SorglosStrom Continues To Expand

The electricity supplier is planning new sales areas Munich, 09.10.2009 SorglosStrom continues currently his sales territory with high pressure to expand. The alternative power supplier from Munich is currently widely available to about 80 percent in Germany and has expanded its sales territory just three months ago. Due to the high demand, more areas in planning is up-to-date. In our last expansion of the sales area we have taken primarily to that we can offer our carefree power throughout mainly in Germany and the home straight is of course not long ago reached 80 percent,”says the Managing Director Bernhard vine. On our Internet site, the consumer with the help of our convenient calculator can test if SorglosStrom is available with him. Lately, we have received more and more flags, came mostly from large cities, where SorglosStrom is not yet available.

Due to the high demand we want these interested parties don’t wait long to allow, so that in future, we want to supply more cities with SorglosStrom.” When it comes and what cities are exactly affected can’t betray the electricity supplier yet. But, fact is that soon some new urbanites enjoy will come to save energy with the simple but effective concept of SorglosStrom: each kilowatt-hour consumed is less than the current general tariff of local basic utility at SorglosStrom at least 1 cent. The simple spar principle is complemented by a structured and easy-to-understand billing. If you can relate the carefree power within its own four walls, one learns on the website. to, his postal code, simply enter the previous year consumption and the number of persons in the household in the cheap computer, and already obtained his personal quote.

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