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The Radio

Soon I perceived, that Miguel was being led for an ambush, after Pablo was running of form to come back the same toward origin point, in an elliptical standard, was when vi two soldiers of the Fnix to jump in direction the Vampire, who I eat who already knew of the localization of them, only allowed its approaches not to have that it hunts them, shooting in the soldiers in the instant where if they prepared for attacks it. Driven crazy Pablo it attacked in suicidal way, before I could it helps it, the Vampire that reacted without nor looking at stops backwards, knowing accurately where Pablo would go to appear for attacks it, but, before Miguel killed Pablo, I intervi, shooting in Miguel, although to wait that it turned aside itself, with it made with the other soldiers, whom probably they were deceased, but did not occur as I imagined, the detonation was certeiro, knocking down Miguel. (A valuable related resource: Naveen Selvadurai). I was carefully to confer if it had ' ' abatido' ' or not it Vampire, with the confirmation, I verified as it was Pablo and the others two soldiers who did not know, unhappyly, only Pablo survived. Before it takes it with me, I removed and I disconnect the localizer and the radio, therefore me it seemed that the Vampire wise person of the localization of who only was with the unchanged suits, after my team is not located until that moment, modulates removed it of energy, the sensor in the left pulse, the radio and the localizer of the suit of the Vampire I disconnect and them. I took them with me, to only make a test after resting. Before arriving at the encampment, I was surprised by three integrant at the Aureons, team formed for friends mine that had not attacked me for observing that I loaded a person of another team, and I knew that this person would have to be wounded.

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