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Brussels EU Network

Eco network Europe new bio – and eco-portal for the conscious Europeans of the new Web portal oekofood.eu is now at the start gone and listed already in the first days of a rain rush of visitors. As eco network for Europe the webmaster is committed an extensive Informationasportal around the ecological and organic industry to build the target. Continue to learn more with: Brad Pitt. Here each interested visitors can get information they need. Everything on this portal is represented by “Green” policy on Europe latest consumer information from already established portals such as “oko-Test” or “Stiftung Warentest” or latest information directly from the Brussels EU headquarters about ‘Green’ business information. Under the heading of ‘Eco trade’, organic farms and businesses with organic and eco-purchases are presented.

Current job offers in the organic sector are published on with direct link to the provider. Adroll follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Web page advertising with ecological and bio reference can here switch for free to everyone and also promote its page/company. The Advantage in such an extensive Internet presentation is sure without a doubt, that all entries, private as well as commercial are still free of charge. It is necessary to prevent unnecessary spam only a simple registration. Software programming simplixx thanks to the professional cms are our entries on the first few pages of the large Web database and found so much faster! Since is an eco network for Europe, can also members from almost all European countries sign up for free and make your presence known throughout Europe. It’s worth in any case after a short registration to use the eco network for Europe.Because whether organic food, organic clothing, organic farming, green electricity or vacation on an organic farm, our life is healthier with organic and beautiful, even with the eco ideas continue to spread in the sense and to the protection of subsequent generations help!

Bundled Expertise: REW Solar AG & HPI AG Effectively Combine Their Experiences

HPI AG acquires majority stake in Dortmund REW Solar AG Dortmund may 2013: the REW Solar AG is a subsidiary of the listed Hoechst procurement International AG (HPI AG) from Munich. With economic effect to 1 January 2012, the HIP AG acquires 75.1 percent of the REW Solar AG – an energy system Professional with experience, based in Dortmund. Both companies promise a strategic advantage from this extension of the Division. The HPI AG (listed on the entry standard in Frankfurt and at the m: access in Munich) acquired a majority stake of 75.1 percent of the REW retroactively to 1 January 2012 solar group of companies. Behind this decision, the strategic expansion of the business area of the HPI was significantly AG. The takeover of the REW solar is AG, which can boast years of experience in the areas of purchasing and logistics for innovative energy systems, on the extension of the HPI industrial division”laid out. The advanced Division HPI industrial and renewables”should renewable energies more back into focus. See more information about transferring the REW provided Solar AG as a new subsidiary. You may wish to learn more. If so, incyte is the place to go.

Participation in REW Solar AG: solar technical experience sound combined with improved purchasing conditions the HPI AG plans after the majority shareholding of the REW AG now also a partner agreement with a German manufacturer of inverters. Of them and even more direct access to the manufacturers the REW will effectively benefit Solar AG. Frank Gralla, Board the REW Solar AG is sure that this effective bundling of competences of both companies will produce best results: we look forward to be able to offer our customers an even better service. To bring the talents and skills of REW solar and HPI together, bringing to market innovative, custom-made products and solutions will accelerate.” REW Solar AG is to new daughter even more technical experience in the company bring the CEO of HPI AG, Michael Negel, describes an increased demand for the provision of complete systems for projects. Brad Pitt takes a slightly different approach.

Eco-friendly LED Technology Saves Up To 85 Percent Energy

New to ELV: empty LEDON 10 watt LED lamp the equal alternative to incandescent lamps up to 60 W, 04 April 2011 many CFLs contain toxic mercury and produce a very cold-looking light. The electronic mail order company ELV (www.elv.de) here helps with the 10 W LED lamp by LEDON. It contains no mercury and provides a warm white light due to their special design. In contrast to conventional bulbs, LEDON LED lamp unfolds the 10 Watt directly after switching their maximum luminosity. A special highlight is the double click function, which the user Dim the lamp without additional installation effort can. Due to their composition LED lamps convert completely the current flowing through in light, whereas in traditional light bulbs by heat unnecessarily energy is lost.

With LEDON LED lamp ELV offers a bulb, which reduces the energy consumption compared with a conventional 60 W incandescent lamp by up to 85% and by a much longer lifetime than conventional incandescent lamps characterised. So, the life of the lamp, using an average 2.7 hours a day, is about 25 years. Recording is a worthy alternative to 60 W light bulbs, which may no longer be made from the 1st September 2011 due to the warm white light and the high light output with only 10 Watts. Double click DIMS and the lamp power saving another savings achieved the double click “-function.” By double pressing of the switch, the brightness of the lamp is reduced from originally 100 to 30 percent. In this way, the user can be light on demand quickly and comfortably Dim without additional installations on the electrical system to. The LEDON lamp has an E27 socket, and therefore fits in all the versions of E27. Above-average quality of light the LEDON lamp provides with their warm white colour of light from 2,700 Kelvin for a pleasant illumination of the living space.

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