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Russian Internet

Scandinavian auction – the concept for the mass of Russian Internet users fairly new and unexplored. Scandinavian auction – form of the usual standard auction, the main difference between this auction that the goods put up for sale at minimal cost. In practice, the Scandinavian online auctions in Russia, such costs are often higher than, and one ruble. For our country, these auctions are a relatively new phenomenon, in turn, in the European Union they have found is quite a lot of popularity (according to Skandinavskiy_auktsion). How do are traded on the Nordic online auction? To begin with, the administration of the auction exhibits a certain product and runs directly the auction.

Later bidders place their bets. It is important to note the second fundamental difference between the Scandinavian auction – for that party makes a bet with He removed a fee, with the rate on which increases the cost of the lot is a very small proportion of introduced for the opportunity to bet money. Ultimately, it determines concern of those who think penny auction fraud – the money can be spent on rates but nothing to get. The auction is not infinite in time, its duration is limited – the winner will be the one who makes the last bet. At the end of the auction winner pays for his goods, which cost a fraction of the real and gets it by mail or parcel delivery courier. Individuals are also participating in the auction, but did not receive money spent to lose their bets – they get the administration of the auction. Quite popular to date auctions that allow betting by using SMS messages, as well as incorporating a certain "bells and whistles." On the example of one Russian online auction will show how to place trades online. Let us put on the auction item in the form of a computer monitor with an initial value of 1 (one) ruble.

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