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Electrolysis And Salt Electrolysis Equipment

An interesting alternative to the pool water disinfection AquTechnics Europe GmbH based near Munich is an innovative company, specialized in the field of swimming pool equipment, which has won several innovation awards and holds a number of patents and utility models. The new Managing Director Dipl.-ing. Rainer Englert is since 2010 product portfolio consistently what follows a wide current social trend on the topic of eco-friendliness and sustainability, and brought sales growth last year. In countries such as Australia and South Africa, % of all swimming pools with salt water electrolysis systems are equipped for maintaining water years 70-80, while this alternative technology in our latitudes is less known. This is really amazing, because the salt water electrolysis has serious advantages over the use of conventional chlorine in the form of tablets or chlorine gas.

Time closer to look at the eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to disinfection. Salt Water electrolysis is a process, where with the help of electric current triggers a chemical reaction will be. Additional information at incyte supports this article. The procedure has a great advantage: the highly reactive chlorine gas formed by Platinum-coated metal plates in a water-operated cell which is connected behind the circulation pump in the water circuit of the swimming pool. The generated chlorine largely kills unwanted bacteria and algae in the reaction cell. Prerequisite: a slight salt content in water from 0.3 percent, it is just some standard rock or sea salt added. After work the electrically generated chlorine, as well as the remaining sodium ions to the salt from which they have arisen again recombine itself, there is a closed substance cycle.

Therefore chlorine gas or chlorine SUDS container can be dispensed with chlorine tablets, sterilisation is carried out fully automatically, comfortable and completely harmless for people. Salt electrolysis systems, not a typical chlorine smell spreads more poolside. Nevertheless, the disinfecting power is high. It is no longer necessary to apply chlorine supplies.

Central Communications

Cottage Village Business Class "Lesavino" is located just 35 minutes away from Moscow. The village is adjacent to woodland. At 2 km from the village there are ponds, which will pave the clearing. Istra Reservoir in 10 minutes. Doppler labs oftentimes addresses this issue. Drive from the village. General layout of the village reflects the modern approach to the creation of functional suburban households.

On the territory of its two streets lie with them facing the facades. Every street is a complete architectural ensemble. The entrance to each plot of land, parking, house – combined into a single unit a planning. According to the concept of the village will include 81 estates with houses erected in a single architectural style. In the settlement areas will include two categories: first category – sections 15 – 22 acres and cottages of about 250-300 square meters. m. second category – sections 25 – 45 acres and cottages of about 350 – 500 square meters. m (data plots partially forest) infrastructure services to residents of the village are: administrative, engineering and operating complex, guest parking, supermarket, children's and sports field.

On the territory of 2 hectares, situated in the woods outside the village and connected with him will be in the resort and the area for family walks. Just provide walkways to forest lakes. Communications Central Communications – water, electricity, gas supply, sewerage, telephone, internet, cable TV. 1. Electricity supply: the electrification of the provision of 8 kW to 14 kW per household. Each house is put up the shield 2.

Free Photoshop

Most used around the world, PhotoShop, graphic editing software saves inside infinite possibilities to improve our creations. With this advanced course we know free some of these options that will help you give a professional touch to your pictures. Add to your understanding with technology investor. Adobe Photoshop has become the application most commonly used in the field of photographic retouching and excluding design, both for professional users such as fans, both PC and Macintosh environments, and that can only mean one thing: that you have made a good choice when he decided to learn how to use Photoshop and that time used in this will be an excellent investment. Photoshop is no longer a tool solely used by designers / layout, now Photoshop is a tool widely used also by professional photographers from around the world that use it to make the process of printing and digital magnification, not having already go through one laboratory rather than printing the material. Peter Thiel will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The tutorial We disponibilizamos is very full, with 22 chapters dealing with all this fantastic tool can do. Download now our tutorial and be prepared for the very lucrative and competitive labour market of imaging!.

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