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College Research

The duration of the research will understand the months of (March 2007 December 2007). It presents as objective main to take to the reader or professional of health a bigger knowledge on the Syndrome of the Panic, being helped the carrier of the pathology to surpass its difficulties and upheavals in its daily and as objective specific one to show the daily one of a human being with the Syndrome of the Panic, and to demonstrate the paper of the family in the conviviality with the carrier of the syndrome. The accomplishment of this research is excellent stops with the nursing, therefore to show that the syndrome is very frequent in all the population, however many cases are not diagnosed.

Thus this study it will go to make with that the professional can have ampler vision on the pathology, and know a little of as to deal with the patient in crisis. Brad Pitt may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Valley to stand out that the participant of this research will have its anonymity guaranteed as well as will be respected physical, psychic, moral, intellectual, social, cultural the integrity and spiritual of the human being, being the indemnified interviewed one in any proximate damage or delayed, of form to prevent any harmful consequence as for the free expression of its opinions. We inform despite the risks that this research will be able to cause are the constant at the moment of the interview and to occupy the time of the interviewed one, for example, and the benefits mention it of this work redirecting it in case that it has necessity. The results of the research could be published in scientific events, articles, reviewed amongst others. At the moment where she will have necessity of clarifications of doubts or resistance in participating of the research, the responsible researchers can be found in the College of Technology and Sciences?

Information Quality

Operational: normally it is worried about the economy and the efficiency of the operations of an organization and about the effectiveness of this in reaching its objectives? Of the technology of the information: To verify if all the support of Technology of Information takes care of to the requirements of security, trustworthiness, quality and adequacy to the use. Ambient: an instrument to determine the nature and the extension of all the areas of ambient impact of an existing activity. Ambient auditorships have as objective to detect problems or chances in areas or activities as: Fontes of pollution and measures of control and prevention Uso of energy and water and measures of economy Pesquisas and developments of products Estaes of residuary water treatment (sewer) Stios contaminated Panes, accidents and measures of emergency and occupational mitigao Sade and security of the work? Of quality: process systematic, registered and independent to get auditorship evidences and to evaluate them objective to determine the extension in which the criteria of the auditorship are taken care of. How much the accomplishment the auditorships can be: Intern: executed for qualified auditors of the proper auditada organization. External: executed for auditors or independent company contracted to verify the activities and results of one determined organization or system In accordance with the programming the auditorships can be classified in: Initial: with preventive character search to detect alarm situations to prevent problems. Of accompaniment: a fact or process happens during to follow the execution of the activities and to guarantee the product quality. Periodic or of reevaluation: it evaluates results and correct the imperfections. The auditorships above can be classified how much to the type: Analytical auditorship: set of specialized procedures that consist of the analysis of reports, processes and documents aiming at to evaluate if the services or systems of health takes care of to the norms and standards previously defined.

Strategy Orientation

The adoption of orientation strategies and awareness of the mothers during the prenatal period so how much to the importance of the correct techniques they are excellent for good breast-feeding (FREITAS, 2001). The gift justifies in view of the unpreparedness of the women in labor how much the orientaes adjusted for healthful breast-feeding, becomes necessary the intervention of the team of the nursing in what it says respect the techniques of positioning, complications of the period, myths on breast-feeding and mainly on the excellent information to the subject, that they will cause one better infantile development with lesser intercorrncias during the period of breast-feeding. 1.1 OBJECTIVES 1.1.1OBJETIVO GENERAL To describe the correct techniques and positionings so that breast-feeding is satisfactory, preventing complications as the ingurgitamento mammary, traumas mamilares and pain in the mamilos. 1.1.2OBJETIVOS SPECIFIC – To describe the breasts, the lactation and the suction in the anatomical and physiological context – To detach the correct techniques and the positioning in breast-feeding, with the purpose to prevent complications – To suggest a protocol of orientaes and cares related to breast-feeding, to be implemented during prenatal and after the birth of 2 child DEVELOPMENT 2,1 CONSIDERAES ANTOMO-FISIOLGICAS the breasts of the adult women are formed by parnquima and estroma mammary. Read more here: Peter Thiel. Parnquima includes of 15 the 25 mammary wolves (tbulos-alveolar glands), that they are subdivided, each one, in 20 the 40 lobes. Each lobe, in turn, if subdivides in 10 the 100 alveoli, place where milk is produced.

Figure 1? Breast. Source: access in 19/08/2009. The lctea secretion is excretada by intermediary of a net of ductos that go converging, until forming lactferos seios, place where milk is stored for consumption of the child. For each mammary wolf it has a lactfero seio, with an independent exit of mamilo. Therefore, the 25 orifices of milk exit exist of 15 in mamilo. Involving the mammary wolves, they meet weaveeed adiposo, sanguineous fabric, vases, weaveeed nervous and fabric conjunctive lymphatic (GIUGLIANE, 2005).

SWAAN Health

An increasing intervention medical to the center urban, the populations were generating great fears in all, therefore in the falling of trees of the buildings when they had been saneados, all the monitoring was folloied by police defense. By in such a way in day 31 of October the law was approved that established the obligatoriness of the vaccine, then great agitations had gained the streets, therefore nobody more wanted to submit ' ' torturas' ' name this data the sanitary measures. Therefore to give to beginning the revolt against the vaccine, therefore starts to appear manifestations after some death the firm resistance of the manifestant the forces of the government and the medicine had started to reinventar other ways to become favorable actions as this a collective health. CONCLUSION We conclude that in a society where the democratic and participativa health in them is centered, we can review what he is ' ' conseqncia' '. In our health, Second (OLIVEIRA, 1986) ' ' to earn and to lose were part of vida' ' , we must always reflect inside of a vision that if engages the organized participation. socializing quarrels and systemize proposal that significant advances propitiate, so that necessary changes happen and if they consolidate. We do not have hurrying in them in taking with pride the fact to live other times of the health epidemiologist, therefore the gift is far from being radiating that it is thought for oppositions to a obscure and wild last presumption. The epidemiologia appeared to tread next to society ways that can take them its proper discoveries in the changes of this new to look at humanistic of the health.

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DNA Free

The free radicals are produced all the moment in the organism, physiological participate of reactions biochemists (electron transference). Essential structures for the cell as the lipdeos, proteins, acid desoxirribonuclico (DNA) and acid ribonucleic (RNA) comumente are attacked by the free radicals. This is a factor for the sprouting of patologias (CAETANO, 2009). The lipdica peroxidao also is caused by the exacerbado alcoholic beverage use. Etanol increases the production of free radicals and diminishes the concentration of Glutadiona Total (GSH).

The GSH is a protective agent of the mucosa, which had its antirust activity (ROZZA, 2009). Experimental studies are standed out involving the absolute induction of ulcer for etanol in animals of laboratory, where if it observed great release of free radicals, exceeding the antirust capacity of the cell. With this estresse it occurs it oxidativo, taking the injury of the cellular membranes, DNA and also reduction of the gastric protectors as the not-proteinic sulfidrilicos groupings (SHs) of the gastric cells (BONAMIN, 2010). . the B. Figure 3: .

The Photo of a stomach of rat without ulcerativa injury. B. Photo of a stomach of rat with ulcerativa injury (BONAMIN, 2010) Other harmful factors as the nicotine can after affect the gastric protection when hindering the neutralization of acid the feeding. This makes with that the fabric gastric is for a bigger period in contact with the gastric juice lesionando it (PACHECO, 2009). The use drawn out of antiinflammatory not esteroidais (AINES) inhibits the enzyme that catalyzes the reaction of acid araquidnico in Prostaglandins, cicloxigenase 1 (COX-1). The Prostaglandins vasodilatadoras and citoprotetoras must different the mechanisms protectors. The AINES still inhibit cicloxigenase 2 (COX-2), that it is the related enzyme the inflammatory processes (MILK, 2004). An important pointer of the peptic ulcer is hematmese (extravasation of blood of the gastrintestinal system) beyond other clinical symptoms as intense pain in the abdomen and vomit (al HISSES et., 2005).

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