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Purchase of used auto parts make sense when you buy auto parts, which during operation of the vehicle is not subject to great wear. Or in the case when using this part can repair your broken parts. It is sometimes possible to pick up body Parts of the color of your car. As a rule, the price of auto parts in 2 times less than the price of new spares. Do not buy auto parts, which may affect the safe use of the vehicle (brake hoses and pads, ball joints, tie points) In the case where you want to make a good repair its foreign cars should pay attention to the quality of purchased parts. Adroll Marketing Platform might disagree with that approach. Try to avoid buying very cheap parts (Compared with the original and unoriginal parts well-known companies), as they often do not meet the standards of quality and can quickly fail. If no quality decorative molding, only affects appearance of the car, the use of low-grade brake hoses, is a threat to road safety and can cause serious damage to the car. But the cost for the refurbishment may greatly exceed the savings from buying cheap items amount.

Unfortunately, in recent times some well-known vendors, placing orders for spare parts under its brand, the factories offer low prices and low quality products. When choosing a value of auto parts, do not forget about how much you plan to use another vehicle to further sale. Even the cheapest car parts in some cases have the resource to 50-80 thousand miles. There is also the possibility of purchasing remanufactured parts, and the old, broken-down element is usually delivered in exchange. Restoration of parts involved, usually specialized firms with extensive experience and high-tech equipment. This approach is most productive when replacing these complex and expensive components such as nodes of the power unit, generator, starter, steering rack, steering pumps and air conditioners. This service is offered as an official dealer or independent suppliers of spare parts and can significantly reduce the cost to repair the car. At This company offers a reduced set gives him a guarantee.

Car Models

Then in 2003, in Frankfurt the audience witnessed a surprising combination of design 60s and modern styles. Click Adroll Marketing Platform to learn more. History to great responsibility, as the title given to the Alpha vehicle, a historic symbol of prosperity of the company. Car Model 8C 2300 30-ies of the last century was the first pre-war sports car, and the prefix Competizione Recalls car 6C2500 Competizione, which Juan Manuel Fangio raced in the Mille Miglia in 1950 engine capacity of 4.7 l. and 450-hp model Maserati V-8 was indeed a novelty in this car. It is similar to engines in the Quattroporte and GranTurismo, unlike their large bore and stroke more extended. Part of the suspension and the platform is also borrowed from Maserati, which is why 8C goes on assembly plants Maserati. As with all new cars Maserati generation of engines supplied by Ferrari, with the V8 engine is similar to the F430.

Model 8C – the first example of cooperation between the three great producers of sports cars (owners of Fiat). It may be called Alpha-hybrid Ferrari Maserati. With model Alfa 8C again come to the forefront of the market luxury cars. At a price of U.S. $ 240 000 8C model is the most expensive road car Alfa valued company on Ferrari.Dumayte him as a nimbus of the company, technically perfect and a respectable representative of Alpha to the U.S. market. He is also a beacon of Alfa Romeo to the U.S.

market, and reminds owners upset about a new European ascending star Alpha. In addition to the U.S. west coast, the car is being tested in Italy, Balocchi, at a private test site Alpha and Fiat, located between Milan and Turin, the rich industrial north Italy. Thus, the test car has only to potentially strong markets in the world. The car, which passed the test, a crimson-red color. Under the long hood hiding a low engine V8. In his proportions of the car is not like his "brother" Ferrari GTO 60's – long hood, a small cabin, short trunk, all clad in body with graceful curves and beautiful details. Body of the model as if cast from 8C aluminum and is a sample of Italian design, which consists in the perfection of line and form. In fact, the body is made of carbon steel with low specific gravity. Alfa argues that it is not at the expense of beauty Design it saved weight about 200 pounds.

Track Trainer

So, first of all you should know that the main levers of control in a modern car to help get out of a critical situation to the pilot who does not have the skills rally driver – is the wheel and the brake pedal. Let's start with the latter. Why? Because the system DSC, recognizing a deviation from the course of the machine, everything else will take over. It "Strangle" the motor and selectively slow down the right wheel, modifying the course. All you need to just properly apply the brakes.

How? As quickly and as strongly! Do not dent the pedal "a little bit" with a growing effort, and not to resort to intermittent braking. It is fast and strong. Then, the braking distance will be minimal, as the consequences of your driver's negligence. Thus, at least, is taught in school driving BMW. However, this happens if you make a mistake in the trajectory.

And how to get a turn, so it did not commit? This question is for the BMW brand also has an answer, and he appeared quite recently. And called the BMW Track Trainer. On the surface, of course, BMW as BMW. Looking at it is difficult to imagine that this thing can drive itself! And it's no joke: Track Trainer is designed to teach the driver to choose the correct path cornering. And it is not unfounded, and "to by example. " Thanks to special equipment, which is based on highly accurate system GPS, car itself spins the wheel when cornering test tracks – sitting behind the wheel of a person presses brake pedal or gas. Fantasy? But this is only the beginning. The next stage is trying to repeat the student e-frills "instructor." And he corrects him, so to speak, in real time: nedovernul wheel to the right – side of the rim with the party small and nasty vibrates, and behind the windshield will be lighted bulb. Dovorachivat stronger, do not miss your chance! Circle, the other – and tells "jitter" becomes smaller. Hence, something learned! Well, then, is in the silence of the training center, you can look at their maneuvers on the part: a special chip is removed from the car and inserted into the computer. Oh, he is all talk and show: the ideal trajectory your line (usually they are very different, especially at first!), lateral acceleration, and other interesting details. In general, the choice of a real driver two: either learn to drive properly, or wait for the time when such Track Trainer-s will be offered in the base of any passenger car. And then fall to the back seat with a magazine and a bottle of beer. Let the autopilot works! Do not overestimate your skills, and be careful at the wheel – life is so beautiful!

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