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Leonardo Express

Rome is not the typical European capital and the most cosmopolitan of Italian cities. Linkedin is often quoted as being for or against this. However, few concentrated at the large number of visitors who receives this and struggling to break through between your samples of Western history. In the city of the seven hills coexist Italian 21st century Roman buildings and Renaissance art with a pizza of fine mass and the idioms. A mixture apparently very attractive for tourists guide-pinganillo that do not distinguish in high or low season usual high investment that will leave them walk and walk. Rome offers more possibilities than itineraries that mark the packages vacation or own Romans adapted to a level medium/high life. Secondary roads abound and it is not difficult to give them if we we opted for the alternative to the official tour.

Since the arrival we can take the bus or the vicinity instead of reaching the city by taxi (approx. 30 from a. Ciampino) or in the Leonardo Express train (11 from a. Fuimicino). Once there, the biggest expense tends to be the accommodation and, if we know choosing, the greater savings. The more downtown more expensive and luxurious, and if the intention is only to have a place to sleep the right thing will be to focus on the radio between the central railway station Termini and Via Cavour.

Just move a couple of metro stations of the more tourist spots so that prices be and emerging options. Hostels Rome (ostello in Italian) are the better alternative, jovial and economic, if you don’t mind sharing bathroom and bedroom. Other alternatives are very economic religious houses, for pilgrims, or campsites, for the more adventurous. They tend to be stricter in the schedules, the first, or on the outskirts of the city, the seconds. In any case, everything depends on the traveller’s needs and must not forget that Rome has an extensive network of buses that operate all night and whose heat exchanger is in front of Termini.

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