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Prague – a city of seven hills to, is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. The main center of the kingdom of Bohemia and before the first capital of the Holy Roman Empire then. The first news about the city of Prague, we are opening as early as the ninth century, they explain about the size of a small village on the left bank of the Vltava river. After considerable dramatic moments in personal history, Prague became independent in 1918 with the birth of the Republic Czechoslovakia. Then in 1993, happened to peaceful separation between the two regions of the former republics, which are forming two separate states. Once in this town, you'll win it all unrivaled charisma, charm and atmosphere saturated with romance and mystery.

Prague Attractions are rightfully a great popularity among the countless tourists. The solemn grandeur of cathedrals and churches, among which the most important is the Prague Castle, and that is a symbol of the city and an integral part of the trip to Prague. Business card of Prague – Charles Bridge, the oldest and most bridge in Prague. You may want to visit Linkedin to increase your knowledge. Numerous art galleries and museums. Amazing area, among which is always noticed the lively Wenceslas Square and Old Town with its famous astronomical clock popular. Countless memorials and monuments in the same time sweet shops and parks, carelessness, carefree colors of entertainment. All of this, every year, attracts people from different places and each time, as if being forced to reveal it again. Prague offers well-educated public transport system, which contains and cable cars.

Buses, bus, trip to the edge of the national Czech cuisine, presents fireworks delicious tastes and aromas, it is based on toilless ingredients and typical recipes, left over from ancient times. Bring a small particle of unique charms of the beautiful city of Prague in the form of expensive and dear to the heart of Czech gifts, fine jewelry with garnets, stunning pieces of Bohemian glass and wooden puppets popular. Travel to Prague will be one of the most amazing trips for couples in love with young people, groups of friends or the whole family. After visiting the beautiful Prague, you will be fighting as effectively and indelibly can be done in this area vacation. When you copy an article on the city of Prague in reference required.

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