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Accessible Control System

29 November 2010. waiting for you on a free webinar on "Modern and affordable property management system," the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT). We will talk about the possibilities of improving the efficiency of hotels and inns. Details can be found by clicking Peter Thiel or emailing the administrator. The program webinar presentation system "BIT: The hotel is 8" – a simple and affordable solutions for property management: A single document for the operations: booking, accommodation and check guests; Several ways to calculate early arrival and late departure; Integration with "1C: Enterprise 8" – full data sharing mode online; Several types of payment by cash, by bank credit cards; Electronic locks; Flexible setting visualization "checkerboard; The system of reminders, and much, much more … Technology Investor can aid you in your search for knowledge. Participation in the Webinar is free. Pre-registration is required.

You can register at the link if you have any questions, write to or call +7 (812) 325-49-49 Waiting for you! Company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE), the official partner of the firm "1C" in 1997, is now the largest network of franchise companies "1C". BIT Company has 50 offices operating in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises on the basis of "1C: Enterprise", but also training, counseling clients on full range of professional issues. During the work the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 2,000 employees, most of which was certified by "1C". System quality management "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) in five offices in Moscow, including in the Central, in three offices in St. Petersburg, including the Central, and in offices in Krasnoyarsk, Kiev, Samara , Kazan, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Chelyabinsk certified for compliance with international quality standard ISO 9001:2000.

Advanced Packaging Tool

Debian – operating system, consisting of both free software with open source and closed out the components. Currently, Debian GNU / Linux – one of the most popular and important distributions of Linux, in primary forms exerted a significant influence on the development of this type of operating system as a whole. There are also projects on other nuclei: Debian GNU / Hurd, Debian GNU / kNetBSD and Debian GNU / kFreeBSD. Debian can be used as an operating system for servers and workstations. Debian is the largest among all distributions package store – ready to use software – and even if not by their number, then the number of architectures from ARM, used in embedded devices, the most popular x86 and PowerPC, the new 64-bit AMD, and ending with IBM S/390, used in mainframes. To work with a repository developed various means, the most popular of which – Advanced Packaging Tool (APT).

Debian was the basis of a number of distributions (100, based on Debian). The most famous of them – Adamantix, Bioknoppix, Dreamlinux, Clusterix, Gnoppix, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Libranet, Linspire, MEPIS, Xandros Desktop OS, and Maemo. Name Debian composed of the names of the founder of Project Jan Murdoch (Ian Murdock) and his girlfriend (later – his wife, now – the former), Debra (Debra). History of Creation Debian was begun in August 1993 by Ian Murdock. He guided by the desire to create a distribution process which will, on the one hand, open source and free in the spirit of GNU / Linux, and at the same time extremely thorough and conscientious. Learn more on the subject from incyte. First, the project has a small close-knit group of hackers of the world of free software, which gradually grew and became more organized community of developers and users.

Features On Debian based distributions, many, including Ubuntu, MEPIS, Dreamlinux, Damn Small Linux, Xandros, Knoppix, BackTrack, Linspire, aptosid, Kanotix, Parsix, LinEx, Linux Mint and others. Debian is rich in features. In the current stable release includes over twenty-nine thousand nine software packages for architectures based on the kernel Linux (on Intel / AMD 32-bit/64-bit, widely used in personal computers, to ARM, commonly used in embedded systems and mainframe IBM System z) and also the two architectures are based on the core FreeBSD (kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64). The distinctive features of Debian package management system are the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT), a tough policy in relation to the packages, the repository of a huge number of them, as well as the high quality of releases. This made it possible to easily upgrade between versions, as well as automatic installation and uninstallation of packages. For the standard Debian install using desktop environment GNOME, which includes a set of popular programs such as OpenOffice.org, Iceweasel (modification of Firefox), email client Evolution, the program for recording CD / DVD, music players and video programs viewing and editing images, and software for viewing documents in PDF. Also there are images of the CD, compiled with KDE, Xfce and LXDE. Installation CD (the number of five (Lenny) or eight (Squeeze) DVD or more than thirty CD) contains all available and not necessarily required for standard installation packages. For the installation method used for network CD, which is less than the usual installation CD / DVD. It contains only what is necessary to run the installer and download packages selected during installation through APT. CD / DVD images can be freely downloaded via BitTorrent, jigdo or buy from one vendor CD Debian. It is in Debiane was first introduced as a single standard selection mechanism preferably among several options – Alternatives.

Value Integrated

For efficient use of bar-coding technology for warehouse employees have been equipped with data terminals Motorola MC3090, was installed in the warehouse Wi Fi. At the moment, the whole process of acceptance product, its distribution and storage, as well as further shipment is completely automated and controlled from a central office. And an organized system of address storage can clearly define the position, "hung" on balances, and monitor the expiration dates of the goods. When shipping the goods once the system allows to collect multiple orders and shipments already in the area to distribute it by the parties. The system completely eliminates the influence human factors that affect the quality of collected orders – excludes peresortitsa and any errors when placing an order. In addition, the problem with the indispensability of Warehouse Supervisor – currently at the facility can operate with less qualified people.

Employee productivity, however, remains high. As a result of implementation of the system, there was a significant increase in performance warehouse by using principles of dynamic allocation. System DOMINO 8: Trading House to determine the most appropriate location for the goods, depending on several factors: storage time, his overall characteristics, the demand for goods (divide into groups A, B, C). In addition to the address storage, the company "Soft West" was tasked with equipping sales representatives 'authentic' mobile workers stations. As the customer uses these stations terminals iPad tablet from Apple. This allows sales representatives to quickly generate orders based on the central office, using the technology of remote access. Central office in DOMINO 8: Trading House has been integrated add-on module that allows you to conduct training seminars for the company. The module contains elements of the CRM-system and allows you to record a series of data on people who came to the seminar, date and time of the seminar, its subject, and as a result.

Based on these data in "authentic" is showgirl history seminars and customer relations. As a result of the control system DOMINO 8: Trade House Company "authentic" was effectively a working solution that allows you to: optimize the storage space, more accurate accounting of the goods; optimize the time of all warehouse operations, reduce storage costs of goods in stock, reduce losses associated with peresortitsey and shelf life of goods, reduce the number of errors in the performance of warehouse operations, reduce dependency and loss of "Human factor", to organize the operational work of sales representatives, to automate accounting and training seminars. Another of the important advantages of the project is its budget. Value Integrated warehouse automation to the cost of information system DOMINO 8: Trading House and the optional workshops, equipment (servers, terminals, data collection, organization Wi-Fi), works on the deployment system at the customer's warehouse, training was about 2 million rubles.

Accounting Company

3.3. FIRM – Narrow. Without hesitation incyte explained all about the problem. Every rule, as always, exceptions exist. In this section we would like to consider the automation of the Companies for which it is difficult to pick a typical product. In this case the best solution is to use software system 1c as a platform – to create your own configuration.

For example: insurance activities, advertising agency, marketing and distribution technology, investment, etc. Stage of development of the Company Number of persons Decision Note Small / Medium 3-30 Accounting Company is not yet very large and easy to keep track of the processes, rather 1C accounting Medium / Large 30 and higher Accounting + configuration "0" for the management accounting / Collaboration (supported 1C). Alternatively, you can consider a configuration created jointly by the partner and 1C. But in choosing to analyze options for the proposed software, the ones that company, a developer regularly updated. Otherwise, the costs often will be useless. Once you have decided on the needs of the Company and the possible configuration, it is already possible to calculate the approximate cost and timing of the introduction of a software product. Next, look at the possibilities selected products – see brochures, presentations or watching inviting competent professionals from the Company – Franchise 1C – a final decision on selecting the optimal software. In principle, we can not for long put an end 🙂 But, we would like to examine the factors that should also be considered when choosing a software product …. For example, not unimportant is the choice platform for building information systems.

Virus Winsector

How then came home and stuck the stick with the documents that I pulled off at their school. I began to observe the appearance of a heap of bugs that prevented normal operation. I'm even more surprised when my Kaspersky 2009 just died. AND vasche refused to boot. And so the diagnosis is clear: What a nasty virus, which a simple antivirusnik can not handle. Poyuzat on the Internet I found that this virus family Win32.Sector * also known as VIRUS.WIN32.Sality.z. At that time I was Win32.Sector16. Brief description of the virus, just do what he's all about.

The first thing the virus infects all running processes. Infects all 'exe' files, all games and programs are infected. Disables antivirus. Can not go to official sites antivirusnika, not to mention download any of them. Disables the Task Manager. Modifies the registry as a result and also blocks access to it.

There is still a lot of glitches depends on the version of the virus, I enumerated ground. Treatment of the virus can not be infected mk processes, resulting in cure 1 file, beginning to treat 2 1 infected again. That's a waste of time. Signs. If your antivirus did not define it, but there are doubts, it is easy to learn if you have this virus on the first signs. 1. Disable anti-virus. (But just antivirus can work simply to ignore the virus or to give medication is not possible, but as a result he is still off.) 2. When you call the manager task falls mistake. (Call Manager, the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del.) 3. Not possible to go into the Registry Editor, just falls mistake. (To enter into the registry by running: Start => Run … type in the command REGEDIT => Ok.) And so if the symptoms are the same it's time to get to work. For treatment, we need 3 tools. 1. Free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt. 2. Anti-virus utility AVZ. 3. Bootable Live CD. Complication. The fact is, as I wrote above, the virus does not download anti-virus programs. So you have not found an infected computer (eg friends) and download it. And training tools as well do with an affected computer. Hopefully with this you have big problems will not arise. The most optimal option is having 2 drive, run on a Live CD, on the other Dr.Web CureIt and AVZ. Then the problem is quite simplified. But if one drive then you can write all of these programs on one disc. If the disk from the Live CD to add a couple of folders with the programs or anything bad will happen. Dr.Web CureIt and AVZ program requires no installation, therefore, also run with the disc. Proceed to treatment. Reboot your computer, press del, to expose the boot from the disc. Expose the boot from the floppy disk, save and reboot (F10). Wait until the boot OSes with a Live CD. Run Dr.Web CureIt, doing 'Full Scan' and treat all that we found this excellent utility. Cure, we leave from Live CD and run the native OSes. You may want to visit Brad Pitt to increase your knowledge. Run AVZ, choose File => System Restore and tick where necessary, the main points: 1, 11, 17. => Execute selected operations. If everything was a virus, you already have, or should all services impeccably. Note: If you do not run CureIt and AVZ, should just rename them. For example Cur1025elt2.exe, 012VZ5478.exe. No matter how important that the virus could not identify them by name.

Refilling Ink Cartridges Printing

Very long floated in the past typewriters. And we know your parents have only one chance to propagate information. In fact, in addition, photography was present – after all this was reproduced by the 1st book of poetry by "nerve." But otherwise – in the best case in the way of monastic scribes. However, the owner of the organization formerly Xerox invented a device that allowed a simple click on the control button once create a copy of the sheet, without wasting effort on the ins and outs of photography. The invention had to be handy around the world, and that it is important not only increased the benefits of the paper industry, but also chemical and, as was need constant refilling cartridges, because the paint is, of course, was spent very quickly.

To date, major companies are making use photocopiers, calling them a set of various terms, including only the name of the creator of the device is the name of the technical device. A diverse company, which develop in this day and Xerox printers, set up a very large number. Thus, almost all firms long period of time provided for disposable cartridges for copiers manufactured. However, experience shows that, initially, disposable cartridges cost a little competitive, rather than reusable, and afterwards. However, it is enough for a single argument. Printers, devices for transferring the data in a paper format from the depths of digital technology, this time run by any office about once every six months. As a rule – very often.

Workflow, regardless of a significant proportion of it in the form of electronic documents, it is still very much high. Consequently, refilling ink cartridges hp and the other corporations that create the excretory technique these days – one of the most sought-after service services. Weight salons, offering a sophisticated home appliances, to offer this type of service, thereby greatly increasing the number of customers. To date, probably in any locality to find an elementary or shop or organization that provides services such as filling of cartridges canon, or any other manufacturer. Thanks to the significant prevalence of copiers and printers and cartridges are often not seek be difficult. That's right, after all, demand creates supply. This is a fundamental law of market relations. And this current financial entity of which will not hide. And yet, most likely quickly be invented another device which is not possible to copy only a flat image, but three-dimensional detail. And today let us consider the photocopiers.


In our century, when the computer is in each house, and the Internet became available to almost everyone acutely the question arose about the safety of your computer and personal information. Here are some tips, observing that you reduce the risk of system contamination and loss of personal data 1. Take your time to learn about securing your system. 2. Purchase and use only reliable antivirus program. Select an antivirus that has a good track record list. Checkmark, AV-Test.org and TuV are among the most respected independent testers of antivirus software.

3. Acquire and use a strong firewall. Again, independent reviewers are your best choice for these purposes. Some operating systems come with a firewall which only filters incoming traffic. Use a firewall that can control both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. 4.

Do not open e- emails received from unknown sources. Many viruses spread via e-mail messages, so ask for confirmation from the sender if you have any doubts. 5. Do not open attachments in messages with suspicious content. If you want to open them, first save on the hard disk and scan antivirus software with updated virus database. 6. Do not respond to spam. 7. Avoid installing applications from unknown sources. Such programs are potentially dangerous and should not be installed if not absolutely necessary. 8. Update your system and applications as often as possible. Some operating systems and applications can be configured to update automatically. Make full use of it. Security update often enough may leave a threat before she even prove himself. 9. Make backup copies of important personal files (Correspondence, documents, photographs, etc.) on a regular basis. Store these copies on removable media such as CD or DVD. Source site free antivirus

Explorer Windows

In this article we will talk about methods of startup programs in the operating systems Windows. The purpose of this writing, was the rapid development of all sorts of viruses and Trojans, to make you understand how to fight them and how to remove from the system. In this article, I will often mention the name of the operating system, Windows 7, but these methods can be used in startup, not only in the operating system, Windows 7, but in all editions of Microsoft. There are many ways to run malicious programs on Windows 7. And there are many ways even more nobody knows. In this article I will describe how to startup the most commonly used by hackers. 1) One old method is the simplest in nature, is to add a shortcut in the Startup folder. Find the folder you can open the Start a Programs a Startup.

This method of startup is unlikely to be used by a trojan, as it can be found by clicking the mouse just a couple of times. 2) The second method is probably the most popular programs to run under Windows 7. In the registry, there are some clues like: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun This method is used autorun trojans from the very moment of their appearance, and it remains relevant in our time. These registry keys contain a list of loaded process explorer-th logging in Windows 7. 3) Run the Trojan can also be implemented instead of the standard Explorer Windows.

Table-Transformer For Laptop

While laptops and come up with, so as not to depend on electricity to work with them better at the table. In the hands of a laptop to keep uncomfortable in bed and other soft surface to work is not recommended, because you can overheat the system and need laptop repair. This is due to the fact that the vents in the laptop are located at the ends and bottom. Seated in a comfortable and soft surface, we generate heat it harder to normal from the body. But as the saying goes, if there is demand, we have a proposal. And this proposal is for a long time.

Such a proposal to owners of mobile computers is a table for your laptop. Today it is a very common accessory laptop. options there are so many tables, from the usual stands with fan and without, to the table, Transformers. The latter, by virtue of its design, you can use them as a table for a bed or on the couch, as a fraction of the bedside, for use with laptop at the table and much more. A comfortable position can always be found using the regulation of feet, divided into three sections. Such tables usually made of aluminum for better heat dissipation, and may additionally be equipped with low-speed fans. Nutrition ventilyatorv osuschetsvlyaetsya from the USB-connector laptop.

These coolers are barely audible, but they further cooled insides microcomputer, through the holes in the bottom. This is especially important during the games or work with Internet applications. One of the representatives of such tables are models Invent A5 and Invent A7. weight tables of 2 kg, thus, they are able to withstand the load weight 12 kg. The angle of countertops varies widely, and the presence of the stop ensures a stable position the laptop. Rotation of the leg sections is provided by adjusting the buttons, clamps. The design of the table allows you to use it almost anywhere and take up much space in the folded position.

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