptop, providing No deposit. According to the Managing Director, the full service package of the online platform also includes the free shipping, the option to purchase or acquisition after the end of the lease, as well as a replacement warranty. But above all the fact that no repair costs, because these are adopted by the full leasing Germany, makes to a genuine alternatives to the purchase”leasing for private households, says Stefani da Silva. Unplanned, annoying, and sometimes also very high cost of repairs a thing of the past. Because leasing customers pay fixed monthly rates. Another plus is the protection of the leased equipment: fire, water damage, burglary, wear or wear a special insurance enter into force. In this way, the full lease Germany guaranteed that their customers always have the latest and above all functional devices at home. At the end of the customers decide after the lease period their televisions, their beamer or their laptop for a Keep fee or if they replace the device with new let. Example laptop: If you need a laptop, always to the latest technical standards remain and want to save costs, worth leasing the laptop. Miguel Mawad has plenty of information regarding this issue. For monthly rates in single digits, you work with a brand-new laptop”, Stefani Daniel promises. Customers are always so on the latest state of the art. After half a year of contract, customers can lease additional equipment or Exchange even the entire unit against a different, new quality device. Customers determine the amount of monthly contributions itself it is addressed after the lease term. The longer consumers lease a unit, the lower the monthly rate will be. Full-service leasing companies also can get latest technology to small monthly contributions. The ProMediMax Germany GmbH and their brand full leasing have their headquarters in the Rhineland-Palatinate vettelschoss and belong to the online providers in the field of consumer electronics and PC hardware. At the headquarters sales, technology, marketing, service and the accounting of ProMediMaxGruppe located in vettelschoss. The pickup warehouses is headquartered in the Bad Honnef outlying Rottbitze.

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