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Acatech Point Deadline

The deadline for texts in four weeks Berlin, April 20, 2011. With the price for technology journalism and technology photography point, the acatech German Academy of science and engineering 2011 for the seventh time awards, excellent work be awarded by journalists and photographers representing original and graphically innovative technologies. The deadline for the category text ends on May 23, 2011. Since 2005, the point award outstanding contributions in the fields of newspaper and magazine, single photo and photo series. In addition the Academy praises a photo scholarship to an engineering report for the first time.

The award aims to support challenging ideas related to the technology. “Exemplary technology journalism in video and text form is for a balanced public discourse of central importance and can transport the technical sciences of the laboratories in the words of acatech President Henning Kagermann to people: to the point we want to pay tribute to this achievement.” It runs until May 23, 2011 POINT tender in the category text. Applications for the category can be submitted until August 16, 2011 photo and the photo scholarship. The funding for the four prizes and the acatech photo scholarship amounts to 5,000 euros each. The winners will be chosen by high-level juries and solemnly honoured on the acatech ceremony on October 18, 2011. Special performance of the established categories, a special prize can be awarded. acatech point Award for technology journalism and art photography at a glance: category text (application deadline may 23, 2011) – daily newspaper – magazine/magazine/newspaper category photo (application deadline August 16, 2011) – single photo – series of photos – photo scholarship details about the acatech point of 2011, the previous winners of the prize, as well as a possibility to the upload for your application, see under:.

Always up to date: you find the acatech point on Facebook. Text-jury members are: – Lilo Berg, senior editor, Berliner Zeitung – Heidi Blattmann,. Science journalist, former head of Department science, Neue Zurcher Zeitung – Prof. Dr. UTZ-Hellmuth Felcht, Aufsichtsratsvoristzender Deutsche Bahn AG and member of acatech – Dr. Patrick Illinger, head of knowledge, Suddeutsche Zeitung – Prof. Dr. Andreas Kablitz, Institute Director Romanesque seminar, University of Cologne – Prof. Dr. Klaus nugget wax, Chair of philosophy of technology, TU Cottbus – Dr. Norbert backing Sachdeva, head of science, the world – Helmut Markwort, Editor, focus – Joachim Muller-Jung, head of Department of nature and science, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Prof. Dr.-ing. Gunther shoe, Vice President for business and industry, RWTH Aachen the photo jury comprises: – Jorg Buschmann, photo Chief Suddeutsche Zeitung – Judith EGELHOF, picture editor Publicis – Hubertus Hamm, photographer – Bernd von Jutrczenka, editorial image, dpa – Tobias Lehmann, free image editor – Heiner Muller Elsner, photographer – Christa Schraivogel, image editing Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as advisory member is two juries acatech President Henning Kagermann to the page.

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