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Scrum Master

“Due to the fact that our user interface based on the appearance of Metaplan – or white board use agile project teams to manage their projects, the learning curve is appropriately steep,” promises the Managing Director Martin Blaha, who is also responsible for the product management and supplements continue to: “all project members benefit from the transparent Organization and the site overall availability of our Web application. This makes very interesting us especially for distributed development teams.” Learn more about direct can not only Scrum Master, but all companies register for free and gain a first impression of the smart solution of OrganisedMinds. (Source: Technology Investor). If you have further questions are available under the OrganisedMinds team Tel. 0721-1564 6825 or e-mail available. Note: At this year’s CeBIT 2012 are the two managing directors by OrganisedMinds GmbH on Thursday the 08.03.2012, directly on-site at the fair. Those interested in the smart solution can make like an appointment by email at and receive personal details, as also a presentation of the cloud based solution OrganisedMinds business collaboration & management”.

The OrganisedMinds GmbH, based in Karlsruhe was founded Bonin organizational consultant Diarmuid Daltun, Martin Blaha and Philip in January 2011 by IT and, managers and teams to develop the organisational solution, by which they themselves always dreamed of. OrganisedMinds is a “business management collaboration” software solution for companies and teams, with their help, an organization in a very simple manner their cooperation can create and control. The control approach, with the complexity of the business and in particular day-to-day business is reduced to manageable stack, apart from competitive products clearly and creates instant for the end user Effects of recognition. Can be shown any workflow and so the induction times reduced to the minimum. In addition to the SaS solution OrganisedMinds with the managed – and on-premise solution offers two other versions of the product. Contact: OrganisedMinds GmbH Diarmuid Daltun Seboldstr 1 76227 Karlsruhe + 49 721 1564 6825 organisedminds.com.


The strengths of DpuScan are speed, reliability, universal use, and ease of use – at a surprisingly affordable price. Janich & Klass constantly works on the improvement and optimization of DpuScan. Numerous new details have been integrated in the past few months in the version 5.11 of the software. So, DpuScan now uses the capacities of modern multi core computer: with the Plug-In DpuProcess background processes run independently, while in the foreground can be scanned further. The classification of the documents can be in the background. Automatic text alignment now copes with every lopsided, and also works in small degrees – not only at 90, 180 or 270 degrees. More precisely, the improved OMR module detects markers.

The ability to use DpuScan scanner out is brand new. To have the scanner controls for software control provide (E.g. on its touch screen). So far, this is only possible with the XINO S700 scanners of Janich & Klass-partner company microform, which also can be seen at the booth of Janich & Klass at the DMS EXPO. The microform scanner to provide such a function previously considered only: while DpuScan is running on the PC, can be then the scanner no input on the PC – a Stapelscann started, interrupted, stopped and fixed error (double blade, jam, etc.). Permanent innovation DpuScan makes a typical example of technology made by J & K”, as Dietmar Janich, Managing Director of Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH. that’s why is research and development from the outset on the basis of our success. The long-term success of DpuScan shows that reliability in the document identification is no coincidence.


AJAX was reducing the time in ASP.NET Web application. AJAX is being extensively used in .NET Web applications to reduce the request / response lifecycle. If there is any interaction with the page that requires a post back to the web server and any server side task is needed to be done on it a bit of time lag is experienced, which can be quite a non sense for the user. This is where AJAX comes into play. AJAX is a technique with which JavScript can be used to make light weight requests to the server and the response can be posted on the webpage seamlessly. Thus with AJAX one can make web based applications work like desktop application without any lag time. AJAX can now be easily synchronized with ASP.NET with the help of ASP.NET Atlas framework.

AJAX is acronym used for asynchronous JavScript and XML. This has the capability to send small amounts of data to the web server asynchronously, thus one does have to refresh the page every now and then as a seamless exchange occurs giving a great browsing experience to the user and putting less pressure on the application itself.The Microsoft AJAX Library is a JavScript library that has many features which are extensively used in building the applications while making use of AJAX. Visual or non-visual JavScript components can be made with the infrastructure provided. JavScript extensions are help in emulating the object oriented constructs. Page rendering on the server side can be avoided with the new features of ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 release.

Much of the imperative JavScript code has been cut down with the usage of declarative instantiation of client components. You can easily implement AJAX type functionality to your new or existing web applications using Microsoft Atlas. JavScript object notation can be implemented with the help of ASP.NET AJAX framework wherein the serialization features of JSON to allow web services allows calling web services from client-side JavScript, even using third – party JavScript libraries like jQuery. The use of AJAX has almost changed the face of programming in the ASP.NET Web applications. The lag time which what a big hindrance for site owners to use ASP.NET on their websites has been controlled quite effectively with AJAX. No doubt ASP.NET is still the most respected and the most widely used Web-based programming language used all across the world to churn out robust and secure Web sites.

Partner InGmbH

integrated information systems GmbH and MES manufacturer of iTAC Software AG announce strategic partnership of a factory visualization: iTAC Software AG expands MES solution to sphinx open online Konstanz, 24 may 2012. The specialist for manufacturing Execution systems (MES) iTAC Software AG and the in-built Informationssysteme GmbH partner signed an agreement. Through the cooperation with the manufacturer which online could visualization software sphinx open iTAC complement AO-service of the iTAC.MES.Suite 7 to an enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) service for the visualisation of the factory. Thus offers a professional solution for the efficient creation of Managementdashboards based on the gained operational, machinery and quality data to visualization on mobile clients, and this without any programming iTAC as of now. iTAC provides a comprehensive manufacturing execution system for the efficient control and monitoring in the production. The MES solution was open (EMI) functionality by sphinx to the enterprise manufacturing intelligence online as part of the AO (Add-on) services of the iTAC.MES.Suite expanded. Continue to learn more with: Hillary Clinton.

It supports responsible to obtain data in real time from the production process and to evaluate, control and optimize the performance of the company. Data transparency at all levels: from the shop floor to the top floor to visualize manufacturing processes in real time, the iTAC-EMI service starting immediately the visualization system sphinx includes open online the new cooperation partner in-GmbH. sphinx open online graphically represents the entire process chain and is based as well as the iTAC.MES.Suite 7 on the Java enterprise technology. It is ideal to operate iTAC.ARTES technology platform. Sphinx open online allows you to monitor and control processes on the Internet.

The solution includes components that are suitable for the high-quality visualization and graphical engineering. technology investor addresses the importance of the matter here. The open interfaces of the real time graphics engine enable easy integration into various solutions. The EMI service factory visualization in real time is a key MES-system functionality in the course of our add on services “, explains Dieter Meuser, technology’s Board of iTAC Software AG.

Modelbased Software Development

“WOGRA improves the quality and speed of development with model-based software development In the context of the continuous improvement process started the WOGRA Consulting GmbH in the year 2011 the internal project fast develop better software”. Not only the increase of the speed of development was an important criterion, but also improving the quality of software. Although the project is still running, but the employees could perform first results in current development projects and therefore faster to implement software systems. The approach of model-based software development the program code, such as data access layers, allows to generate models. In addition, the corresponding unit tests can be generated, which permanently ensure the accuracy of the system.

In addition WOGRA consulting took a server up with Jenkins, who every night automatically translates the software versions of the current development projects, as well as performing the tests. The staff can ensure that their Software changes cause no problems to existing codes from the previous day. Should it come in the night to an error be the developer by email will be notified and can promptly resolve the issue. First results integrate although research at WOGRA consulting in this area will be continued further, these first steps were taken in the software development process and achieved initial successes in the development projects. Through the continuous optimization of our development methods and processes, we achieve a real added value for our customers and can claim it as a top company in the South Bavarian region in developing software us”says managing director Wolfgang Grass Court. Why WOGRA consulting? The WOGRA consulting is an IT service provider for project management, Solfwareengineering, requirements and test management. WOGRA assumes complete IT projects or supported their implementation through use of IT professionals locally.

Get highly qualified specialists in the Web – and Java with more than ten years Project experience to use. The scope ranges from small tools to highly available, distributed systems with thousands of users. Best quality in the implementation of the requirements is the claim. WOGRA Consulting GmbH was history of WOGRA Consulting GmbH founded in 2008 by Wolfgang Grass Court and Heiko Simonek, which are also managing director. Registered company address is Augsburg. The team now eleven employees could grow through sustainable growth and a good order situation. Customers from the banking and insurance industry and the industry, as well as the IT industry and the education system benefit from the support of the WOGRA Consulting GmbH and put their trust in you for years.

Software Data

Source Ode deposit and escrow service secure the future of developed software. All software vendors (i.e. For more information see this site: Miguel Mawad. the licensor) and software users (the licensee) and consultant are trapped by the contracts and the active software update management (what should be done regularly, by the way) more and more on the help and expertise instructed, like offering an escrow service. There are many legal aspects that should be considered when depositing by software, this is alone not possible without competent expertise. The escrow service is a tripartite contract. While two parties (for example, a producer and a user) agree that some data with a third party will be deposited. Under the condition that the user only in accordance with previously determined criteria should have access to the stored goods. If for example a company XY wants to make sure that that produced by your software even after a possible insolvency still used, maintained and what no less important is also further can be developed, software users must at all times have access to the source code of the program.

The manufacturer of the software and the software user therefore arrange the deposit of this source code to a third party. This operates something like a disk archive, which protects the source of fire and water, but also from unauthorized access. The said third parties”is the escrow service provider. “The advantages of escrow service, for example, to a notary are obvious: increased security, greater technical know-how” and a complete and extensive support of the parties of the escrow. “Who entrust themselves to an escrow service, is completely on the safe side and knows that the agreement by the legal content hand and foot” has. The company Deposix is an independent specialist in terms of software escrow software escrow, for example. Up to a regular update of the software receives from the drafting of the contract management Here the customer everything from a single source. There is probably nowhere else safer.

SKILLsoftware GmbH Mr

SKILLbaudoc the innovative cloud solution with the Telekom receives innovation award 2012 Frankfurt graphical interface, 12 September 2012 within the framework of the Innovation Forum, which Deutsche Telekom and the German medium-sized industry association has organized at the 12.09.2012 in Berlin, SKILLsoftware was awarded with the first place of the Telecom of innovation award. SKILLsoftware started with mobile scheduling and project software and is a pioneer in cloud computing and Smartphone mobility today. Already in 2010 he-filed the mobile CRM software 2nd place of the renowned BlackBerry EMEA innovation awards. Companies such as Hale, Bureau Veritas, IVG the Squaire reference customers include”, Pfleiderer, guard man lifts, wodego, HAFI fittings, Bopp & Reuther safety valves, Durr and many more. We realized early that the cloud is the type of communication and work processes y changed”, said Edgar ROE of managing partner of SKILL. The mobile construction documentation for all smartphones and pads brings substantial Documents on the Baustel-le or in the technical system and allows fast digital work on architectural plans and sketches.

Plans or photos serve as orientation basis to mark orders, alterations and defects; they are plans directly to the correct location or on the component itself marked by markers, described and linked with data sheets. The execution or completion of a contract is documented the same application via photo. The mobile application works offline and synchronizes after contributes using mobile phone with the Web application SKILLweb. All information are stored in a database, associated with the job and are available to all involved for the documentation, order verification or invoicing. Especially with our mobile engineering and technology – documentation software, we wanted to create just solutions for medium-sized companies and via the tool helping them to streamline work processes quickly and easily to the invoicing. The award shows us that We are on the right way so that and pleased all the more”, so Mathias steins COO of SKILLsoftware.

Application video: About SKILLsoftware: the SKILLsoftware GmbH is since 1991 a manufacturer and maintainer of specific CRM solutions, initiated innovative theory software practice training and sets standards in the CRM industry.

Matrix Technology

Lessons learned from years of experience in IT operations. Free white paper to the download you can t manage what you do not measure. This statement applies to IT operations. Not in vain IT metrics for the control of the operation of IT gaining in importance to the monitoring of service and operating level agreements as well as for the budget control and quality management. But unfortunately lacking in practice so far concrete guidelines for companies that want to optimize their IT operations or outsource to an external service provider.

The operational experts of the matrix technology AG in Munich have analyzed the knowledge gained from their years of experience in the IT-drive in and summarized. The results can be read IT key figures from the practice in the current white paper. The provider selection criteria and cost drivers initially devoted to the authors of the question of decision-making factors affecting the selection of provider and that IT costs. Logical criteria, such as, for example, cost reduction, secured to Quality and flexibility of the provider, are not only crucial here. Indeed, also emotional factors, about the acceptance of the provider on the market or the first impression he leaves behind the presentation of the offer, as well as operational criteria, such as for example the references of the provider, its process experience or skill profiles, a crucial role to play.

The decision for a particular IT service provider is never regarded as a result of only one of these factors, but results from the combination of all criteria. Accordingly also be any point affects directly or indirectly IT costs. Are blanket statements now not possible but how much IT costs in practice? And with how many incidents is to be expected in a particular environment? This is clarified in the second part of the matrix of white papers.

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