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Online Business Idea

Business Model Virtual shopping center for the sale of various goods. As a general rule, shops in four different criteria: geographical, specific goods and services, specific industry, demographic characteristics. There is as two formats of business organization, the first sale of all products on your site and second-forwarding to the site of the manufacturer. With regard to the site, then in this business for him increased demands. Peter Thiel might disagree with that approach. It should have nice looking design, have a loud and catchy domain name. Is of great importance storefront shop.

Its task is to provide the range and tell the consumer characteristics of goods. All goods must be detailed, accurate description of the characteristics and quality photos. In addition to the site you want to add more interactivity, such as feature discussions of products in catalogs and search for products by keyword, and as a function of selection unique and accessories. It is also useful for the stimulation of demand to add one more very interesting service type, "Give me or want a gift, with which users can send e-shop your friends links to the products that they want a gift. Besides the basic functions necessary to add such services as automatic calculation of shipping costs, service selection and comparison of products, service formation blank invoices and receipts, which will make a purchase at your online store as convenient. The main source of income monthly or commission, which pays the firm for placing its products on the site, well as the advertising of certain commodity positions. The main initial investment costs associated with buying a computer, scanner, printer, software, servers for the online store, web development and its promotion.

Starting amount – from 5 thousand dollars. At the initial stage of the work can carry two people, one of which may have a part-time employment, engaging the support site. The main ways to promote search optimization (for a better to outsource SEO), check-in site directories (Yandex, Web katalogGoogle, Catalog @ mail, Aport), advertising in trade directories (Price, Yandex.Market, contextual advertising, participation in the ranking of sites on your subject matter (RamblersTop-100, Rating @ mail), mailing system (you can install on your site service dispatches for the dissemination of advertisements among your potential customers), participate in discussion forums, different communities, maintaining a personal blog, banner advertising, which can increase the traffic on the site. Project: business, commerce, business on the Internet

OnLine Declaration

The disadvantage of these programs is that they need to be updated periodically due to changes in legislation. All of these free software products can be written in virtually any tax office or download site GNIVTS FTS (www.gnivc.ru). Along with all of these programs appeared on the Internet site of taxpayer OnLine, which allows small organizations and businesses, reports the tax on UTII (tax Declaration for the unified tax on imputed income for certain activities), fill out and return to form UTII and information about the average number of employees for the preceding calendar year, 3-PIT. You just enter some information about yourself, click on the button "create account" and the demo open all the sheets to verify the declaration. Resource automatically calculates all the amounts and disclosures in the strict accordance with the law, and automatically determines OKATO and others data. This is very handy when filling, and significantly reduces the risk of filling in erroneous information in the declaration. After viewing the demonstration, clicking on the "View the full version, you will be asked to enter an access code. Peter Thiel has much experience in this field. The access code can be obtained by sending SMS to short number.

The sum of SMS is relatively small (approximately 4 rubles, depending on the operator). After which you can print the completed sheet declaration or save them to the media. In a question-answer forum financial technology was the first to reply. Just landed an electronic XML file reports, which will need to keep on the same carrier. XML file now require multiple inspections. In It contains all the information about the declaration, which allows a fairly rapid acceptance of the report, not a pack for a long time in the queue. Just using an XML file, you can report by means of the Internet.

The biggest advantage of this resource lies in its "Automated,". Also in contrast to the software do not need to update and install on your computer. Are reporting in a timely manner. Good luck! Attention! Neither the website nor the author of the article does not bear any responsibility for the potential damage associated with using information from this article. The article is neither any legal act or regulation of any action. The article is written for information only educational purposes only!

Internet Explorer

But why go far. Look at the same standoff Internet Explorer to Firefox and Opera. Even with such strong support from the past, a donkey is still “making” a big margin, these browsers, which is much superior to IE well in everything. It is through the promotion of literacy and the creation of this network promotion, Microsoft is” the whole Open Source, which could hardly breathe, and hardly even in the near future will be equal to melkomyagkie opponent. You only need to operate on the same principle on which there are spies (or scouts, to whom that pm) – build your network! These people are coming to another’s territory and they have no one. At Brad Pitt you will find additional information.

Their task is to quickly get into the top of the enemy and make it so that he at the same time the most faithful friend to all ideology of the enemy (Shtirlitsa watched all?). So do it, just not for illegal purposes, and to develop their own business. You scout and your task to build your own business, so it runs even when you retires. Then your mission will be successfully completed. Of course, to create its sales network is not as easy as it sounds, but nevertheless, it then will reward you and your business. Incidentally, there is another kind of network marketing – is the diversification of activities or niche. For example in the West, at the same Ibiza, it’s hard to find 2 similar establishments. technology investor may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Every institution has a unique approach in its selection of parties, business organization, in format, DJs and so on.

Similarly, in the approach to business. If the firm is engaged in construction, and they urgently need to have a party, then it will never seek any activist Masha (or Mary) of accounting, which to organize this. But in the former Soviet countries is very often seen. In the west, just hire a club or a company that will deal with their day. The same scheme is valid and the system of outsourcing. Many software companies or website studio hire freelancers to work. Even renowned companies such as RBC or Lebedev hire freelancers to work. Because it gives them focus on other aspects such as branding, sales and other administrative matters not related to production. It turns out such a network in which each does his own thing, but at the same time, all tied to each other.

Technology Web

Recommendation – for the development of sites to bet on the creation of individual design solutions with strong figurative elements (accents), created with the psychology of perception, in particular, colors, and also – tasks of the resource, the company's brand image. It is also important: not to overload site, leaving the free zones – gaps in the transfer of drawings and illustrations. And they should not be – an artificial and "borrowed" (so as not to cause mistrust), is too "frank" and frightening (not to compel visitors to leave), overly abstract (not to impede the perception of the text). To promote the clinic or medical treatments, for example, to better organize a real photo session with a specific storyline, and enough correct, given the fact that even at the narrowly professional websites often come just visitors and even children … 3.Programmnoe software. The medical Runet abound sites simply by their functions and services that are appropriate more for private practitioners and small companies, and this web yesterday. Must be replaced with more complex sites, which have a range of services. Solving these problems is possible through the use of technology web 2.0.

Made medresursov. Recommendations – Technology web 2.0, according to spetsialistovMed Craft, allow medical Runet step forward. This is laying the groundwork for a new level of communication with visitors. Provision of, for example, future on-line clinics that can serve as a cyber-doctor, diagnoses and treating people at a distance (the technology for such work, the web could be developed by domestic and foreign experts ").

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