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Instituto Pedagogico Nacional

As a ruler, Bolivar maintained the thesis of the Enlightenment, to give relevance to the educational fact as a fundamental basis for ensuring the moral progress and material of the Republic. Proof of this are the creation, by Act of the General Directorate of public instruction for all the Gran Colombia and the establishment of a legal regime for the University of Caracas, about Republican bases, in 1827. Financial technology may help you with your research. This concern of the liberator by education has continuity in other rulers: Jose Maria Vargas contributes to define the public instruction as a service to the public; In addition, it promotes the modern concept of University. rmation regarding this issue. Successive Governments also contribute with their contribution to the development and institutionalization of public instruction. It is in the constitutional tradition of education as a public service, and is of special relevance in the Constitution of 1864, where, for the first time in express and direct way, dictates the principle of free education. In 1871, 1874 and 1891 constitutional letters persists an obligation to the public to ensure free primary education and arts and crafts. In those years the Venezuelan pedagogical thinking maintains its relevance to the work of Cecilio Acosta and other Venezuelan educators adds us the source of cited information, the constitutions of 1904, 1909, 1914, 1922, 1925, 1928 and 1931 set out nothing more that the nation guarantees freedom of teaching, Venezuelans while not others point out the relevance in those years maintains the principle of State teacher, claimed by the Minister Ruben Gonzalez. While the Constitution of 1936 was restricted at this point, to establish the guarantee of freedom of education, it is convenient to highlight the relevant moment of creation, in that same year, of the Instituto Pedagogico Nacional, conceived by Mariano Picon Salas, then the Superintendent of education. The 1961 Constitution establishes in its article 80 establishes the education shall aim the full development of the personality, the training of citizens eligible for the life and the exercise of democracy, the promotion of culture and the development of the spirit of solidarity.

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